8 Tips To Save Your Money And Enjoy A Cruise Tour

Cruise tours are becoming popular. Many people prefer to take a cruise vacation and enjoy their time on the high seas. Also, the introduction of new ships and boats with fascinating designs and styles is attracting more tourists to consider a cruise holiday.

But one thing is a fact. The cruise trips are not cheap. When you come across the cruise package, you start looking for the next option. However, many cruise companies have different packages that fit your budget. Again, the price charge includes accommodation and food.

While you can afford some packages, your cost can become overboard. But this should not discourage you from having a memorable cruise tour. You can save money while having a great experience on the sea trip. Here are some of the tips to help you out.

1. Consider working with a travel agent


Some tourists consider booking a cruise directly. They think that travel agents are out to make money and will charge you high rates than a cruise. If you belong to this group, you are wrong. Using travel agents can be the best way to save your money.

The agents offer different incentives and discounts to attract tourists. These incentives include cabin credit that you can use in your cruise tour. Also, some agents accept low cruise deposits to enhance your traveling. The travel agents can ask for as low as $250 per person.

The good thing is that they will pass the benefits of reduced prices when the cruise decides to lower its charges. This helps you enjoy low fares and retain some money in your wallet. So, the travel agent’s route will help you get superb deals on your next cruise tour.

2. Be aware of extra costs

Having the right information at the right time is essential in making decisions. This concept is valid when considering a cruise tour. Knowing the possible extra costs, you will incur will help you budget your money.

It is important to note that what might seem like a small charge of $500 can turn to $900 after adding extra costs. To ensure you have the right offer, check out the extra charges such as tips, taxes, and ports fees.

Essentially, a cruise has a double occupancy fare system. You will pay a fare for two despite being a single cabin traveler. So, consider having a partner with you to avoid wasting your money on the ghost traveler charges.

3. Go for early bookings


As always, early bookings come with a money-saving advantage. Booking your cruise early allows you to organize and plan your holiday well. Many cruise companies such as Yarra River Cruises release their itinerary as early as 1 year.

To encourage bookings companies to offer low prices at the early stages. The price then climbs as the cruise starts filling up. So, you can save money by considering early offers. Always check out the cruise deals on various companies to ensure you do not miss an opportunity to save some coins.

4. Opt for off-peak deals

One secret for saving money on any holiday is considering the off-peak deals. The off-peak season helps you save cash as only a few tourists are willing to travel. With lower demands, cruise companies lower their charges.

You will enjoy luxury services at lower prices and have the best experience. The best time for this is the spring and winter seasons. As you know, many people consider summer as the holiday season. But to save your money, go for your cruise holiday in winter and spring.

5. Don’t stick to one cruise



One mistake tourists make is focusing on one cruise vacation provider. They end up paying extra coins while they could enjoy a similar package at an affordable price. You should not follow in their footsteps.

Like other travel companies, there are many cruises across Australia. Each of them offers varying prices. This makes it easy to find one that fits your budget. Essentially, some companies have king-size services at a pocket-friendly price. As such, do not be a static customer. Consider assessing different offers before choosing the best.

6. Get on board with your drinks

A cruise tour can be a perfect experience. Some cruises offer bottomless brunch (click here to learn more). Others have various onboard entertainment and hospitality services. When you consider these services, you might end up spending every coin in your wallet.

The cruise allows you to come with several bottles and onboard dishes. However, they have rules on where you can drink your wine. You need to pay attention to the cruise rules on wine and alcohol drinking to avoid collision with the owners. Regardless, carrying your drinks when boarding a cruise for a deep-sea trip will save you money.

7. Avoid excursions


When your cruise vacation takes several days, you will pass by some excursions. These places are inspiring and attractive. You will enjoy the moment until a bill comes to your table. The bill can range from $100 to over $150 per excursion.

Indeed, you do not need to drain your pockets before the tour is over. The best way is to avoid excursions along with the travel destinations. You can consider going to other areas near the ports and spending your moment at a lower price or free. So, do your research and pick a place to take your partner that will be affordable.

8. Stay offline

The essence of a vacation is to relax your mind and body. You need to get off from the norm and take time with nature. However, many people like telling the world where they are going and their current location.

When you board a cruise ship or boat, you will have an opportunity to do this. The cruise has internet installations and Wi-Fi. However, it is not free. You will need to pay between $10 and $15 per day to use the internet.

This package is for a single person. You will need to double it to ensure your partner enjoys the same. Since you are on vacation, you can save money by staying offline.

So, if you are planning to go on a cruise vacation, applying these tips will save you several coins.

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