10 Of The World’s Most Inspiring and Exciting Road Trips

Road Trips

The never-ending Road Trips always fascinate a traveller and also it inspires traveller and makes them travel. Whether we are planning anything Road trip is always an adventure for most of us. The couple loves to go for a long road trip to have the time of their lifetime. The friends also plan a road trip to have a maximum adventure they can have in the whole journey.

So, here we are helping you out by listing the 10 of the world’s most inspiring and exciting road trips.

World’s Most Inspiring and Exciting Road Trips

1. Milford Road, New Zealand

This is the best road for exploring New Zealand’s beautiful landscape by any four wheelers. No other highway in New Zealand has this much altitude which makes it very popular among tourist attraction in New Zealand. It is 940 meters above sea level. It will be your wonderful experience driving on this road and enjoy the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. This is one of the road trips most famous among the visitors.


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2. Ruta 23, Argentina

The National Route No. 23 of Argentina is one of the longest highways with a distance of 600 kilometres. While you travel along this highway you will be thrilled by the beauty of the region holds in Patagonia Argentina. The highway is towering towards the Andes Mountains which makes it exciting for the travellers and adventurous tourist.

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3. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

The roadway is directed towards the greater part of Nova Scotia Cape Breton. The drive along this highway is one of most famous among the tourist and the locals. There are so many beautiful landscape, cultural heritage sites and whale watching hiking trails. The visitor will take approximately 3 to 4 days to see the Cabot Trail. This is one of the road trips most famous among the visitors.

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Road Trips

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4. Panamericana Sur, Peru

This is the most important and most beautiful highway in Peru. The Highway runs from North to South of the country. It also connects the major cities of the country coastal areas. The drive on this highway will be a wonderful experience to travel. You can also enjoy the beauty of coastal areas that are connected with this highway. This is one of the road trips most famous among the visitors.

Road Trips

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5. South Dakota Highway 240, South Dakota

The highway passes through the Badlands National Park. This will provide you with a good opportunity to go off your vehicle and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the amazing wildlife. The Badlands are amazing and this is a great way to see them.

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Road Trips

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6. The Transalpina Road, Romania

The uniqueness of the highway is winding curves and the spectacular sights. The amazing roadway from the Parang Mountains from Novaci to Sebes will make your drive a lifetime experience. The highway is quite famous among the tourist and the Romanian locals. One of the most amazing road trips you will have in your life.

Road Trips

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7. Atlantic Road, Norway

The highway connects the archipelago islands in northwestern Norway. The highway has been mentioned in British newspaper The Guardian’s as one of the world’s best road trips. The sharps turn on the highway and the amazing wild nature will make your trip even more beautiful. It is an 8 Km long connecting the towns Kristiansund and Molde.

Road Trips

8. The Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

The highway is also named as ‘America’s Favorite Drive’. The mountains and the price lake will add a beauty to your drive. The landscape is very amazing and beautiful. According to the people reviews, you will be forced down from your vehicle to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. One of the most amazing road trips you will have in your life.

Road Trips

9. Columbia River Gorge, USA

It will be a breathtaking and refreshing experience while you drive along this highway. The drive is a must on this highway for every nature lover. The scenic drive has mountains and beautiful waterfalls which make your experience revitalizing.

Road Trips

10. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni are the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers. There is beautiful makeshift roadway across the region. The trip on this highway will be a breath-taking experience. You will be experiencing stunning landscapes and even great opportunity for amazing pictures. One of the most amazing road trips you will have in your life.

Road Trips

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