Where is the world highest post office?

There are many amazing facts about India. One of them is that the World highest post office is situated in India. The post office is located in a beautiful village named Hikkim near Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. The post office is situated at a high of 14,574 feet from the sea level. It is not a very searched topic on the internet but still, people love to know the amazing facts about India. In this place, most of the population are of Buddhist. The place remains closed for months due to heavy snowfall.

On November 5 1983, the post office was shut down for 6 months due to heavy rainfall and adverse climate condition. Travelling to the post office in these climate conditions is very difficult, Imagine how much difficulties the postmaster Rinchen Chhering has to face for send the mails from the post office. He has been the postmaster for the post office for more than 30 years, he joined the post office at the age of 22. He joined the job because he owned a bicycle and was a fast runner which could make him easy to reach to the top.

The mails from the post office cover a very long journey. Firstly the mails are sent down to the valley by walking then they are taken Reckong Peo by bus and later to Shimla. Then the mails are transferred by train and sent to Kalka and further, the bus takes the cargo to Delhi from here the mails are sent to different cities by the main post office. Living in this climate condition is very difficult. If you visit India then you must go to this place and enjoy the amazing view and trecking experience.

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