Why Are Online Casinos Better for the Environment?

The popularity of online casinos has been on the rise for quite a while, as more and more individuals choose to play from the comfort of their homes instead of visiting land-based venues. Virtual operators are adored for their convenience, but it is often overlooked that they are eco-friendly, as well.

People in all parts of the world are more concerned about environmental issues than ever before, so we prepared a detailed overview of the main reasons why online gambling sites are better for the environment than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

The Rise of Online Casinos

Online casinos have been skyrocketing in popularity, and their growth is seen in different parts of the world. The global virtual gambling market has been increasing at an average rate of 11.5% per year since 2017, and by 2027, it is expected to reach a value of $127 billion.

As a result, today’s players can enjoy a great variety of web-based operators, and the selection is so high that people often find it hard to spot the best providers. The rise of online gambling sites is driven by their convenience and ease of access, as well as their incredible game selection and exciting bonuses that enhance the overall experience.

That is why many punters turn to online review websites, where they can easily compare trustworthy providers and quickly spot the ones that meet their needs. One great example is a reputable review website such as

How Online Casinos Help the Environment


Let’s go over some of the main factors that make online casinos more environmentally friendly than land-based venues:

They Do Not Require the Use of Buildings

Land-based casinos require heavy constructions that take up large chunks of land. The leading brick-and-mortar establishments feature other facilities besides the casino hall, and they often include hotels, spas, restaurants, boutiques, jewelry shops, swimming pools, and more.

For instance, the iconic Bellagio in Las Vegas spans across almost five million square feet, which is close to 87 American football pitches. Building facilities so large sometimes leads to deforestation and it can also cause damage to natural habitats.

Furthermore, the materials used in construction are usually not environmentally friendly. As opposed to all of that, online casinos do not require large constructions which makes them much more eco-friendly than land-based venues.

They Do Not Affect the Functioning of Local Communities

Not only that land-based venues require large structures, but they also take up additional space with their huge parking spots and special road features like highway junctions and islands that help them build easier access.

Since gambling establishments are usually owned by wealthy corporations and individuals, the majority of them can afford to purchase prime locations in city centers that otherwise could have been used for the sake of social purposes. Again, the operations of online casinos do not have such a damaging effect on the functioning of local communities.

Online Casinos Support Sustainable Gaming


Many virtual operators are aware of the need for sustainable gaming practices so they have already implemented various measures in order to reduce energy consumption. For example, the majority of online gambling sites run on servers that are powered by renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy.

In practice, this means that online casino games do not require the use of nonrenewable energy sources, and there is also no need for burning fossil fuels. Moreover, online casinos use energy-efficient servers that are designed to use less power while still providing users with the same reliability and quality of performance.

They Produce Less Waste

Visitors in land-based casinos receive paper tickets each time they make a payment and people usually simply throw those tickets on the ground. Additionally, bars and restaurants located in casino buildings produced large amounts of waste.

On the contrary, none of that exists in online gambling establishments. Not only that, but virtual casinos also take steps to reduce the amount of waste produced in other areas. For instance, many businesses use recyclable packaging materials and they make an effort to dispose of all waste in an eco-friendly manner.

There Is No Human Traffic

Land-based venues attract huge traffic in two different segments. One happens during construction, and the other one begins after the establishment has been opened. Building casino halls and other facilities mobilized hundreds of construction workers on a daily basis, and the activities of such workers contribute to the carbon footprint of brick-and-mortar venues.

Next, once the casino is launched, it starts attracting masses who come to play their favorite games and enjoy other services and amenities. Their negative effect on the environment is much more significant and long-lasting since they continue to regularly visit the facilities.

As for online casinos, it is clear that their operation does not involve human traffic, so there is no emission of gasses into the atmosphere that is caused by the increased popularity of virtual gambling sites.


The Use of Efficient Software and Hardware Systems

The introduction of efficient software and hardware is another method used by online casinos for the sake of reducing their negative impact on the environment. Through optimization of such systems and the way they work together, virtual establishments can significantly reduce their use of power and rest assured that they’re not wasting energy.

For example, when it comes to live roulette sessions, modern servers use advanced algorithms that determine the outcome of the game, which means that the operator wastes no extra energy in the process of generating random outcomes.

So if you take into consideration the large amount of software and hardware systems needed to run the incredible variety of games available in online casinos, you can only imagine how much energy they save by using efficient machines.

Online casinos are approaching their environmental responsibilities in a serious manner, and as time goes by, they keep improving their sustainable practices. The nature of their web-based presence gives virtual operators a great foundation for eco-friendly functioning, but the majority of platforms continue to improve their green practices with additional steps like the use of energy-efficient tools.

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