Exploring Thailand on Two Wheels ─ Motorcycle Touring Tips for Travelers

The more we travel, the more we understand how people from other countries live and what their customs are. Now, there are plenty of ways to explore some new country, but if finding a unique way to do so is the goal, then doing so via motorcycle is probably the best.

There are no limitations to where and when you will have to be at a certain place, and that freedom while on vacation is something that cannot be compared to anything else.

Of course, there is also that much higher level of excitement and even an adrenaline rush when you explore some amazing and picturesque places while riding a bike, which, in all, makes it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. That is why we will focus more today on Thailand and motorcycle routes and tips so that once you get here, you will know precisely what to check out and what to look for.

The routes

This country has some exquisite routes designed precisely for motor enthusiasts, which is what makes this country one of the best for experiencing on a bike. If you search for the best of the best, then head to the north part of Thailand as here, you will find some great routes, and besides that, you will also have a chance to check out some of the most picturesque sights and really make the most out of your journey.

Exploring Thailand on your own is possible, but it’s highly recommended to at least consider guidance regarding which routes are the best. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do so, and even a simple online search would come in pretty handy. Of course, the best way is to consult experts regarding motorcycle tours in Thailand to check it out, and all the info on that and more you can find at

Condition of the roads


The first thing that interests every motor enthusiast is the condition of the roads in certain countries, and for dirt bikers, the trails and whether they are marked on the map. Now, the first thing to clarify here is that Thailand is great for biker roads, and for those who want to ride their bike on an open road, you will be glad to know that the condition of the road is exceptional.

The surface itself is smooth and well-maintained, and trails-wise, you can easily find marked trails ideal for riding your dirt bike. The only thing to worry about when riding on an open road is other drivers because, in Thailand, they drive fast and a bit risky, which is why wearing protective gear is simply a must.

Safety always comes first, and in Thailand, make sure to get all the equipment you’ll need in time to get the best possible bike experience. Of course, finding gear is also possible in Thailand, and it’s even less pricey than in most other countries, so even if you come here without gloves or need a new pair, for example, finding the one that suits you the most shouldn’t be an issue.

Renting a motorcycle

Those who don’t own a motor or find it way too expensive or complicated to transport will be glad to know that this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy riding a bike in Thailand. Namely, there are plenty of rental services where you can rent a motorcycle and enjoy everything this amazing country has to offer.

Understandably, it’s not like anyone can rent a motorcycle, as providing proper paperwork is a must. As for what documents one needs to have, a passport, driver’s license, and international driver’s permit are a must, as otherwise, you will not be able to rent a motorcycle.

These papers are nothing new, and those who have already rented a vehicle abroad are well aware of what documents they will need to have, but one thing most people forget is the insurance, which is highly advised to get.

Use proper equipment


There are many other things that can make you ride much more safe and comfortable besides the helmet, which is the most important piece of equipment for every motorcycle rider. For example, gloves can protect you from the wind, and a waterproof jacket can save you from unexpected rain.

Regarding that, for those who love to carry some baggage, the best thing is to pack it in waterproof bags that will protect it from water and dust, too. There are many handy items, and the best is to check the offer and decide which of them you need, as you will be surprised by how some small thing can improve the entire riding experience.

Making breaks

Each driver knows how important it is to make regular breaks, and the best idea is to stop for at least 20 minutes for every 1.5 hours of driving. In that way, the driver has enough time to drink water, stretch their legs, and prepare for the next stage of the journey.

Unfortunately, many people forget to drink enough water during their rides, which can be pretty dangerous and cause various accidents that can endanger other participants in traffic. These breaks do not need to be a waste of time, especially if properly planned, as they can be used for sightseeing, exploring some landmarks, or simply enjoying coffee or lunch.


Avoiding night rides

Driving a motorcycle at night is always potentially dangerous, no matter how careful someone is, because of many reasons. First of all, bikes are much smaller than any other vehicle, and because of that, they can sometimes be challenging to notice, which can result in a real disaster.

Unfortunately, night rides in Thailand are even more dangerous because we can see many people without headlights. Besides that, they often drive in the wrong direction trying to use shortcuts, and because of that, they represent a huge risk for themselves and any other person who participates in the traffic at night.

Regarding that, it is a much better idea to plan the journey and use the night for sleeping and resting for the next stage of the journey and exploring.

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