Here’s The Science Behind The Mystical Colours of Sunsets And Sunrises

Ocean and beach landscape

Sunrise and Sunset are the two wonderful time in the day that people enjoy the most in the world. It is recommended that you should watch the sunlight during sunrise before you should start you and catch the sunset before you get involved in your homework. If you follow the schedule of watching sunrise and sunset, it will do wonders for your body both mentally and physically. Also, it has been proven that it will help fight against anxiety and depression.

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Have you ever given a thought that What causes a red sky at sunrise and sunset? Definitely it looks amazing, however, you should know the reason behind it.

The Sun is low on the horizon both at Sunrise and Sunset, however, during the daytime Sun has to travel more through the atmosphere to reach us. The sunlight is in scattered form when it hits the atmosphere because of dust, smoke and other particles that reside in the air. This scattering effects the blue part of the light spectrum and by the time sunlight reaches our eyes there is generally more of the red and yellow parts of the spectrum remaining. Dust and smoke particles particularly settle beneath the high-pressure systems and they are associated with dry and settled weather.


If you went to Darwin in the Northern Territory mostly during the dry season(May and September), you can see beautiful red and orange sunsets are an almost daily occurrence. The primary reason being the dust particles whipped up from the land due to dry southeasterly winds and smoke from the bushfires burning through the landscape.

Now, let discuss What can red sky tell us about the weather?

A red sky sunrise tells us that it is an area of high pressure and fine weather that can include a cold front and band of rain that will move in from the west during the day. However, the red sky sunset tells us that the bad weather has been eased and a high pressure and improving weather approaching from the west for the following day. Across northern Australia and other areas of the tropics, the “red sky” proverb is an unreliable method to predict the weather. The weather patterns in these reasons do not move in a particular direction, however, larger tropical weather systems usually move from east to west.

Red skies and cloud

Nature is beautiful in the form of sunrises and sunsets and it becomes more amazing depending on the position of the Sun in the sky relative to the cloud. Let me make it more clear When the sun is low on the horizon rays of light shine back up onto the underside of cloud high in the sky and reflecting back that bright orange and red colours that looks like the SUn is on fire. With a red sky sunrise, the eastern sky is mostly cloud free with fine weather that will the Sun to shine upon the higher cloud moving in with the deteriorating weather from the west. To conclude, red sky sunset means the western sky more likely to be clear and the Sun’s rays shining up onto cloud further east.

Ocean and beach landscape

sunset, Ocean

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This article was originally published by The Conversation. Source: Science Alert

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