Stay Healthy While Travelling: What You Need to Do

Traveling is not only the best medicine against boredom; it’s a vital necessity if you work offshore or travel for business regularly. There are millions of workers today traveling for business at least once per month. Well, it used to be practice before COVID-19 closed the world for a while, but business trips will be back soon again.

There’s a downside to long haul traveling too. It takes a lot out of your body, and if you don’t take care of yourself, extended trips can land you in bed with terrible flu, exhaustion, or worse. Your body always suffers after trips. Sometimes your lifestyle routine doesn’t give you time to pay any attention to it, sometimes you can face digestive disorders.

By following a few easy steps, you can take care of your health while on-the-go. Nobody enjoys looking for a doctor in a foreign country. Fortunately, there are solutions, and experts recommend investing in coverage, like health insurance from HealthMarkets, before taking to the skies.

Ready, Steady, WAIT

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Before you sling your backpack over your shoulder, grab your passport, and run: Have you started boosting your immune system yet? We will try to add some most reliable hints on how to prepare your body for travel shocks.

Travelling exposes you to multitudes of germs and potentially harmful bacteria. Do you have any idea how many people hold onto the escalator’s rails at a busy airport daily? In 2019 almost 81 million people passed through London Heathrow airport. That’s an average of 220 000 people per day, from all over the globe. Even before the new virus, touching surfaces in public was one of the main initiators of infections.

Before you walk into such diverse public spaces while traveling, give your body the boost it needs. It will help to protect you from unknown bacteria and germs. Besides being hydrated all the time (well, water washes all those tiny creatures away fast), there are other immune boosters. The three best vitamins to start taking well in advance are:

  • Vitamin C: It remains the best immune booster for your health. You can get vitamin C by eating extra strawberries, tangerines, oranges, bell peppers, kale, spinach, and broccoli. The great news is that if you supplement your daily diet with enough vitamin C rich foods, you’ll not need to increase it with additional medicines.
  • Vitamin B6: Your body needs it to support all the biochemical reactions in your immune system. You’ll find it in foods like tuna, salmon, chickpeas, and green vegetables.
  • Vitamin E: Your body needs Vitamin E to withstand infections, and it’s also a powerful antioxidant. You can get more of it into your diet by eating spinach, seeds, and nuts.

Drink Up!

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Before you say cheers, (as already mentioned) keep your water bottle close and stay hydrated. The lack of humidity on airplanes dries out your mucus membranes, which leaves you more susceptible to the multitude of germs in the cabin.

The importance of drinking enough water is more than just keeping your mucus moist and functioning well. A recent study showed that a specific immune reaction is activated when you remain hydrated.

Water is prevention and a cure, and you can aim for at least eight glasses a day. If you’re visiting a scorching region, you can drink more. Besides water, there are a lot of great natural drinks for travelers, depending on the region of the world – you can easily find the best possible immune-boosting drink in the shop nearby.

Pack Your trainers

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If you’re going on a long trip away from home, try to keep your fitness regime. By staying active, you give your body the immune boost needed to fight off any health attacks.

Running for 10 minutes at a slow pace is enough cardio to get your blood pumping and help it stay in tip-top shape. Exercise also releases all the endorphins you need to feel happy and stress-free, all the more reason to not slack on your routine. Also, one of the best ways to explore new areas is to search through it on foot. Running around the designated areas will give you a whole new perspective on how people leave and what their routines are.

Pack Enough Hand Sanitizer

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Personal hygiene should be at the top of your list of priorities while traveling. Please wash your hands regularly and sanitize public surfaces before touching them. It was probably the most forgotten yet simple way of staying healthy.

You can buy smaller containers of waterless hand sanitizer to carry with you. It soon becomes a habit to regularly give your hands a good rub while traveling through public spaces. Remember to wipe down the seating areas as well. Those small containers are not always eco-friendly, so you can actually make your DIY sanitizer at home, in the huge bowls. Then, each time you spend the liquid from a portable bottle, you can easily refill it from the big container.

As an adult, these tips are easy to remember. If you’re traveling with youngsters, help them make a habit of regularly washing their hands. Once they are used to it – their life will be much healthier, and they will have a better perspective on how to keep themselves clean and healthy.

Bon Voyage

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Now that your immune system has got a good boost and your water, trainers, and sanitizer are ready, you can embark on a healthier trip than ever before. One of the tips people usually avoid mentioning is that the hygiene of your trip will be dictated by the country/region you are headed to. In third world countries, you can’t expect to have as many sanitized areas as in the countries that are highly developed. But this doesn’t mean that you will be affected by bacterias more in third world countries. Even if the surrounding doesn’t look sanitized, it could be home to fewer bacterias, then other places that look all clean. In the end, it is up to you how you behave and react while traveling, so follow our hacks and stay healthy and protected.

And always keep the area clean after yourself!

Learning a few good habits can go a long way in improving your overall health. Although there are times when your health needs an added boost, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to apply these small, but vital tips every day.

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