How To Afford Living In San Francisco And Other Expensive Cities

San Francisco is known to be an expensive city in California, however, people with a basic salary can afford to live in this city and other expensive cities. If they have always dreamed of residing in this city, it’s time to fulfill their dream as San Franciscans relocate to their suburbs. As per studies, relocation to the suburbs will lead to a 25% decline in monthly rent prices to $2750 for one-bedroom apartments for a year. Securing a home in San Francisco is a challenging job, but with the help of San Francisco realtors, individuals can book an apartment for rent and stay up at the lowest price.

However, it is an agreed fact that living in these expensive cities could be challenging for the majority of people. The higher cost of living in this city and other cities is the most challenging component, but people can live there with a little imagination and budgeting. The tips in this post can help you live comfortably in San Francisco or other pricey cities like New York City or Los Angeles. After reading this piece, you ought to understand how to manage your money while still residing in the city.

Cost Of Living In San Francisco & Other Expensive Cities

Source: sfgate.com

Indeed, living your life with basic expenses in San Francisco & other expensive cities like New York and Los Angeles is quite challenging and, at times, difficult for people. Let’s talk about how expensive it is to live in San Francisco and other cities of California, considering high housing costs and other bills like groceries and healthcare. This article will look at the prices associated with each of these variables, helping readers determine if they can afford to live comfortably.

1. Housing & Rent Prices

According to the calculations, San Francisco’s cost of living in September 2022 will be 238% higher than the national average. According to reports, San Francisco housing costs exceed 84% of the national average.

Their estimations place the typical home sales price in San Francisco at about $1.42 million, significantly more than San Diego’s median price of $626,000 and considerably less than Los Angeles’ median price of $576,100. One-bedroom apartments are less than $3000 in the city’s south and west.

2. Food Costs

Source: sfgate.com

Another aspect that makes San Francisco and other cities more expensive is the eatery outlet. However, the city is quite famous for having recognized restaurants, but if they are not eating in highly recognized restaurants, the cost of eating food is still quite high.

If they compare the prices of the restaurant, it charges $18 for an inexpensive meal while $40 for a full-service meal for a single person. In addition, an additional charge of health surplus is added to the restaurant bill making it more expensive for people. This health charge is added to cover the healthcare services for their employees. 4% to 10% is added in the final as a health surcharge.

Obviously, for people having a moderate income, eating food at home is the best choice. Eating home-cooked food is one of the best ways to save money while living in San Francisco and other expensive cities, but this is not necessarily cheap. According to reports, the grocery bill of people residing in San Francisco for 2022 amounts to $360.

3. Transportation Costs

Suppose people secure a home in San Francisco or any other expensive city like Los Angeles. In that case, another cost they need to manage with their moderate income is Transportation. As per the studies conducted by the U.S Census Bureau, traveling to work might take 32.8 minutes which is longer than the national average of 26.4. However, if, by chance, individuals own a car, they can improve their distance, but the cost to commute to their travel place from their home is quite expensive.

People can take advantage of free parking outside their workplace, but if they need regular access to their parking, they need to pay hourly parking rates of $8 and more. However, if they calculate the monthly parking cost in San Francisco is $340.

Another significant aspect that makes living expensive in San Francisco and other expensive cities is gasoline. The average price of gasses is far higher than the U.S. Mark. According to the studies, the average price of gasses in October 2022 is $5.70 per gallon, making it more expensive for fuel.

The best way to save money on your transportation costs in San Francisco and other expensive cities is to give up on their wheels and travel in the city’s public transit system. Public Transportation in San Francisco charges a single person around $2.50. However, monthly costs for a single person charges around $81 or $98.

4. Taxes

Source: financialexpress.com

Let’s discuss taxes in San Francisco; it won’t be wrong to say that taxes are pretty high. First thing, as a state, California’s income tax rates are quite the highest in the nation. The California sale tax is 6%, but on calculating the sale tax of San Francisco, it amounts to $8.63. However, property taxes are quite lower in the city.


Summing up the article, here are some quick tips for living in San Francisco and other expensive cities:

  • San Francisco and other cities are quite expensive in terms of housing, so it is better to plan your stay in these expensive cities. They can either rent an old house or look for places in the southern and western wedges of the city, such as Oakland, San Leandro and Hayward, where the prices are lower.
  • They can use public transport to save money on transportation, which doesn’t cost much compared to their wheels. In case of urgency, they can use Uber or Lyft to avoid the hassles of public transportation, which usually costs around $15.
  • Instead of having food in restaurants, they can have home-cooked food, saving their food costs.

Consider these factors, which are important to decide whether you can afford to live in the Bay or other expensive cities. However, with the help of little budgeting, you can manage to live in the Bay.

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