How To Make Art Reproductions From Original Art Paintings

For centuries, the majority of paintings were conducted using the method of oil on canvas. Many of the most famous painters throughout history used this delicate and tricky way of painting to achieve their greatest masterpieces. Until recently, this was the mainstream manner in which paintings were accomplished.

Over the years, other painting methods, such as acrylic painting, pencil drawing, and watercolor techniques, grew in popularity. During the Industrial revolution, printing became a feasible option for producing high-quality artwork; however, despite all these advances and alternative techniques, painting remained an inherently slow undertaking.

Nowadays, though, things are entirely different. Thanks to technological advances and the processing power of modern-day computers, practically anybody could complete several digital paintings in just a couple of hours. Moreover, these modern technological innovations have also been applied to the reproduction of classic art, making it more effortless than ever to get your hands on reproductions of any of the greatest paintings ever made.

A Brief History of Art Reproduction


Art reproduction and art restoration have a long and storied history all of their own. The practice has been around for thousands of years, and many people have dedicated their lives to the conservation of art. In truth, efforts to save older artwork, sculptures, architecture, and even ideas have always been attempted by society. There has always been a part of us wanting to respect and cherish what came before us.

The avenue of replica painting and art reproduction is no different. For centuries, art conservators worked diligently and tirelessly to conserve artwork in as good a condition as possible. In many cases, they also repainted new separate versions of the original piece to help conserve the memory of the original and for the commercial incentive of reselling it.

Although art restoration has done remarkable work in conserving art and literature over the centuries, it is not without controversy. Throughout the years, many fakes and forgeries have been passed around the art community as the real deal. This resulted in confusion and controversy to some artists’ legacies, as well as the legitimacy and credibility of the medium of painting.

1st Art Gallery

In today’s world, things are very different than they were in previous centuries. For example, many of history’s most famous paintings are now in the public domain, meaning anyone can use them freely. So if you wanted to have one of these iconic images reproduced, like most other things, it is now just one click away.

1st Art Gallery is an excellent place for all your commercial art needs. They specialize in making and selling reproductions of all the great original works from all the most significant painters. In addition, they offer art gallery-quality reproductions at affordable prices, not to mention a whole catalog of other customizable options.

Alongside options such as hand-painted portraits and personalized paintings, their handmade replica oil paintings are also second to none. So, if you are looking to go one step further than just buying a print and want a reproduction of a famous oil painting painted new just for you by a dedicated and professional modern artist, 1st art might be the right choice.

Do It Yourself in a Fun New Way


Perhaps you are artistically inclined and looking for something more personal and hands-on. Perhaps you are shopping for a gift or are simply looking for an exciting activity to do or a new hobby to pursue. If so, making your fine art reproduction has never been easier.

Paint by numbers is one of the best and most fun ways to get your painting of Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Claude Monet’s Waterlily Pond, for example. Not to mention you get the added satisfaction of having painted it yourself. If you are not artistic but still love art, there are many options for you.

Why not buy a jigsaw puzzle of your favorite oil painting and get that same satisfaction of making it yourself? Why not get a t-shirt made with a classic painting or a keychain to brighten up your set of keys? The choices are almost endless, with many posters, prints, and products with reproductions of art on them.

The Choice is Yours

Speaking of prints and other replicas, dozens of companies worldwide offer these unique and personal services. A simple Google search or looking on, for example, is always a great starting point whenever you shop for anything, and shopping for a reproduction of a classic painting or oil drawing is no different.

From there, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of choice and customizable features that are out there. It cannot be emphasized enough just how lucky consumers are today compared to past people. Back then, art was only reserved for the upper class and took a long time to make. Nowadays, you can have any image delivered to your door in just a few short days.

Whether you want your painting to be large or small, handmade or copy painted if you want it cropped, flipped, stylized stretched, or altered in a way you can think of. Whether you are shopping for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, in your work office or bedroom, just remember, the choice is yours.



Thanks to the technological progress made during the 20th century and inventions such as the internet, it has never been easier to purchase a reproduction of a famous oil painting. In very little time, you could have your very own home art gallery filled with a collection of replica oil paintings from all your favorite historical painters.

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