3 Best Apps to Play While Travelling in 2024

For at least once in our lifetime, we’ve all wondered how to keep our hands busy during traveling. Whether it’s alone or with our family, traveling itself shouldn’t sacrifice our needs in terms of spending time on our favorite websites and apps. Modern technologies have brought numerous innovations, and thanks to their constant rise, we’re able to have new and easy ways of enjoying our time on the internet. That being said, from the comfort of your car, bus or plane, you can indulge in all the available online games, without having to worry that you’ll miss something out.

This is the case with online gambling too. It’s not something you can only do when you go to a brick and mortar casino! Imagine being at a gas station. You’re holding your phone in your hand waiting for the check. How would anyone know if you’re texting someone, reading something or just playing a quick slot game?

So what games should you play? What are the best ones for every occasion and especially when traveling? Here’s our list:

1. Mobile Casino Game Apps

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The beauty of online casino apps lays in the fact that you can play online games wherever you are at the moment and your experience will be almost the same as if you were in a real casino. Things like great visuals, fast loading of pages and incredible bonuses, with minimal requirements such as an internet connection, and any connected device (phone, tablet, or SmartWatch) are some of the reasons why these games are so popular. Not only that, but you will also experience and enjoy having fun and earning money on the go! However, for the ultimate online casino experience, you should pay attention to wagering requirements so that you can be sure you’re winning big, without having to spend tons of money to meet those requirements. First, you can do that by researching the best online casino apps on the market and making sure you’re playing your games using a reliable and verified one. But this process can sometimes seem overwhelming because of the thousands of competitive casino brands online. Luckily, there is a guide to compare all the reviews, bonuses, wagering requirements and other information to help you find what you’re looking for see more on Choosing the right app will affect your profitability both in the short and long-term so choose smart and make sure you are well treated as a customer, but also be sure that you take advantage of the incredible offers such as free spins, no wagering casino bonuses and huge jackpots!

2. Mobile Video Games

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The second thing you can do while traveling is playing video games! Video games have become so wildly available over the years that they are even more popular than the ones on PC! If you need some help to pass your time, there are apps that will have your attention and keep you entertained for hours. There are a variety of games from the simple ones to the strategy-making ones, from the free apps to the ones that you have to pay for, but if you own a smartphone and if you have ever touched Candy Crush, then you can consider yourself a video game player! If you need a distraction during a commute or just a simple way to spend a couple of minutes while waiting in line, just choose some of the most popular games such as Mario Kart Tour, Fortnite (yes, you’ve read that right!), Alto’s Odyssey, Angry Birds or anything that seems tempting. If you’re more into games that will keep your mind sharp, you can choose some of the games that will boost your mental productivity and engage your neurons, all while having fun and learning new stuff. Why not try to be smarter when you have some extra time to spend? You can try something like Math Workout, Brain Fitness or a simple Sudoku and see if you’re into it. However, be cautious because having a phone in your hands all the time and especially playing any kind of online games can be pretty addictive so pay attention to the time you’re spending on your phone no matter how challenging it is to limit yourself or to stop in the middle of the game!

3. Mobile Lottery

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There was a time in the past where you had to leave your house to buy lottery tickets. If you wanted to take part in a lottery you could only choose a limited number of lotteries available in your country or even in your city. Thanks to the evolution of websites for your mobile phone as well as apps, today the process of buying anything as well as lottery tickets became extremely simple and easy. Now you can buy your tickets from any portable device you possess while having plenty of options to choose from when it comes to lotteries from countries around the world. You can participate in several lotteries at the same time while tracking your progress. By just using your phone you can also pay for your tickets with any method you find convenient, even including Bitcoin! If you are not a regular lottery player doesn’t mean you can not become one. It’s a cheap way to win big and to most certainly have a lot of fun on your way to work or doing your everyday chores. You can travel but you can have all your games with you, and that is the beauty of technology that provided us with all the possibilities we could only dream about in the last century.

Whether you’re playing online slots, video games or lottery, you’re using the products of modern technology and you’re using it for good! If you use your apps wisely, according to our guide, you can even make a side hustle out of online slots or even a full-time job if you’re consistent and skilled enough. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough you can win some of the available lotteries and become a millionaire in one day! Nonetheless, if you just want to take your mind off of your everyday problems, heavy traffic or you’re just bored while travelling to a beautiful destination, you can play video games or combine several gaming apps to relax and have fun!

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