6 Ways Coronavirus Will Impact the Travel Industry

While it looks like we are finally getting over with the pandemic in most countries, there are still some measures that act as preventive for preventing another outbreak. A great number of countries still have their borders closed for tourists, which is affecting import, export, tourism, and many other industries as well. From the aspect of the economy, many financial experts are expecting a big crisis similar to one that happened in 2009, the great recession. On the other side, we can see that governments reacted by introducing various measures to help the economy and avoid a complete disaster. While we are still waiting to see what will happen with the industry and economy, the tourism industry is already suffering a lot.

Even if the lockdown time is over in some states, most of us still cannot travel everywhere, and many people don’t even have a plan for going on vacation this year because of the fear of getting infected, or because of the financial crisis which is quite possible in the whole world. The coronavirus pandemic will affect all industries. For example, the prices of many things will go lower, and you can check to read more about how it will affect the prices of vehicles. Furthermore, we are going to introduce you to some important ways of how coronavirus will affect the travel industry.

Less Crowd and Events

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world will likely become much less visited after they open again. There are two most important reasons for that. The first one is that there still will stay some levels of measures, such as a limited number of people that can be in one place, and a global fear for a pandemic to start rising again. You can expect that there will be medicals around these places and checkpoints where you will need to check your body temperature and keep a social distance from other visitors. We can expect that most of the parks, events, and monuments will slowly reopen and allow only a limited number of visitors that will increase in time, according to the situation.

It Will Affects the Airline Industry

The airline industry is having a huge loss because of the pandemic, even though many airlines remained open throughout the whole time, there are much fewer people using their services. There are many fewer passengers allowed today, and we expect that it will remain for some time until the pandemic is completely over. According to some research, there are around 80 percent fewer passengers today than when we compare it with last year. Nevertheless, the airline companies will have to come up with some solutions to motivate people to use their services more after the pandemic is over. Even though we already have various measures like masks, improved hygiene, and a limited number of passengers, the airline industry will not fully recover until people can freely travel to various destinations.

People Will Avoid Longer Destinations

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We can see that countries where the lockdown is over, and people are allowed to travel, most of them would still avoid heading on some further locations. Also, domestic tourism is on the rise in many of these countries. The simple explanation is that people are still in fear that pandemic might get on a rise again, and no one would like to stay trapped in some faraway place. There is also a benefit for the domestic industry since people will spend more money in their own country. Most of us are not prepared yet to take a risk and go on a vacation somewhere abroad.

Travel Will Become More Expensive

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With the fact that most hotels and regions are still closed for tourists, we can expect that many of them will become less affordable after the pandemic because they would try to compensate for the huge losses that they suffered from being closed through the most time this year. Besides hotels that will probably charge more, the airlines will have to raise their prices too since they are forced to let only half of the passengers. However, the tourist agencies and resorts will have to come up with some solutions to motivate people to travel more after the pandemic is over, which would be a much better option for reopening their businesses again.

Rise of Airbnb and Similar Services

We can see that there is a huge rise in people who replaced their offices with working from home. Also, many companies saw that there are benefits from letting people work remotely, with fewer expenses. On the other side, with the ability to work from home, many people are considering going on a vacation without asking for one from the company, and continue to work even though they went to some other place. The best way to stay able to work with your PC is by renting some house, and services like Booking and Airbnb are the most popular options to find an affordable apartment or house to rent. The main reason why these services are popular is that you can find a nice house near the sea, and have the same ambient as you are at your home. You could go there for a month with your family, without taking a day from a vacation that you have in your company.

Some Restaurants and Bars Might Stay Closed

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The restaurants, pubs, bars, and catering services suffered the most from the pandemic since most of them were closed all of this time. Also, since they have huge losses, many of them might stay closed even after the situation with coronavirus is over. Many owners of restaurants are already ruined financially, and they started to look for some other businesses and solutions to start earning. On the other side, most of the big restaurants are capable of dealing with the situation, and they will continue to work in unchanged composition. When it comes to small business, the main issue is that there is still a limitation of people allowed to be in one place, and for a restaurant that can have 20 or 30 guests at maximum, letting only half of the full potential is not enough to cover all the expenses.

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