Top 10 Cycling Trips in the World

Cycling is a great way to see the world, but it can be hard to know where to start. You may be wondering what parts of the world are best suited for long cycling trips.

When going on a cycling trip, you must find the ideal balance between excitement and safety. The area where you are cycling should present some challenges, such as inclines and the occasional sharp turn. However, you will also hope to remain safe from road traffic and other hazards when on your bike.

Rather than spending your days checking out the latest cycling odds on betMGM, you could be out there immersed in your own cycling adventure. This list is your first step toward exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth by bike.

Below is a rundown of the top ten cycling trips in the world.

1. Epic mountain biking in the Alps and Dolomites


The Alps and the Dolomites are the perfect places for mountain biking. If you’re an experienced cyclist looking to challenge yourself, these two ranges are ideal—they have plenty of off-road tracks with spectacular views as well as some easier routes for beginners.

It is also possible to organize guided tours with professional guides who know all about mountain biking safety measures. If this isn’t your thing and instead you’re looking for something more independent, we recommend renting a bike from one of the many shops around town.

2. Ride the Highlands of Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland is a rugged, mountainous region north of the Great Glen. The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the most beautiful and scenic cycling routes in the world.

The area is known for its stunning yet dramatic landscapes, and it’s no wonder this region has been used as a filming location for many movies.

The best way to experience the Highlands is on two wheels—you can ride along winding roads through forests and alongside lochs (lakes), stopping at small towns along the way.

3. Cycle the famous Death Road in Bolivia

If you love the thrill of riding on narrow, winding mountain roads, then this is the trip for you. The Bolivian Death Road was once considered the most dangerous road in the world!

A 43-mile journey that even an experienced cyclist would consider perilous, the Death Road is often immersed in fog. There are also cascades and cliffs you must avoid, while landslides can occur at certain times of the year.

The road isn’t recommended for beginners because it’s so steep, but if you’re up for a real adventure, why not give it a try? You may want to read up on the local climate, ensuring you are traveling to Bolivia during the ideal cycling season.

4. Ride with wildlife in Tanzania


If you’re a photographer or just a big fan of wildlife, and you’re looking for an incredible cycling trip experience, look no further than Tanzania.

Cycling safari in Tanzania offers cyclists an opportunity to see some of Africa’s most stunning landscapes and wildlife. You can expect to see elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, and more from your bike seat.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get up close with these beautiful creatures while biking through their natural habitat on some of the most beautiful roads in Africa.

5. Explore Icelandic lava fields with a bike

The landscape of Iceland is formed by volcanoes, so the lava fields are thousands of years old. The lava fields are a great place to cycle, as you can see some fantastic scenery and enjoy the wind cutting through your hair.

It’s well worth checking out tour operators offering guided tours through these magnificent landscapes.

6. Roll across the Andes from Argentina to Chile

The Andes mountain range is the longest in the world, and traversing it on a bike is an incredible way to experience its vastness. You can opt for a guided tour or rent your own bike and map out your route from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile.

This trip will take you through some of South America’s most spectacular scenery, including canyons and volcanic lakes.

7. Cross Northern Ireland on two wheels


You can experience Northern Ireland’s most spectacular scenery on two wheels. Cycle along the Causeway Coastal Route, which follows the North Coast of Northern Ireland from Portstewart to Castlerock and is arguably one of Europe’s best coastal cycling routes. The route circumnavigates the Giant’s Causeway, an area of around 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns formed by volcanic eruptions 60 million years ago.

8. Bike Europe’s most spectacular alpine pass road

The Stelvio Pass road is a cycling route in the Italian Alps. This pass is considered to be one of Europe’s most spectacular alpine roads, and it is open from May or June to September or October. This route allows you to have breathtaking views of the Alps from both sides as you cycle along this awesome road.

9. Cycle traditional Myanmar

In this country, there are few roads and even fewer cars, so cycling here is a very laid-back experience. You’ll get to explore at your own pace and see lots of amazing scenery on the way.

Cycle through the country’s beautiful scenery, see the many temples, meet people from various ethnic groups, and cycle through its many villages. What more could you want?

10. Bike through the Napa Wine Country in California, USA


Napa Valley, located in Northern California, is a world-famous wine region known for its vineyards and wineries. If you are looking for an active vacation, then bike through Napa Valley on one of the region’s many dedicated bike paths.

You’ll be able to visit many of the most popular wineries while also exploring some incredible scenery on your own schedule. Aside from gorgeous wineries and beautiful landscapes, you can also bike over to charming cities and towns. The San Francisco Bay Area is easily accessible, especially if you combine a scenic bike ride with a short ferry journey.

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