6 Weird Detox Trends From Around The World

Have you noticed how the detox has become very popular? On so many products you can find that they are used for detox. And what does that actually mean? Our body does its own detox every day, using the kidneys and liver. If it weren’t for that, a man wouldn’t survive a week. The kidneys excrete harmful substances that are soluble in water, and the liver excretes harmful substances that are soluble in fat. The liver performs thousands of functions, and most of them have the role of cleansing or detoxifying our bodies. So do we need detox programs at all or can our body just do it all? We will answer that question and then tell you about some weird detox trends from around the world because people come up with all sorts of ideas.

Do we need it at all?

The answer is yes. As much as our organism is exceptional, a true miracle of nature, it still needs help from time to time. When the first man was born, this was not the case, because there were no pollutants to which the organism was not ready. Today, however, the situation is different. So many things have changed in the last hundred years, that nothing is the same anymore. Although medicine has advanced greatly and extended the average lifespan almost twice, yet many negative things have also emerged. Both external pollutants and what we take into ourselves.

Trans fats, sugars, alcohol, cigarettes, hormones added to meat, antibiotics, various chemicals, air pollution and much more have burdened the purification systems in our body. Kidney and liver diseases are on the rise for these very reasons.

Therefore, although our organism manages to cope with such an increase in pollutants that it encounters every day, it still needs a little help. With various detoxification methods, we will further cleanse our body and we will feel incomparably better. Healthy, organic food, increased water intake, sports activities, meditation and many other things will certainly help us and should be practiced occasionally.

There are also detox drinks that are prepared in advance and contain everything you need. It is an easier solution because you don’t have to buy all the ingredients individually. Click here to read a review about Ready Clean herbal cleanse. Still, people wanted to find something even more effective than these general methods and this led to these weird trends that we will write about below.

1. Hot dog with charcoal

Yes, you read that right. Hot dog with charcoal as a detox method. Named The Ninja Dog, this product was advertised in Japan’s IKEA stores as a detox product because it contained bamboo charcoal, and supposedly charcoal cleanses the body. You understand how weird this idea is and we believe it had no effect other than that you ingested a large number of calories by eating a black hot dog.

2. Inedia

This is one of the extreme methods that of course, no one can follow for a long time. The idea behind Inedia or better known as breatharianism is that you don’t need food at all. You just need air, water and sun to live. This has its roots in Ayurveda and Hinduism. Of course, it is unsustainable for a long time. Although they would surely cleanse the body that way, they would eventually die, so it would have no effect. But it is certainly healthy to occasionally eat less or fast to cleanse the body.

3. The Werewolf Diet

The Werewolf Diet, also known as the moon diet is a type of diet and detox that believes that the moon phases can affect the cleansing of our body. The basis of this is that they believe that the moon affects the water in the body just as it affects the water on the planet and the earth and that it causes tides in us, as in the oceans. During the full moon, you should only drink water. Because during that period, your body will be best prepared to cleanse itself of all toxins. Ayurveda is also an inspiration, but the very interpretation is such that it can be considered more out of context than that it is really based on Ayurvedic teachings.

4. KEN Diet

This is a very extreme method that can have a positive effect on someone who has to lose a large number of pounds quickly. But it is most often used for detox and that is why it is very weird and extreme. The nasogastric tube is put on and absolutely nothing is eaten for ten days. You can drink only water, tea, and coffee, without sugar. The man also received a protein solution through the nasogastric tube. During those ten days, the human body is supposed to be cleansed of all toxins and fats.

5. Tongue scraping

We return to Ayurveda again. This method, as its name suggests, is based on cleaning the tongue. A tongue scraper is used to clean the tongue in as much detail as possible from everything that accumulates on it, such as bacteria, food, and other things. If you’ve thought about cleaning your tongue with the back of a toothbrush, which everyone does, this is a significantly rougher process. However, there is some research to remove toxins from the body, so on this list of weird trends, this one is perhaps the best to try.

6. The Baby Food Diet

This was once the most popular detox program in all of Hollywood. Trainer Tracy Anderson was the first to apply it and many Hollywood stars were on this diet in order to cleanse the body. The explanation is that baby food is made with much less unhealthy additives, such as additives, salt, and sugar, certain elements are also added to facilitate digestion, they are gluten-free and much more. While all this is true, the stomach of an adult is by no means meant to eat this type of food and the consequences are felt after a while. This may not be a bad detox method if it takes a few days, but it is very weird and unhealthy if you start by eating daily, which was the original idea.


These are weird, and some of them are extreme detox trends. As almost nothing that is strange and extreme is good, this also applies to these trends. Stick to proven ways to stay healthy and cleanse your body.

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