3 Carat Princess Cut Lab Diamond Buying Guide

The 3 carat princess cut lab diamond is Earth’s most popular diamond shape. To find the perfect 3-carat princess-cut lab diamond for your needs, you must research. There are many different qualities of 3 carat princess cut lab diamonds, so pay close attention to each diamond’s carat characteristics.

Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a 3-carat princess-cut lab diamond, here is our guide on how to find it at the best possible price. The following is a 3 carat princess cut lab Diamond buying guide:

1. Carat Size


Your first decision is to determine the maximum carat weight for your desired 3 carat princess cut lab diamond. If you find a 2.5-carat or below that meets all of your other specifications and has an excellent price point, go ahead and purchase that stone. Keep in mind that price does not necessarily correlate with quality or size. It isn’t a good idea to buy anything above 2.5 carats, as your diamond will be huge (unless you prefer large diamonds).

2. Diamond cut

You can buy a 3-carat lab diamond with a fancy step cut, or the more complex and less popular emerald cut. The fancy cut is the most popular, giving you a bigger diamond for less money. When you have a fancy-cut 3-carat princess-cut lab diamond, you have the best value because it is tough to find an emerald-cut diamond with over 2.5 carats in this price range. There are many great qualities about an emerald cut 3-carat princess cut lab diamond, but there aren’t many diamonds that come with a fancy cut (other than the top 1% of all diamonds).

3. Color

It comes down to how sensitive you are to color and your preference. Less expensive stones are usually darker, as white color is much more costly than relative darkness. Most people don’t mind slightly yellow-tinted diamonds because they think the yellow doesn’t appear very much in larger diamonds. However, when you have a 3-carat princess cut lab diamond, you will see all of the tints, and the tint will be obvious. The most expensive rings in the world are usually white diamonds and may be bright white or even yellowish white.

4. Certifications


Buying a diamond from a certified laboratory is highly recommended. This will insure you are getting what you paid for. The GIA certification is the most popular one, which is well-known and respected. You can enter your search criteria and see which 3-carat princess cut lab diamonds meet all of your desired specifications. You will be shown any differences in size, color, or carat weight between the diamonds you find. By doing this, you will see what options are more likely to work for you.

5. Clarity

Clarity is graded on a scale of “very good” to “very poor,” and this will give you an idea of what you are buying. The clarity of a 3-carat princess cut lab diamond is important, and you should always look at the GIA certificate to see if the clarity grade is “very good.” If you are looking for a diamond with very little or no inclusions, invest in a premium quality diamond. Less expensive diamonds may contain noticeable inclusions that can be distracting. Rare Carat laboratory-grown diamond stones is guaranteed to be free of any inclusions.

6. Price

The price breakdown for your 3 carat princess cut lab diamond is extremely important. The most expensive 3-carat princess cut lab diamonds are made from premium quality stones. These stones are usually graded as “very good” or “excellent”. If you are looking for a smaller, less expensive diamond, you must look at the most affordable cut that meets your specifications. Loose princess cut diamonds are more affordable, so if you want a larger diamond, consider buying them in the loose form and have a jeweler create a custom setting for you.

7. Care and Maintenance


To preserve the brilliance and beauty of your diamonds, follow a few simple guidelines, as these are delicate pieces of jewelry.

The first guideline for taking care of them is to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals and cleaners. Take off all jewelry when cleaning around the house or using such chemicals. It is also best not to expose the diamond too often to humid air or water, such as swimming pools and spas.

In terms of general maintenance, you can use a commercial jewelry cleaning product that is designed for gemstones on them. For example, using soap and water for light cleaning works best; however, avoid brushing the diamond with a toothbrush as this can scratch it up. Similarly, one should take care not to hit the diamonds into hard surfaces which may cause them to chip or crack.

When storing them, make sure they are kept in their own container away from other metals and stones which could cause scratches or discoloration over time. You can also use anti-tarnish strips within the container in order to retain its sparkle and color for longer periods of time. Finally, you should have them inspected at least once per year for any imperfections or loose stones that need attention.


Rare Carat 3 carat diamond prices are competitive and the quality of the diamonds is good. If you are looking for a 3-carat lab diamond with a specific “GIA” clarity, color, cut, and size, then you should use Rare Carat to find your perfect stone. Each stone will have a certificate and its exact dimensions will be displayed. It is essential to know that all diamonds offered by Rare Carat have been certified by the GIA to show you their same qualities.

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