5 Study Tips For Acing Your G1 Driving Test When Moving To Canada

G1 test comes under G-level Or Graduated Licensing in Canada. Every resident of Canada, be it permanent or temporary, has to have at least a G1 license before hitting the road. The G1 license exam is a knowledge-based exam and the test comprises a total of 40 questions about traffic rules and regulations in Canada.

Many Ontario drivers fail the G1 test on their first attempt. That is not only a blow to their self-esteem, but it is also a waste of time and money spent on the first written test. The loss of confidence might make the rest of the learning-to-drive process even more daunting.

The easiest way to avoid this is to thoroughly prepare for and pass your written driving exam the first time. Here are some study tips for you so that you can ace your G1 test in a go.

Understand The Test Content


How are you going to study or even prepare a study schedule if you do not know anything about what is going to be asked? The first important step in preparation for the G1 test is learning about the types of questions and the content of the G1 test. Do not worry; the article has got your back.

Your G1 exam will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions divided into two sections:

To pass the written knowledge test, you must adequately answer a minimum of 16 questions in each segment. The 2024 Driver’s Handbook contains all the test content asked in the written knowledge exam for your G1 license in Ontario. The exam can be given at a local DriveTest Centre near you, and you’ll also need to pass an eye exam before sitting for the test.

Study The 2024 Driver’s Handbook


As mentioned above, the exam is based on the Driver’s handbook. So, it is pretty obvious that you have to begin with reading and understanding the Driver’s handbook first. The written test and the accompanying eligibility procedures are designed to ensure that you will be safe behind the wheel. Learning to drive is a process that begins with understanding and following the rules of the road.

Get a copy of the MTO Driver’s Handbook and study it thoroughly if you haven’t previously. Examine the driving laws and make sure you understand the content. Ask an experienced driver or contact the driving office for clarification if you have any questions concerning the handbook.

Practice “Practice” Tests


Many people wish to improve their study habits in preparation for the written test, but are unsure how to do so. They do what they were instructed to do and read through their updated copy of the handbook. They have no means of knowing how much knowledge they’ve retained once they’ve completed reading the book. It can be tough to feel confident when taking the G1 test because of your underpreparedness. When the time comes, confidence will aid in keeping your mind calm and ready for the test.

Those that incorporate a practice exam into their study routine will be able to pinpoint their specific progress in the learning process. You can take a free practice G1 test after reading the Driver’s Handbook. You will be able to examine your results and evaluate what knowledge you have gained from the handbook and what areas you still need to improve on.

You can take the free practice tests as many times as you want using this simple strategy until you’re confident you’re ready. Then you’ll be able to pass the exam quickly and confidently, and you’ll be ready for a lifetime of safe driving on Canadian roads.

Visit to access the most reliable practice tests available online.

Take The Practice Tests With A Timer


You will not get the whole day to answer the G1 license questions. To prepare for the time crunch, timing your practice tests can help. When you take a practice test, do not forget to put a timer on and navigate the time you are taking to solve the paper. The quicker you solve it, the better. However, faster does not mean you can fill in wrong answers. Keep your facts straight. Keep your knowledge from the handbook in a line. Because you know the saying, “practice makes a person perfect. “

Create Your Own Ways Of Remembering


You can utilize several strategies to learn what you need to know for your test. A few strategies here include:

  • Link what you learn to your personal experiences: Think of where you saw an instance of a road sign, for example, and use it to remind you of what the sign is.
  • Use Mnemonics: These are words or stories that make you remember something – “My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets.” Well, there are too many planet names to remember. Mnemonics make it easier.
  • Practice the question formats: You must also know how the questions are posed throughout the test, as well as all the material. Make use of all the practice questions available online for self-assessment.
  • Specify some timelines and goals for your study: This will allow you to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Set a study timeline after you register for your test. Make goals and ensure that you realize them through proper studying and concentration.
  • Get Help: Get your friends, family, driving instructor, or colleagues to help you out with the test. You can also ask them any queries that you have in mind or simply prompt them to share their experiences.


The G1 test does not require individuals to mug up information. Understanding what you are studying is the essential part of preparing for the exam. When you will be hitting the road, you will not just be responsible for your life but others as well. So, you must prepare honestly for your G1 test. The one last tip that is not mentioned above is that do not be nervous. Trust yourself, prepare well, and you will be good to go. Good luck!

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