10 Interesting Fact About Cats You Need to Know Now

largest cat breeds

An important fact about cats is that they are most popular pet in the United States of America. People in the United States love to put cats as their pet and enjoy with them most of the time. Cats also enjoy a good life with their owners. Cats usually act as super intelligent. However, most of the time they are also funny which makes them an ideal pet. They are able to win the heart of millions of owners across the world. On today’s note, we will share some of the interesting facts about cats that you might now aware of. We also recommend you to read about facts about search and rescue dogs.

We are sure even most of the pet owners are not aware of these interesting facts.Let us share few examples, Cats love to sleep. However, we also love to sleep. The fact is that cats spend 70 percent of their life sleeping. Humans cannot drink sea water but cats have special kidneys which can filter salt from seawater. They can drink sea water in certain circumstances. Science has found out that cats can hear ultrasonic noises. They are also able to hear the ultrasonic sound of rodents and dolphins. This is also one of the primary reason that 200 cats have been living on Disney property, they have a task of eliminating rodents. Next time you will Disneyland, please search for mice and rats. We are sure you will not able find one. It is an interesting fact about cats.

Cats are bestowed with a third eyelid called “haw”. Also, it has been documented that domestic cat can run at a speed of 30mph. It is 3mph faster than the Usain bolt, Olympic Gold Medalist. Usain bolt has a record of 27 mph. Black cats are considered as a bad luck in United states. However, it is opposite in the United Kingdom and Australia. They are considered a good luck in both these countries. Cats have a flexible body and we have stories that cats have even survived fall from 32 stories building over the concrete. You will also find interesting reading about largest cat breeds in the world. Maine Coon is the largest cat breed in the world because of its huge size. It is believed that it can weigh up to 11 Kilogrammes. It is also believed that largest cat breed in the world has very gentle nature and have a fluffy appearance. It also has a thick coat of fur sound its body with shades of red, silver, white and brown.

Fact About Cats You Need to Know Now

Let us list few more facts that you are not aware of,

1. Cats also went to space. The first cat stepped into space was French and named Felicette. It has a nickname “Astrocat”. Yes, you all are right, it survived the whole trip.

Fact about Cats
2. Cats are more intelligent as compared to dogs. As per researchers, Dogs have 160 million neurones firing over in their cerebral cortex. On the other hand, for cats, it is 300 million. Also, read about Why dogs and cats are awesome?

Fact About Cats

3. It was also believed that cats were pets during Ancient Egypt period. A pet cat has been found inside a 9,500-old grave. It was situated in Mediterranean island of Cyprus’s grave depicts early Egyptian arts.

Fact about Cats
4. Cats only use one language “Meow” to communicate with Humans.

Fact About Cats
5. Cats are not able to taste sweet things like ice cream.

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6. The world’s largest cat (domestic) measured 48.5 inches long. You should also know about largest dog breed in the world.

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7. A cat can produce 100 different vocal sounds to communicate, however, dogs can only produce 10.

Fact About Cats
8. It is also believed that cats have evolved their tone in their voice to talk with Humans. Research also said the more you talk with your cat the more your talk will to you back. We are sure most of the people are not aware of this curious fact about cats.

largest cat breeds

9. Cats are most popular pets in the United States. It is estimated that there are about 74 to 96 million cats. However, on other hands, we have 70 to 80 million dogs as pets.

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10. Cats brain is little unique, It acts like compasses which allow them to find their home very easily. It is an important fact about cats that you should know.

largest cat breeds

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