Alternatives To Tree Removal

Although having trees on your property has plenty of benefits, especially if they add beauty to a property with a home, they can cause many health and safety issues. One could fall during a storm and affect the structure of a building, or worse again, a person. If a tree isn’t taken care of properly it can start to wither and it is not uncommon for a piece of the tree to fall on somebody and cause a serious injury. Most property owners face these challenges that trees can cause and may assume getting the tree removed is the best option. Often professional tree surgeons can be quite expensive, but sometimes, doing it yourself can cost even more because of the tools required, and without the knowledge required it could end up costing you a lot more than you expect.

Alternatives To Using A Stump Grinder

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There are a few options that could save you money instead of using a stump grinder. Stump grinders are often quite expensive and to get tree experts in to do the job might not fit your budget. Although some of these options might save you money, some can prove to be dangerous and sometimes in the long run cost you more than getting a trained expert from a reputed tree service company in. If you want to spend that bit extra and get the job done properly visit tree trimming Woodstock at

Using Chemicals To Treat Stumps

It is possible to chemically treat the stumps. There are a few products that are readily available like potassium nitrate and other chemical fertilizers that will help you destroy the stumps. Brush the chemicals into the stumps and after a few weeks, you will be able to remove them. The length of the decay will depend on the condition of the stumps so it may vary as live stumps often take much longer to decay. Be very careful using these chemicals as some can be very dangerous. If they come in contact with your skin it can cause irritation and if inhaled or ingested it can cause serious health issues. Make sure you wear the right safety clothes including safety glasses, rubber gloves, a respiratory mask, a long sweater, and long pants. Some of the chemicals are highly flammable so make sure there is no fire in the area.

Dig Out The Stump

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The old-fashioned way of removing a tree is by digging. This is not the easiest option by any stretch of the imagination. This normally proves to be very labor-intensive and can take a lot of time. Initially, you’ll need a pickaxe to dig around the stump until the roots are exposed. Get an ax to cut all the roots until the stump is free to remove. Some trees are not as straightforward as they might have a ‘’tap root’’. This is a straight tapering root that grows vertically down into the ground under the stump. If this is the case then you have to remove the dirt under the stump and the taproot must be cut off.

Natural Stump Removal

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Removing a stump naturally can be a great and cost-effective way of getting rid of unwanted stumps. The most important thing to remember when removing a tree stump the natural way is to control the natural processes of decay. Chemicals often used to remove tree stumps can not only be a health and safety hazard for the person who is trying to remove the stump but can also be hazardous for the area around the stump.

It seems home and property owners are choosing to remove stumps by using natural methods nowadays. It is also a good thing to ask help from an expert. You can check this site and get to know an expert to help you with tree removal.

You should cut the tree as low as possible because the closer you cut the tree or stump, the more chance you have of removing it naturally. If it is possible, try and cut the tree less than 10 inches above the ground. Drill lots of holes into the stump to allow water to accumulate in the stump. You should drill lots of small holes rather than one big hole. Drill as deep as you can. Cover the stump to help it decay. You can use some sort of organic material, even grass clippings or leaf litter as they will help with fungal growth and help the stump rot. You can add nitrogen with the grass clippings and leaf litter will work together to encourage bacteria and fungal growth. You can then add some fertilizer. Make sure to be cautious when using the fertilizer and not add too much as it can have an effect on the surrounding area. Make sure to read the fertilizer instructions before using it. For more information, visit

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