Austin Day Trips: 5 Ideas to Make the Most of a Day in Austin

The bewildering exhibit of activities in Austin intends that the state capital stands apart as an outright exhilarating objective even in a spot as extraordinary and striking as Texas. Austin is known for its extraordinary food, incredible unrecorded music scenes, and its irregularity. It quickly ascended in prominence as a spot to live and visit because of its fabulous culture and cordial local people.

There are not many exceptional milestones in Austin. In any case, the encounters you can have and the recollections you can make put the city immovably on the lists of must-dos of numerous explorers. To assist you with benefiting from your visit, we’ve selected the priority activities in Austin.

What Are The Best Activities To Do In Austin?

1. Texas Capitol – See The Historical Backdrop Of The Lone Star State


They say everything’s greater in Texas, and they’re right on the money. The brilliant arch of the Texas State Capitol is around 22 feet taller than the vault of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Implicit 1885 in an Italian Renaissance Revival style, the impressive structure is in a beautiful 22-section land park, which likewise contains various sculptures and landmarks. Unfortunately, you may require a 30-minute direct visit through the structure free of charge, which subtleties the historical backdrop of Texas and the state’s law-making body.

2. Zilker Park – Get Your Swimming Suit

The 351-section of land in Zilker Park is loaded with fun activities. There are wonderful cookout locales, jungle gyms, volleyball courts, greenhouses, an open-air theatre and a natural place. The star fascination, notwithstanding, is the Barton Springs Pool. Shaped by regular springs and spreading over 3 sections of land, the water here is consistently at a consistent temperature of around 20°C. It’s a well-known place for Austinites to unwind and chill in summer. Zilker Park is south of the Colorado River from downtown Austin.

3. Bullock Texas State History Museum – Find Out About Texas Through Intuitive Shows


The Bullock Texas State History Museum was intended to tell “the Story of Texas” and does as such across 3 stories of intuitive shows. Each floor has an alternate topic covering the Texan land and character. The star attraction is the 400-seat IMAX theatre, which shows new and exemplary films. Look at the first NASA Mission control centre and oil field bores on the third floor. Finally, go to the Story of Texas Café for nearby solace, food and tidbits.

4. Congress Avenue Bridge – Watch North Of 1 Million Bats Take Off At Sunset

Around 1.5 million Mexican free-followed bats perch under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, making it among the world’s biggest metropolitan bat settlements. Come to the scaffold at sunset to see them all take to the sky to take care of. You can watch from on the scaffold or the nearby riverbanks, and even boat visits give an extraordinary viewpoint. It’s a seriously emotional sight and genuinely should be seen for Austin.

5. Holly – A Popular Neighbourhood With Latino Impacts


While generally a Latino area of Austin, Holly has become one of the trendier pieces of the city. It’s a pleasant elective nightlife objective and contains various extraordinary cafes, food trucks and eateries. The northern piece of the area, along East Seventh Street, has a modern and business feel to it, with several little shopping centres. However, perhaps the region’s star fascination is Juan in a Million, a café on East Cesar Chavez Street. The morning meal tacos there are unbelievable.

The Best Seasons To Visit Austin

The best season to make a trip to the Texas capital relies upon what you’re expecting to encounter. September to November and March to May are considered pinnacle travel seasons in Austin, with numerous guests deciding to keep away from the excruciating Texas summer heat that boils in July and August.

Top Season: September to November, March to May

The Upside: Festivals and shows

The Awful: Crowded, costly housing costs

The Climate: 70s and low-80s

Austin’s open-to-spring temperatures start a large group of comprehensive developments and live events as guests head outside, looking for music, food, and great times with companions.

For the genuine Texan experience, you can clean off your cowpoke boots and make a beeline for Rodeo Austin. On the other hand, if wine sampling and culinary exhibitors are more your speed, you can look at the Austin Food and Wine Festival.

Following the sweltering southern summer, larger devotees and unrecorded music lovers swarm again into Austin, prepared to go to the Texas Craft Brewers Festival and Austin City Limits Festival in September and November. You can check FoxRentaCar and get the best deals on rentals.

Expert Tip: If you’re considering visiting Austin in the top season, book your airfare and housing as far ahead of time as expected, as flights and lodgings will book up and soar in cost!

Do You Need to Rent a Car When Traveling to Austin?


If you’re asking yourself, “Do I want to lease a vehicle in Austin?” the short response is yes. Like the remainder of Texas, Austin is a region intended to be investigated through vehicles.

If you’re balancing in the downtown region for two or three days, you might have the option to swing walking. Yet, Texas is bigger than anything, and Austin is huge! There are innumerable entertaining places to visit just inside the main city and all the outdoor activities you can enjoy for quite some time.

A rental vehicle is the best approach. Cabs and ride shares are costly, and public transportation is wasteful. Lease a vehicle, and you’ll have the opportunity to investigate everywhere in this fabulous capital city.

Whenever you’re thinking, “Would it be a good idea for me to lease a vehicle in Austin?” ditch conventional vehicle rental help and book with Fox. You’ll have more money for breakfast tacos and additional opportunities to partake in the sweet nation tunes in the extraordinary province of Texas.

Bottom Line

List all the amazing places you can visit in Austin, and don’t hold back from immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world.

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