A Brief History of Wheels and Batteries

Car Highway

We as humans have evolved and redefined luxury. Transport and communication have minimized the gap and given wings to our dreams. New Year’s Eve of 1879 witnessed the first ever automobile. From 10 mph to 273 mph, the last decades have seen revolutionary magnificence in the world of Wheels. Humans need food to fuel their body. So does a motor. It requires power to nourish the engine. Thus, batteries come into the limelight.

Car Highway

As you gear up for the memorable ride to cruise through the terrains, it is essential to fuel your beast. And since we are talking about the bucket of bolts, it is crucial to know about the one that grabs the bull by the horns. Yes, the batteries. A fascinating incident took place in 1786 when Luigi Galvani, the pioneer of Bioelectromagnetics nearly invented the battery by making frog’s legs jump. Way back in 1859, World’s first rechargeable battery was invented by the French Physicist, Gaston Plante. Prior to that, cars worked without any electrical functioning. The classic cars were pulled from steam. The 1920’s welcomed vehicles that could run on gasoline. And thus electric starter motor was born. It was in 1971 that we got the first sealed car battery. The invention pushed aside the need for regularly recharging or replacing the battery. That’s how it gained the title of “Freedom Battery.”

If you want to have a comfortable vehicle, it is even more important to take proper care of it. The engine is the most commonly used machine and also one of the most integral parts of an automobile. While the engine is the powerhouse of the car, the battery effectively supplies the power into it. Not only the engine, but it also powers the ignition and lighting systems. The lead-acid battery has been further divided into two major parts, i.e., starting battery (SLI) and deep cycle battery. Both have their respective uses. Mostly, SLIs are preferred for car batteries.

The anatomy and functioning of batteries are not as complex as you must have thought. Rather, it is an interesting affair. The lead acid battery that you use is made up of plates, lead, and lead-oxides, which are submerged in an electrolyte solution. The solution contains 35% sulphuric acid and 65% water. This sets off a reaction with lead dioxide plates that produces ions and lead sulphate. On further chemical reactions, electrons are generated and therefore power flows throughout. But batteries are not everlasting. Various components decide the life of a battery. Keeping a watch on it is essential. A weak battery can largely affect vehicle’s running since the required amount of alternating current is not supplied.

A seat belt is called a lifebelt. Just as it ensures your safety, a good battery ensures your vehicle’s safety. Choosing the right one for your car might seem a tedious task, but with AMARON by your side, you have nothing to fear. India’s most trusted and largest selling automobile battery brand has also been featured in Forbes’ ‘Best Under a Billion Asia’ list. It promises to make your journey unforgettable. Amara Raja Batteries limited emerged in the year 2000 and introduced international standard products in India. It was the first company to give zero maintenance batteries. Amaron batteries also provide the longest warranty period which makes it a top-notch product. The Amaron PRO has planted SlivenX alloy and electrolytic plate that helps to brush-off corrosion and increase its lifespan. Along with that, it ensures highest reserve capacity, high cranking power, high heat tolerance, and vibration resistance. The batteries are ready to use. All these amazing features, make Amaron everyone’s choice. In case you didn’t know, Amaron battery powers every 3rd car in India.

Amaron Battery

Wheels have endured phenomenal changes and remain an integral part of a vehicle. And just like that, for life’s most enduring journeys, you can rely on Amaron.

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