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The Benefits Of Choosing Member’s Mark Exceed Dog Food – 2024 Guide

Having a dog is a great responsibility, similar to having a two-year-old that you have to look after day and night. You will have to spend a great amount of time with your new pup, teach him or her tricks and how to play “nicely”, as well as taking long walks or daily runs.

Moreover, having a dog also means creating a balanced and rich diet so that he can grow strong and healthy. And, as much as regular food would seem like a great idea for looking after your dog daily, there is a wide list of ailments that are not exactly healthy or recommended for dogs as opposed to humans.

Thus, having the same diet as your dog is out of the question if you want to raise a healthy and strong pup.

Product Brand List Price Item Dimensions Size Manufacturer Our Rating
Purina Beggin’ Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Flavor Dog Snacks – (1) 25 oz. Pouch Purina Beggin’ $12.29 1500
25 oz. Pouch (Pack of 1) Purina Beggin’

Member’s Mark Exceed Puppy Food, Chicken & Rice (20 lbs.) by Europe Standard Europe Standard $42.77 20 N/A Europe Standard

Member’s Mark Exceed Grain Free Dog Food, Wild Caught Salmon & Peas (30 lbs.) Member’s Mark N/A N/A N/A Member’s Mark Exceed

Member’s Mark Exceed Dog Food, Lamb & Rice (35 lbs.) Europe Standard $42.90 35 N/A Europe Standard

Member’s Mark Exceed lamb and rice Europe Standard $43.47 30 N/A Europe Standard

Luckily, there are numerous pet food brands on the market, some of them providing the most nutritious, balanced, and healthy meals for your beloved friend. One of these reputed brands is Exceed. Exceed is simply one of the leading brands in the industry for feeding your dog. Their nutrition formulas receive exceptional ratings in reviews throughout, making it a top brand choice.

In this article, we are going to talk about:

  • Member’s Mark Exceed puppy food: best source for vitamins, minerals, fibers, calcium, and phosphorus
  • No concerns about genetically modified food with Exceed grain-free dog food
  • Exceed salmon and pea dog food: best source for omega 3 and 6, and also for cholesterol diet

Exceed offers a wide variety of food for your dog or puppy, putting in high-end selected ingredients and creating new and tasty recipes for your dog’s daily delights. In addition, the food is highly nutritional and keeps up with the need of your pup or dog, regardless of breed, age, and size.

Here are some of the most well-known assortments of dog food you can offer your friend:

1. Member’s Mark Exceed puppy food

Exceed dog food for puppies

Everybody knows that the first 9 months of your pup’s life are crucial to help your friend develop properly and become the healthiest version of him. Puppies require special care, thus offering them the perfect balance between taste and nutrients is vital if you want to grow a strong and healthy dog, regardless of the breed or size.

The puppy food provided by Exceed is made using corn, soy, wheat or meat products of high quality and standards, offering the perfect balance between carbohydrates, vitamins, fibers, and proteins.

Enriched with calcium and phosphorus, the Exceed puppy food is the perfect choice for not only looking after your pup’s life but also helping him achieve strong and healthy teeth. Calcium is as important for dogs as it is for humans because it helps to build strong bones and bone structure and provides healthy dentistry able to chew your favorite shoes, cables or carpets.

Main features:

  • 100% perfect balance between carbohydrates, vitamins, fibers and proteins
  • Enriched with calcium and phosphorus
  • Real tasty, healthy and natural

The healthy choice of Exceed puppy food combines brown rice and real chicken to create a tasty recipe which will definitely become your pup’s number one delight. And you can rest assured the food you provide is healthy and natural.

Real chicken is the number one ingredient in this puppy food choice and there are no fillers or artificial preservatives that can endanger your pup’s health.

2. Member’s Mark Exceed grain free dog food

Exceed grain free dog food

The role of grains in your dog’s diet has long been debated, with numerous arguments from both sides. While grains (and especially corn) represent a high source of vegetal proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, there are numerous voices amongst veterinarians and dog lovers claiming that a dog diet based on corn solely is more dangerous than beneficial.

The number one concern is related to genetically modified corn which represents around 50% of today’s worldwide corn crops. Although the new types of corn are stronger and more resistant to pests and harsh weather conditions, they can also endanger your dog’s health.

In addition, a dog’s diet rich in corn and grains can also increase the glycemy levels and lead to further health conditions such as diabetes, obesity or heart diseases.

Exceed also offers an assortment of grain free dog food which will balance your dog’s diet and keep him healthy. Grains are successfully replaced by real types of meat, which it should be in the first place.

Main features:

  • Non of the concerns with genetically modified corn
  • 70% proteins extracted from meat
  • Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

The no grain recipe contains 70% proteins extracted from meat and 30% fresh produces, creating the perfect balance of nutrients and vitamins that will improve your dog’s health. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the grain free dog food recipe from Exceed is definitely a healthier choice.

Bonus, it comes in numerous delicious types of meat, with meat or fish being the main ingredient. Choose from salmon, Texas beef, chicken, buffalo, duck, turkey or lamb and offer your dog a treat every single day.

3. Member’s Mark Exceed lamb and rice

Exceed lamb and rice

And since we are talking about delicious and nutritious dishes for your dog, why not let him or her experience new tastes every single day?

Exceed has a wide variety of canine foods specially prepared for your friend with paws and will certainly offer a new culinary experience every time. Try out the new assortment with lamb and rice and benefit from high quality ingredients.

The lamb and rice product offers real lamb as the first and most important ingredient. Moreover, since caring about your dog is the company’s number one priority, this particular dish contains no corn or meat-by-products, as well as no fillers and artificial preservatives.

In other words, high-class ingredients were carefully selected to offer a nutritious meal. The high intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids will lead to the well functioning of your dog’s vital organs and will ensure a harmonious development throughout the years.

In addition, lamb represents a high quality protein source that will help your dog have a healthy heart and strong muscles to run away all day long. This particular lamb and rice formula of dry canine foods meets the nutritional standards of AAFCO and provides a healthy and nutritious meal to dogs of all ages and breeds.

Main features:

  • Contains no no fillers and artificial preservatives
  • High quality protein source
  • Good to use for variation

In addition, lamb represents a quite light type of meat which is rich in good cholesterol while maintaining a low amount of calories. Provide your dog on a daily basis with healthy and carefully picked top ingredients and you will receive only love and devotion in return.

4. Member’s Mark Exceed Salmon and Pea dog food

Stepping to a new type of canine food, this particular Exceed dish seems like the perfect choice for a human meal as well. Delicious and nutritious, the salmon and pea assortment will definitely provide the perfect balance between proteins and vitamins, between dry food and fresh ingredients.

The product is made with sustainable salmon meaning no harm was done to oceans. The salmon is grown in special centers to avoid diminishing the oceanic population. In addition, salmon is only fed with natural ingredients and stays away from the pollution associated with today’s waters worldwide.

Thus, its meat will be more nutritious and rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as in good cholesterol and proteins. Salmon is a good source of natural fibers which will sustain your dog’s digestive system for a harmonious growth. Salmon also represents one of the most powerful protein sources which will ensure a healthy vision and an increased ability of learning.

Main features:

  • Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Good cholesterol and proteins
  • No artificial colors and preservatives

In addition, this dog dish was not made with corn or meat-by-products, meaning only high quality and carefully handpicked ingredients were used to create it.

As with all other Exceed dog dry foods, the salmon and peas dish is fee of fillers and artificial preservatives.  Purchase 30 pounds of dog food with salmon and peas for only $50.

5. Member’s Mark Exceed salmon dog food

And if your dog isn’t necessarily a big fan of veggies, Exceed also comes in the form of plain salmon dog food but maintaining the same high nutritious values and standards of quality.

The sustainable and wild caught salmon represents the number one ingredient of this type of dog food. As previously mentioned, salmon represents one of the best types of foods you can offer to your dog because it really has it all – from fibers to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to proteins and vitamins.

No artificial colors and preservatives were used to create this assortment of Exceed food. Also, the food was made in USA without using grains, corn, soy and wheat to prevent a series of food poisoning and allergies and ensure a healthy development of your beloved pup or dog, regardless of its age or breed.

Exceed dog treats

After a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle promoting as much physical activity per day as possible, you may feel the need to reward your dog with special treats. Treats can be used in a variety of occasions to show love and devotion to your dog, as well as to show him or her they are on the right track.

From successfully taking its physiological needs outside to skipping your shoes or cables for an instance to a successful training day, dogs need to be rewarded. And what better way to do so if not by offering them a healthy treat from Exceed?

The Exceed dog treats come in various options, depending on your dog’s personal tastes. The sweet potato treats for instance are made using a delicious cranberry flavor your dog will certainly appreciate.

Made in the USA and using only fine quality ingredients, these treats are corn and wheat free, meaning they are safe to be offered to your dog as often as possible without endangering its health. Altough nothing can beat homemade dog cookies, Exceed dog treats can be real ‘treat’ for your dog.

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