India’s Top 5 Traditional Entertainment Activities You Must Try

If you want to play some traditional entertainment games the next time you are in India, then you have come to the right place. This guide will show you what options are out there so you can make the most out of your gaming experience.

1. Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda is one of the most thrilling Indian games out there. It was invented on the Indian subcontinent and it’s thought to have originated over 2,500 years ago. It is an amateur sport and it requires you to use two sticks. The oval-shaped wooden piece is known as a Gilli but if you have a longer one then this would be a Danda.

Of course, the idea of the game is for you to use the Danda so you can hit the Gilli. You will do this using the raised end, and when you do it, it will go into the air. While it is in the air, the player will then hit it as far as they can. The player is then required to run and then touch a point. The point is agreed upon with the players beforehand.

The idea of winning this game comes down to the technique of raising and then hitting the Gilli. One of the best things about this game is that there are no strict rules at all, especially when it comes to the number of players. You can play it by using 4 players or you can play it using 100 if you want. It’s as simple as that.

2. Lagori

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Lagori is another interesting and highly traditional game. It was invented in India a very long time ago. It involves a ball, which is normally made out of rubber. You also have seven flat stones. These stones are stacked on one another.

This game normally is played with two different teams. You also have 3 players and a limit of 9 on each. Each player will be given 9 chances and the idea of them is that they have to try and knock down the stones which are stacked vertically. If the team is not able to knock them down then the next person will be given the chance to throw.

The idea of the defensive team is to stop them from knocking down the stones by hitting the team with the ball below knee level. If they can do this before they have the chance to knock the stones down then they will have won the game.

When it comes to this game, it’s important to know that there are no fixed rules and there are no durations either. The beauty of this game is that it can be played with little equipment and this helps to make it special.

If you want a more online game that you can play anywhere then you should check out 10cr10.com. It’s a very traditional game and ideal for those who want to have the best experience.

3. Kancha

Kancha is another interesting game that is very inexpensive to play. The game was invented on Indian land and it is a top favourite amongst youngsters. This game is played by using glass marbles that are referred to as Kancha.

The game involves someone hitting the target marble. To do this, you have to use one of your own. The idea is for you to try and take all of the marbles from the other people. You will hold the marble between your right hand and your forefinger. The finger is pulled backwards and it is released with some pressure.

4. Kho-Kho

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This is another very popular Indian sport. It was developed in ancient India and it is very similar to Kabaddi, Kho Kho is a very big tag game and if you ever travel to India there is a chance that you will have the option to play it yourself.

The origin of this game can be very tricky to face but it is said to be a modified game of the Run Cahas. In the simplest form of this game, one thing to take note of is that you have people running behind a player. They have to try and touch them to win.

This game was originally known as Kho Kho but it can be dated all the way back to 1914. At the time you didn’t have any poles, nor did you have dimensions for the playground.

The time factor wasn’t there either. You have two teams and you have to nominate 12 players out of 15. At a given time, the team’s nine players will sit on their knees. They will alternate and face opposite ways. The game can then begin, following the rules outlined above.

5. Gutte

This is a very casual game that is often played in the more rural parts of the country. The game is very popular amongst children and adults. You have 5 pieces of small stones to play with too. One thing to know about this game is that you can usually play it in your own leisure time.

The game is super simple and it requires you to spin and toss a stone in the air. You then need to pick other stones from the ground before the one in the air happens to touch the floor. You will then have to repeat the process again and again until you have the Gutte hit the ground.

The process gets infinitely harder when you have more than one stone that is in the air. If you want to make the most out of this game then you need to make sure that you are quick and that you can act fast. If you don’t then you may find that you end up losing every time.

This game is great because it is not expensive and it is super simple. On top of this, you have any number of people who can play this game at any time. If you are new to this game then you can practice at home, but either way, nothing will compare to playing the real thing with other people.

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