5 World Countries That Gamble The Most

Gambling is almost as old as the world itself. This is no secret, and this activity has been around since the early days of civilization. For centuries people have indulged themselves with a bit of this vice, and if you know how to take a healthy measure out of it, there’s no real harm in it. No, you might even earn some money if you do things the right way. The first casinos were put in place so far ago that we can’t even know the exact date. During the Wild West era, they were already known as the premium establishments on the United States soil.

With the recent development in terms of technology, online casinos have become even more popular than land-based ones. When the coronavirus pandemic came, many people resorted to this way of fun. It is easily accessible, and with various live versions of games, the joy of real casino experience isn’t missing. Thanks to the fast internet connection many players enjoy online casinos on a daily basis, giving us an amazing option to track them down. Now that we know where are players located, we can talk a little bit about the five world countries that gamble the most. We’re sure you’ll find the data interesting the same way we did. Some of the results might even surprise you, the same way they did us. Let’s start with the countdown.

1. Canada

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Gambling is often associated with a lower living standard. As you know Canada has one of the highest living standards in the world, and it is not the first country you’ll think of when we discuss gambling. But things are what they are, and it all comes down to what people like. In Canada, there’s a lot of freedom regarding gambling activities. This state of mind opened a way for players to play without any repercussions. You wouldn’t believe it when we tell you but 3/4 of the entire Canadian population enjoys gambling one way or another. Here, we’re talking about true players who spend hours a day with this activity. The amount an average citizen of this country spends gambling amounts to C$570 a year. This is not a sum you can scuff at. As we said, regulations in the land of the North favor the casinos, and players can indulge in their favorite activity with ease. They sure do that.

2. Australia

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From the cold shores of Canada, we’re moving to the blazing Land Down Under. Australia has a kink for gambling, there’s no doubt about it. Its central bank had to pull a rabbit out of its sleeve and increase the interest rates due to exponential growth in the popularity of this activity on its shores. What Australians love the most is betting on sports, and this type of gambling is allowed on this continent. In addition, the Aussies love to spend their time at the slot machines. The same as everywhere in the world the players moved to the online realm in recent months. People in Australia don’t take this matter lightly and it is not out of the ordinary to have people banned there from casinos permanently due to their behavior. An average citizen loses close to $1.150,00 a year on gambling in Australia and this is no sum to scoff at. If you want to show the Aussies how it’s done without losses, you can try that if you click here.

3. The United Kingdom

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Of course, the United Kingdom is on this list. The Brits invented sports gambling, so this is no big surprise. With the recent demographic situation, you’d be in no surprise to hear that almost 50% of the island’s population indulged in some sort of gambling activity. The casinos in the UK are all licensed and they pay taxes. What this means is that the economy is growing through them, which means that the standard of living isn’t dropping from gambling. Instead, it’s rowing, so every citizen of the UK has some of that side money to try and invest in gambling. Of course, they take care of everything in the UK, so it is a known quantity of more than 3% of the population which is addicted to gambling. This is not a small number, but things could be a lot worse. What makes gambling a tradition in England and surrounding countries is not the casinos; it is horse betting. Also, you can change the hounds there if you know what we mean.

4. Singapore

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Singapore is a unique country in many ways. But, the love for gambling makes it similar to the many we have on this list. Unlike in the UK or Australia, there are many limitations to gambling in this Asian country. But, despite the rules and regulations gambling is on the rise in Singapore. Online gambling made it possible for many players to even avoid the laws and regulations. But, if you want to play everything legally, it is the best route, but in this country, it cost a lot to even enter a casino. But, the money flow isn’t stopping, and people are pouring money at the chances to gamble a little. Many players are discouraged by this, but once you get going you’re chances of a win increase, and every sane gamble will take any casino head on regardless of the conditions. So, as we said, there are regulations, but that doesn’t stop an average Singapore citizen to spend $1.100,00 a year on gambling.

5. The USA

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Of course, this list wouldn’t have been possible without the United States of America. A country that has long fought a war with illegal gambling is finally opening its doors to online gambling. Back in the day, America had the unique culture of land-based casinos located in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and various Indian resorts. Recently many states are opening their doors to all sorts of gambling outside of Nevada. While many states wait for their regulations to allow casinos, online gambling in the US is on the rise as we speak. Many people there have been online for ages, indulging in gambling despite the country’s stance o it. In the future, you can only expect that the number of players will grow in the US.

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