What to do in Courchevel for Some Luxury Holidays?

Snugged in the center of the Alps, in the higher part of the Tarentaise Valley, the six villages’ and Courchevel come into view as you make your way through a zig-zag road. Forests surround the road, and the scenery is breathtaking.
The six villages are all connected through ski lifts or a free bus ride, and they form a resort comprising a variety of what you find across the globe.

Whether you use a private jet or a passenger plane, there are excellent chauffeuring services in Courchevel. You can get them at Upon arrival, the pursuit of high quality and immediate attention can be felt and observed throughout the resort.

The unique and unforgettable environment of each resort guarantees a memorable holiday. Take in the different atmosphere of resorts and choose the one that meets your needs.

Saint-bon, The birthplace of Courchevel

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Saint-Bon is the first village that Courchevel came into being, and it’s also where the first hotel was built in 1908, known as Lac Bleu. The village has ancient buildings such as the baroque church and classical mountain village lanes. Take a walk through these lanes and enjoy a gentle calmness and unique scenery over the valley. Using a free bus ride, which is available regularly, will take you 3 minutes to get you to the slopes. If you don’t want to take a bus on your way back, ski back along a red run.

Courchevel le praz, Discreet Charm

Le Praz is another well-established hamlet with chalets and pathways that are narrow. Courchevel Le Paz has preserved its unique and outstanding souls and character. It also hosts a bastion for ski jumping and the only place in France for Olympic ski jumps. The locals and people on vacation share their adventures in the hamlet restaurants, shops, terraces, and bars, all through the year.

The various times that clouds settle on the mountaintops, Le Praz’s forest becomes a perfect place for skiers. In 8 minutes, you can get to Courchevel 1850 by using a free bus ride or through the gondola lift. There is also a ski run that makes its way back to Le Paz while enjoying the calm atmosphere.

Courchevel la Tania, Nestling at the Heart of the Forest

Courchevel La Tania is the recently newly built resort. It’s a beautiful paradise that is car-free and attracts tourists of all ages. Encounter the spectacular Folyeres path that goes through a beautiful spruce forest, give yourself a well-deserved break on the snow front as your children have a good time tobogganing. Also, make time to enjoy other vast leisure activities.

Courchevel Village, Family Spirit

In this hamlet, you can access the restaurants, shops, and sleeping places via walking or skiing. All these places are positioned centrally, and various restaurants offer mouthwatering Italian cuisines mixed with the local food. They also have grilled meat and crepes. Though the diversity is supreme, the intimate and cozy environment of the culinary gems that await to be revealed towers the village’s experience.

The village has a snow front, which gives you access to Courchevel 1850 and the whole of the 3 Vallees in 2 to 30 minutes when using the gondola lift. For entertainment and various activities, families have the toboggan path, which is 2.5 Kilometres and begins at an altitude of 1850 meters and ends in the village center at 1550 meters. You can also get into the Aquamotion Aquafina center, which is 600 meters away and accessible by foot or through the free bus.

Courchevel Moriond, Sunshine and Après-Ski

The Courchevel Moriond is on a ledge that is surrounded by a landscape. The area gets quite an amount of sunshine and has green and blue paths, making it a convenient place for families. Courchevel Moriond is a perfect location for apres-ski and consists of various bars and restaurants, including a Savoyard bistro and an English pub. The diverse environment makes it a suitable place to get a drink. If you are interested in sports and your body’s well-being, get to the Aquamotion, which is only a few minutes away via a bus or an escalator.

Courchevel 1850, Exceptional

The Courchevel 1850 stands at an altitude of 1850, and it paved the way for Courchevel to be recognized internationally as an admirable resort. The resort offers luxurious establishments, and they exhume excellence above the villages that surround it. Courchevel does not only offer a different type of hotels, but it’s also a host to comfortable studios, apartments that are warm and welcoming, and beautiful chalets vary in size. The variety of the accommodation marches the different kind of client who visits Courchevel.

A much sought after holiday destination, Courchevel 1850 has a variety of shopping places, culinary cuisines, and entertainment through the evenings. From the gourmet delights to the restaurants that are Michelin-starred, resort illuminations, and magical fireworks, Courchevel is a beautiful resort.

The slopes are also another sight to behold, and it takes only two ski lifts to get to the resort’s highest point, which is at an altitude of 2738 meters known as the Saulire summit. While there, you choose to go to the open spaces of the 3 Vallees or skiing, which is quite a challenge in the famous Grand Couloir.


It was a daring vision that made the Savoie Council agree and create a resort from land that the shepherd previously used during the summer. There were also adventurers such as Emile Allais, who took ideas from the United States to make the Courchevel resort outstanding in every right.

Today, there are hardworking, innovative, and dedicated people from across the globe who endeavor to keep the development spirit in Courchevel. The team continues to excel and be innovative in preparing slopes, grooming the snow, developing ski lifts that are high tech, and ensuring they have top-notch expertise in slope rescue. Thanks to this team that works in turns throughout the night, Courchevel is highly ranked among the world’s most outstanding resorts
Are you planning a skiing vacation? Consider Courchevel. You will not miss a convenient, enjoyable, and memorable place among the six villages.

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