How Augmented Reality Changes Travel Industry

Augmented Reality apps, projects, and experiences have started transforming our daily life by changing the ways how we discover and interact with digital content. By using 2D and 3D digital content, such as images, videos, models, text, and audio this technology allows us to discover digital information in a new way.

Using Snapchat app and AR lenses to discover the attractions

The travel industry will be changed with this technology too. By using AR people are able to discover useful information in real-time by scanning attractions, buildings and more. For example Lens Studio by Snap Inc. introduced the new feature names Augmented Reality landmarks. As a result, by using Snapchat app users can point their camera at attractions and buildings to discover AR content. Currently, this is an experimental feature and has a funny and entertainment implication but later it would open lots of new possibilities. By using it people will be able to discover important dates, changes, information about the construction and many more.

Augmented Reality Navigation

The new AR feature that allows planning and discovering routes has a huge potential. By using it travelers can navigate themselves through the cities and streets by using their cameras.

Google Maps has recently added this feature into its app. Lots of developers have started thinking about the integration of Scavenger Hunt and Pokemon GO concepts into the AR apps. As a result, it would help to drive more tourists to specific locations and generate more customers for businesses.

Augmented Reality in Airports

Lots of companies and startups are working on the AR apps that help to measure your language or find gates in the airports. By using SLAM technology and indoor navigation feature travelers are able to see routes to the restaurants, lounge zones, smoking areas, and gates. Simply scan the ticket through the airport app and Augmented Reality will show you all the important information about flight, aircraft, meals, departure and arrival time.

Break the language barrier with AR

Yes, AR even can help to solve this problem too. The latest versions of Google Translate application for iOS and Android allows scanning the text and translate it in the real-time. Users are able to simply point their cameras at signs, ads, and magazines to start translating them directly through the app and camera view.

Discover hotels and rooms via Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality portals provide the ability to discover hotels, rooms, and restaurants through your smartphones. Actually, this feature works like a 360° sphere. By using it you can see the interior of different rooms and immediately book them directly from your iPhone or Android device. In addition, you can read the reviews, check the pricing and discover other useful information.

AR in Transportation

Some companies and startups are working on the new Augmented Reality projects and apps that allow canning bus and train stops and their signs to discover the schedule, delays and even purchase tickets online via your smartphone. This ability would help tourists a lot and their transportation will become much easier. It will be not necessary to ask the help of the locals to find the right bus or train.

Augmented Reality food

One startup named Kabaq allows you to discover 3D Augmented Reality food with your smartphones. It might help tourists to see and discover the food of different countries and regions. Guys from Kabaq were working on additional features for their apps, such as the ability to see the menus and prices.

Discover Augmented Reality 3D attractions

Some apps and projects allow seeing high quality Augmented Reality 3D attractions directly in your room. Users are able to launch an app and discover Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty monument, Great Wall of China and more. In addition, this is a good opportunity to discover facts, dates and even buy tickets online. It might also help in terms of education for children and young travelers.

Augmented Reality and museums

Using AR in museums is a game-changer. This type of AR will deliver a totally new experience for visitors and tourists. People are able to scan exhibits to see and discover additional digital content, check the dates, see the trailers about the exhibition and make an AR selfie.

Where to find and download the best AR apps and experiences?

AppStore and Google Play have their own specific pages about Augmented Reality apps. If you don’t want to browse hundreds of different AR apps to find the right ones, you have to definitely check Catchar website. Catchar is the word’s largest Augmented Reality hub and community founded and developed by Dan Zaitsev and his team. By using it you can find the best AR apps, lenses, and experiences for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. In addition, this directory contains hundreds of AR lenses and effects for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat apps. All apps and projects are sorted by categories, dates, ratings, and platforms. Moreover, Catchar is free to use! Feel free to join Catchar to jump into the AR world.


Shortly Augmented Reality technology will fully change the travel industry and traveling in general. From discovering attractions to break the language barrier AR will improve our travel experience. By using smartphones users are able to launch different AR apps and experiences that were made with Apple ARKit, Google ARCore, WebAR, Vuforia and many more. Don’t forget about AR headsets, such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. Apple and Google are also working on their own version of AR glasses.

As a result, AR headsets and glasses will allow us to discover useful digital content on the go during our trips. 5G internet will provide us a superfast connection during our trips. In addition, if you have some ideas to build your own AR travel app, right now is a perfect time to make it. The next few years will be highly important for Augmented and Mixed Reality industries.

Don’t miss your chance to jump into the Augmented Reality world to simplify and improve your travels!

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