What Happens if You Lose Your Airbnb Key?

It is safe to say that most of us love travelling. We love visiting new cities, new countries, new people, new everything. We love the change, we love the cultures and civilisations that were elsewhere before us, and we love exploration.

What we all need to fulfil is that love is a place to stay while we explore. Now some of us are hardcore and they do the exploration the old way, with their motor home or with their tents and scout skills in the “wild”. Some people do explore their country by foot, bike or bicycle and sleep in their tents while some like to feel safe and comfortable during their trip and stay.

For us the comfort-loving folks there are sites and places where we can book our accommodation during our vacation or exploration. One of the most familiar is Airbnb. Here you can book yourself a bed, room or a full apartment and homes all around the world. Each of the listings on this website is posted by the homeowner that is offering their place for you to stay in.

The idea behind Airbnb is that travellers from all around the world get to stay in local homes for a more local experience which is a rather fine addition to those that want the full experience from their trip. This is the exact reason why this type of accommodation grew big pretty fast.


Airbnb is offering travellers a different perspective and a different insight into these things. You get to rent a bed and stay with your hosts which are more than welcome in 99% of cases. That can help you get that authentic local feel. You can rent an entire room, or an entire place for yourself and still feel a lot more comfortable and at home than at any hotel or a hostel.

As you can see mishaps can happen with these as well and one of the most often ones is the lost Airbnb key. We lose our keys all the time. We forget them, we lose them, they fall off the keychain, they fall somewhere in the car, there are numerous scenarios and each of those leads to two things – first is that you can’t find your keys for the love of life, and the other one is that you need a new key made, your lock picked to get inside your home, office, car or whatever.

If you are a traveller who rented accommodation over Airbnb and if you lose the key to your rental place what can you do?! Well, there are plenty of places where this can happen to you but if you require a locksmith in Colorado Springs, visit this site for more information!

Since we are talking about Airbnb and you being a guest at someone else’s home there are some rules you need to follow. Losing a key may happen to anybody and it is not a big deal the website that hosts this as well as your host probably will have a solution in place.


The first thing you need to do is contact your host. This is the easiest solution and this will probably yield the best results. Doing anything on your own will be a bad thing and doing things like lockpicking or changing the locks on your own without calling the house owner is a bad thing and you shouldn’t do it at all. If you have issues with a lost key, call the host of the home to inform them and see what they tell you. Depending on the host they will either have a replacement key or they might come to change the lock and the key fully. In either of these cases, you may have some financial implications meaning that the host can opt to either wave the expense of a new key or an entire lock, or they can charge you the replacement fee.

If you lose the key to the Airbnb home and the host wants to replace the entire lock, at your expense, you can wave to pay initially but you need to understand that the host can then call Airbnb to mediate this. If you have lost the key and it was your fault, it is your right to wave the costs but you have to know that in these cases Airbnb sides with the host and they will charge the replacement fee from your card.

Another thing that is important and that is a good thing when it comes to cases like this is the fact that there are a lot of hustlers and crooks out there. People are pretending to rent Airbnb and they either stay in and don’t want to go out or they change locks and keys just to mess with the hosts and make them suffer. The financial wrongdoing that they put them through is of a short term because in these cases Airbnb knows how to protect their hosts and they usually side with them.


The ultimate thing to do is to contact Airbnb and to have their services advise you and resolve your issues. The order in which you do things is up to you but your path is clear here and you can call Airbnb first than your host or you can go with the host first than Airbnb if you can’t come to a reasonable agreement.

The entire lost key situation varies a lot and it ultimately comes down to who’s at fault and what type of a host you got. Most of them will wave the new key and lock fees and exchange these on their own, but some will have you pay full price for the key, lock, materials and labour so prepare to have your card heavily billed.

Make sure you keep all your keys safe and somewhere where they can’t fall out. If you have those key chains that are a bit heavy or if you can have your keys tied to your belt, pants or purse that will be the best-case scenario, otherwise a lot of things can happen on your trips and exploration that are hard to predict.

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