How to Play Blackjack Game Online with Casino Apps

Millions of Indians are now enjoying playing their favorite casino games from across the country, thanks to the availability of advanced applications. As a rule, gambling is banned in India, and only a few specific states permit people to gamble in conventional brick-and-mortar establishments.

For instance, in Goa, you must visit the off-shore floating casinos to indulge in this entertainment form. However, Indian law does permit you to play Blackjack games online using casino apps like Khelraja, Casino Days, BlueChip, and several others. Read ahead for detailed information about how this works.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Online or onsite, Blackjack rules are universal. The objective here is to add up a total of a maximum of 21 points with the hand dealt to you. In this game, the dealer and all the players receive 2 cards at the beginning of the game.

The face cards and aces carry 10 points, and the other cards carry points according to their face value. The ace card is optional, which means that you can count its value as 10 or 1, depending on the card total in your hand.

As long as the points are below 21, you’re in the game. If the total goes above 21, you go bust or lose. This rule applies to the dealer also. Once the cards are dealt, the player with the total closest to 21 but below 21 is the winner and claims the winnings. The player with cards equaling 21 has the highest winnings.

Getting More Cards


When the game starts, you’ll place a stake on the table. This is the money you want to bet on winning the game. Next, each player receives 2 cards. You’ll check the total and work out if you want to get more cards to raise your total.

Players need not reveal their cards, but the dealer has one card facing up and the other face down, so you can only guess what the card can be. The game moves on with the dealer asking you if you want another card. If you think your total is very low and taking a card can raise its value, you can ask for a “Hit.”

But, if you think the current value in your hand is high enough and adding another card can bust the hand out of the game, you can ask for a “Stand.”

Revealing Hands

Once all the players are in the “Stand” mode, it’s time to reveal the total values of all the hands. The dealer reveals their face-down card. Now, each player also reveals their card in turn. The winner of the round is the player or dealer with the highest total closest to 21 or 21 as the highest score.

The final payouts will depend on the wager you placed at the start of the game. When the dealer reveals their face-down card and the total is below 16, they must continue to take more cards until their total is 17 or higher. At this point, the dealer must “Stand.”

How Payouts Work

The most basic winning deal is 1:1 if your total is higher than the dealer’s total and closer to 21. But, if your total equals 21, you’ll win in the ratio of 3:2 of the original amount you bet. Players also have the double-down option.

After checking the initial cards you get, you can choose to make an additional bet equivalent to the original wager amount. In that case, the player gets just one more card and cannot ask for another “Hit.” The split is another option you have. If your hand has two cards of the same value, you can choose to split the hand into two. And wager accordingly to play Blackjack games online or onsite.

Getting Started with Playing Casino Games

If you would like to get started with playing games, your first step is to look for a reputable website that offers these games. You’ll want to be cautious with the platforms you pick since the incredible popularity of online casinos has led to thousands of fake sites appearing online.

Online casinos are about wagering real money, and you’ll connect your account to a verified payment platform. You could unknowingly open yourself up to the risk of hacking and cybercrime incidents.

Verify the Authenticity of the Site

The first step is to do the necessary research. Check reviews and POV sites to learn more about the best websites. Next, check around for their registration and licensing to confirm that they operate with complete compliance with authoritative agencies.

Once you’ve confirmed the authenticity of the site, you’re ready for the next steps. Also, check for the site’s security SSL certification and other firewall protection it offers members. Taking these small precautions will keep your money secure. Don’t pass on the multi-step authentication and other provisions the site has.

Register and Set Up Your Account

To play Blackjack game online, you’ll start by registering on the platform. You’ll select a username and password and provide the mandatory digital document to verify your identity and age. Only users who are above 18 years old can sign up to play.

Remember that you have the option to download the app and play, or you can simply log on from your mobile device and play when you want. Link a payment portal, and you’re ready to transfer money for gambling into the site.

Transferring Money and Starting Play

Indians have the option to use any of their preferred payment portals. Try direct bank transfer, UPI payment, PayTM, GooglePay, or any other. Balances appear instantly along with any welcome bonus money, perks, and free money the platform offers new members.

Select a table to watch for a while and then request a seat by clicking on the interface. You can place your wagers and start playing. Winnings can be withdrawn seamlessly, and you should see the transferred credit almost instantly.

And that’s how you play blackjack games online with Indian casino apps.

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