15 Interesting Space Facts That Probably You Don’t Know

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Space is very vast and I think no one has the power to explore all of it. There are many space facts that modern humans have revealed and many are in process of relieving. Space has more than trillion objects floating and billions of galaxies. These are just approximate numbers no one has exact data of galaxies, objects, stars and the list go on. There are many space facts like the Sun is approximately 300000 larger than Earth. Let me tell you one more, On Venus, a day is longer than a year. Yes, it’s true it takes around 224.7 Earth days to complete one orbit around the Sun. It also takes 243 Earth days to rotate on its own axis. What about this, after returning from the moon the astronauts have been placed under the quarantine because humans are afraid that the moon contains many deadly diseases though it has been confirmed later that moon did not contain any deadly diseases. So, there are many facts about the space that probably you don’t know, Let me list those for you,

 Space Facts

1. Sun is so big that approximately one million Earth can be easily fitted inside it. There are many Ancient astronomers who used to believe that the Earth is at the centre of the Universe though we explored later that Sun is at the centre of the solar system and the planets orbit around it.

2. The height of the human body will be increased approximately 5cm in space. The reason is that the human spine straightens because gravity is not pushing you down. Surprised!

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3. There are extreme weather conditions in space that you couldn’t have imagined. Let me give you a few examples, Mercury and Mars have extreme temperature changes in the same day. Venus is five times hotter than the boiling water. Neptune has the highest recorded wind speed reaching up to 1600mph. Saturn and Uranus have also very fast winds but not as faster than Neptune.

4. Space is not that far away as much you think. According to the Karman Line, Space starts from the invisible boundary which is just 100 KM from the Earth. So, if you take your vehicle and start driving upwards then it will only take an hour to reach the space. This is one of coolest space facts known.

5. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun so it should be the hottest planet in our solar system. This is wrong. The fact is that Mercury does not have any atmosphere that means it is only hot during the daytime when the temperature reaches 425 degree Celsius but in the night the temperature drops to -180°C. This is one of the most surprising space facts that Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. The reason is that the thick clouds on the Venus trap the Sun’s heat causing the temperature of the planet 500 degree Celsius all the time.

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6. There are approximately thousands of other planets in the space. In our solar system, there are 8 planets and there will be numerous other solar systems in the space. The humans know about 1800 confirmed new worlds and approximately 3000 is under consideration. There are chances of planets that are habitable just like our Earth.

7. Tears don’t fall in space. The water coming out of eyes will float on your face as bubbles or spheres. The reason is the weightless environment that will not cause your tears to fall. This is one of the space facts that is really cool but at the same time very dangerous for the astronauts in the space.

8. Nebulae mean clouds in Latin. It comes in all shape and size. The cosmic clouds in the outer space are made up of interstellar dust and gases. These clouds are not visible from the naked eyes that tell us there are lot many things going in our outer space than we think.

9. Two metal in space will stick together. The reason is that in the vacuum when two pieces of metal touch each other they bond together. This process is called cold welding. On Earth, this will not happen because of the Oxygen instead we have to create this kind of environment.

10. Voyager 1 is the furthermost manmade object in the space. They are launched in the year 1977 as Voyager 1 and 2. The primary mission of the devices is to visit Jupiter and Saturn. They carry a golden record on board which will eventually act like a time-capsule of Earth. It has Greetings from the planet Earth and different kind of music. It also contains noises of different things like rocket engines, the sea, people talking and animal’s sounds. Voyager 1 has now made its way into the interstellar space. This is probably one of the space facts that you should know.

11. The highest mountain known to the man is the Olympus Mons located on the Mars. It is approximately 25 Km high that is nearly 3 times higher than the Mount Everest.

12. The width of the Milky Way is approximately 100,000 light years.

13. The approximate age of the Solar system is 46 billion years old and there are predicts that it will last another 5,000 million years.

14. The day on Mars lasts for 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds long.

15. Venus has the maximum number of mountains than any other planet in our Solar system.

Source: The Fact Site

These are the space facts you should know. Do post your comments.

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