5 Pivotal Video Marketing Trends Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore

Video Marketing

The one medium every digital campaign needs to have is video. Just think about it. Videos have been around for a while now. They’ve been long here before the inception of the first social media platforms. Today, each of them, and we’ll list them below, relies on the video content. If content is king, video is its prince. So, it’s no wonder video as a format still has massive applications in today’s world. When we talk about marketing as such, it can’t be ignored. We live in an age where trends come and go, and some of them are easy to ignore or neglect.

Our goal is to prevent this from happening. If you’re running a business or a company and are trying to create or maintain a brand you need to play by the rules. What this means is that you need to be familiar with the essence of video marketing. We’ll allow a few things to miss your attention. But, the five essential marketing trends tied to the video industry we’ll list below you don’t have the luxury of missing out. So, tighten your seatbelts, focus on what we have to say, and memorize these pivotal trends.


The variety of video marketing techniques is wider than ever right now. Countless channels are available for the taking of different industries and audiences. There are more platforms than ever to use video to promote your company:

  • Twitter – usually seen as a platform that relies on letters and written forms of marketing Twitter is not immune to video content. By now, you should be aware of this fact. When compared to other platforms we’ll list below, Twitter even comes as a better option to share your video content.
  • Instagram – what started as an only-photo platform soon grew out of its shoes and became a medium for all kinds of video content. Instagram has it all. You have classic videos, stories, reels, and everything in between. For many mages of digital marketing, Instagram is a place to start a campaign.
  • Facebook – we can easily say that Facebook is the place where it all started. After all, the new social media platforms look up to it, and Instagram derived from the ideas FB put in place. While in recent years is losing some of its popularity, Facebook is still the biggest platform of this kind in the world and its influence can’t be neglected.
  • YouTube – the original video medium. YouTube never falters. No other platform of this kind ever came close to it. It precedes all the social media platforms and it’s still well connected to each of them. YT days belong in the past in the present and it will be here in the future. When it comes to video marketing it must never be overseen.
  • TikTok – the latest addition to the bunch but one that is the fastest growing. If your targeted demographics are younger folks you’ll find them on TikTok. The Chinese platform has taken the world by storm and it is here to stay despite all the controversies surrounding it. Today, when it comes to video marketing, TikTok needs to be at the top of most lists.

Regardless of your audience’s demographics, videos win the race for users’ attention.

Video marketing trends worth your attention


Video marketing is all about trends. As we said, some come, some go, and then some stay the longest. Today, we’re going to cover those that at the moment of writing this article can’t be ignored. So, here are five essential trends in video marketing that businesses must be aware of this year to thrive in the dynamic market. Even if you’re ready to jump into the sphere of videos without our advice, maybe you should consider partnering up with a professional outlet in this domain such as


What you sell doesn’t always matter to people. They generally don’t need your product either, unless you’re selling something essential for their daily lives. That implies that you must persuade them to approve your product and the values it can bring.

The easiest way to achieve it using video is to demonstrate the sincerity of your brand. You can do it by demonstrating the profoundness of your brand, by showing that you share the same objectives, aspirations, and wishes as your target audience.

Reflecting on the news with video content


Political and social issues will always be a big part of everyone’s life. Taking a position for the things your business stands for may occasionally inspire and enthuse your consumer base, keeping them loyal to your brand for years to come.

By being relevant to what’s going on in the world your customers live in, you can bring your brand closer and prove that you share the same values.

Adding an interactive element

Live video content is quite popular, especially if people can interact with it directly.

In addition to the fact that consumer preference is shifting toward live video, it’s also one of your last chances to keep some sort of organic traffic. Live videos are still capable of bringing you organic reach despite the general fall in it.

The rising popularity of AR and VR

Video Marketing


360-degree videos that you can interact with are a common type of interactive video that continues to gain popularity.

Brands need to be aware of the enormous marketing possibilities of this type of cutting-edge video creation.

Viewers are completely drawn into the narrative thanks to these interactive elements. They can actively move their device and see that action mirrored on the screen rather than just passively observing events on a screen.

Some companies implement 360-degree VR and AR technologies to attract viewers online. As customers continue to purchase VR and AR goods, the potential for this unexplored market is enormous.

Short videos for brands’ social media accounts

Branded short films are just what’s in the title. These are branded videos made by businesses that prioritize conveying stories and enhancing brand image.

The key to the success of this genre is that these videos create an engaging tale for the audience instead of concentrating just on the product and why it is so good.

The idea of branded short videos is brilliant as they represent the concept of selling without actually doing it and concentrate the effort on creativity and amusement.

And the best part is ‒ they are a growing trend!

Branded video clips exist in a wide range of styles, formats, and lengths, but they all share the same trait in that they don’t seem like advertisements.

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