What are Airbnb Management Services and How do They Work?

If you want to work with a market that connects people for the purpose of renting homes, then you need Airbnb. Since people are constantly moving to other locations or are looking for specific locations, such services are in high demand. The company will offer you an easy, stress-free way to earn income from your property or temporary accommodation. In any case, you will find a solution to the problem very quickly, but first, learn more about Airbnb management services.

The beginning of the Airbnb company

Airbnb is based on collaboration with individuals who own a product or service, instead of the classic model in which the company owns them. This business has gone through various stages – from renting a mattress to being a travel giant. Airbnb used to have a rather scarce website, but today there is no person who has not tried or heard of the world leader in renting accommodation. The idea was born in 2007 and was officially launched a year later. The project started quite an by accident.

Several friends tried to get out of financial problems due to the high rent they had to pay. It all started from one living room in which they put three air beds. They were rented at very low prices to people who participated in the conference of designers. We must mention that they also thought about other services, so they included breakfast in the price, which was free. This is exactly how the brand name came about – “Airbeds and breakfast”.



As the business evolved, the website got better and better. Due to that, it gained a large number of users in a short time. Best of all, the content has expanded to various real estate, houses, apartments, private rooms, and the like. After years of successful business, this company has become the largest intermediary of private accommodation in the world.

Their success has motivated people around the world to rent their houses and apartments regularly. There are even platforms where excursions can be booked, as well as other joint activities with the hosts. In any case, Airbnb makes money by taking an agency commission. Thanks to the huge interest, the company achieved a turnover of over 100 billion dollars.

Businesses with rural apartments

Airbnb not only provides services within the city but also has cooperated with rural apartments. This idea brought much better results than the classic hotel industry. People are oversaturated with the city and everything related to it. This means that they are waiting for days off to rest and go to another location. The rural environment proved to be an ideal place for a vacation, and this is proven by the position of Airbnb in relation to any hotel chain.

A pandemic


The company has been building its career for almost 12 years, and in just six weeks it lost its job. The reason is the pandemic that has hit the tourism sector the hardest. This means that a large number of airlines, hotels, and other companies have crashed. However, this giant is not resistant to coronavirus either. Among them are Airbnb companies around the world.

In such conditions, they were forced to dramatically reduce costs. For example, they significantly reduced marketing costs, laid off several workers, and increased the percentage of longer stays. However, they have not lost a single host on their platform, and in fact, they have even more hosts and homes before the pandemic.

Stock market

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Airbnb decided to go public after the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, this platform needed money for the further journey. Many could not believe that the company would dare to take this step, but they also did not think that they would be able to overcome the pandemic.

The goal is to raise as much money as possible in order for the business to recover as quickly as possible, and that is exactly what happened. The recovery came faster than they expected and this delighted many users as well as the hosts.

Advantages of Airbnb over hotels


One of the biggest advantages of this company is the relatively low operating costs compared to the hotel chain. For example, Airbnb pays only its employees for maintenance. All costs of empty houses and apartments are transferred to the landlord. In that case, the company is in a much better position because it does not have to pay for unfilled rooms, half-empty planes, etc. So, sharing economy is a very profitable way of doing business. The concept of this company is very clear. Airbnb management services are available and it is a much better option than hire long-term workers since there is no contract commitment or notice period as you can see at


There are two payment methods for Airbnb services. You can opt for a monthly payment which means the booking number is not important. You will pay a fixed price on a monthly basis. However, there is another option – commission rate. In that case, the company will take a percentage of each monthly salary you earn. It will depend on the management package you choose. In order not to make a mistake, it is advisable to first find out what is included in the fee. Also, find out how much a company can do for a professional photo or setting up an initial listing.

There is a big difference between these two options. You need to consider the service you choose. Think about it well, because bookings can increase, which means that a fixed payment would be more efficient. It is best to check the duration of the contract to be more flexible.


The company that provides these services has a very efficient maintenance management system. It will make critical decisions on behalf of its clients to provide them with complete security. That’s why it’s important to hire a company that works with trusted, licensed suppliers to provide you with high-quality services at cost-effective prices. It is important that they are responsible and trust you because that means they will solve emergencies and will always be available for your questions.

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