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Natural Life Food For Your Dog, Also Suited For Special Demands – 2024 Guide

Hi there! You also want the very best for your little (or slightly bigger) best friend? Then surely you will be interested in the best dog food available on the market. There are plenty choices to make and there are countless manufacturers on the market. In this article, we will be focused on natural life dog food.

This type of food is made by Natural Life Pet Products that have been among us for 25 years. The food in question is made in the United States in Texas (company is located in Pittsburg). They are well-known for all types of food, for pets of all ages. In this article we will be discussing its number 1 selling product: Natural Life Dog Food.

It is also mandatory to choose the type of food accordingly to the age of your pet. For example, if you are choosing natural life canned dog food, available types are:

  • Adult Complete.
  • Adult Lamaderm.
  • Puppy Complete.

You can also choose dry, Lamaderm type of food. This type is specially developed for dogs with food sensitivities. In any case, available types are:

  • Adult Lamaderm.
  • Puppy Lamaderm.
  • Grain Free Chicken Recipe Adult.

Natural life dog food: Adult Complete

adult complete mealNow we have an opportunity to talk about the adult lamaderm type of dog food. As we already mentioned, it has been developed for dogs with special demands and with sensitive stomachs. Nevertheless, the food is perfectly balanced and oriented towards delivering all the needed nutrients to your dog. Natural life dog food lamaderm is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and supplements each dog should get. The bottom line is that the food is perfectly safe for all dogs and there are no safety issues. Still, there are a few, main ingredients. They are:

  • Lamb meal- This ingredient is made from meat concentrate. It is perfectly safe and healthy. The best part is the fact it has protein almost 300% more than actual meat! As such, even small amounts can get a needed protein intake for your pet.
  • Brown rice- Although this ingredient is known as brown rice, it can be made from white or brown kind of rice. It is needed and healthy, thanks to the fact it contains no gluten. This is a substitute for wheat flour.
  • Oatmeal- Here your pet will get vitamin B and a lot of fiber. A must-know fact is that it also contains no gluten.
  • Poultry fat- This ingredient is rich in omega 5 fatty acids, which are mandatory for a healthy life. The production process is very specific and complicated.

There are several other ingredients in this type of natural life dog food such as flaxseed, sorghum and beep pulp.

All of this means that your dog will get all nutrients he needs for a healthy life. According to the tests, this type of food contains carbs (52%), protein (23%), and fat (25%).

Natural life Adult Complete

This type of dog food is extremely popular, so it deserves to be mentioned. It contains chicken, vitamins, rice, supplements, and some special ingredients. Besides the fact it is popular, this is one of the highest-rated foods this manufacturer has to offer! We actually like it a lot and your dog will as well. Now, we will show you the main ingredients. They are:

  • Chicken- We mentioned that it contains chicken, but we will add that only chicken’s flesh, liver, and skin have been used. Chicken liver is more than just healthy for dogs and it has numerous benefits.
  • Rice flour- This ingredient is the same as in the previous section. It is gluten-free, therefore it has no counter effects.
  • Dicalcium phosphate- It is a substitute for calcium. This ingredient is especially important if your dog is active during the day or he is your jogging partner.

Additional ingredients include guar gum, peas, and flaxseed. This type of food contains carbs (31.7%), protein (30.7%) and fat (37.6%).

Vegetarian dog food

Maybe you have never heard of vegetarian dog food, but it exists and it is something you may want to take into consideration. This type of dog food is useful if your pet has constipation or has issues with its weight. In both cases, vegetarian food must be used.

Natural life vegetarian dog food was specifically developed as a meat food alternative. It has the same benefits, same vitamins, and some minerals. However, it contains extremely low levels of fat and carbs. As such, your dog will get a perfect dosage of only the nutrients he needs the most. But, protein and fat in his body will be burned and absorbed by the water, present in this food. In simple terms, your dog will still get all the needed nutrients, but he will lose weight.

This type of food should be used periodically, even if your dog doesn’t have any of the aforementioned issues. We highly recommend it because he will cleanse the digestive tract and eliminate the impurities from the organism. Important: If your dog spends too much time in an apartment, without having a sufficient level of physical activity, you must use vegetarian dog food at least once per week.

For skeptical dog owners

There are a lot of chances you may be a skeptic pet owner who wants only the best food for his loved one. Luckily for you, all of the foods mentioned here are tested and checked by the Better Business Bureau in Kansas. They have been regularly tested since 2009 and the average rating is A+.

Another fact we must mention is that the manufacturer of this food never had any complaints from dog owners. The bottom line is that they are safe to use and one of the rare natural American pet products that still cares about your pet.

A separate addition has to be related to the ingredients themselves! Natural life dog food uses lamb from New Zealand and plants from the United States. Firstly, all of them are tested in order to meet United States food standards. Then, plants are additionally checked by the Food Safety Audits.

Mandatory dog-food tips each dog owner should know

If you are an experienced dog owner, you may know a few tips and tricks you commonly apply to your dog. In any other case, you must learn more. Keep in mind that dogs are complicated creatures and they demand only the best when it comes to the food. If we add the fact they adore food and it is the most important thing in their life, we can say that all of these tips are mandatory. Here they are.

1. Serve amount of food your dog actually needs

Some dog owners will serve too much dog food to their pets, simply because they like seeing a happy dog. Well, this is a mistake. In a matter of fact, you must check the label at the bottom of the dog food package. There, you will see the recommended amount of food your dog needs. This rule should be applied even with the natural life grain-free dog food.

2. Wet and/or dry food

Both types of food have benefited so you can use both of them (some dog owners avoid wet food). Dry food is usually more commonly used, simply due to the fact it isn’t messy, but it is healthy. It is more than just recommended if your dog has problems chewing. On the other side, we have wet food. It is highly recommended for dogs who have issues with their kidneys or bladder.

3. Yes, you can use vegetarian food

A few years ago, vegetarian dog food was science fiction. Today, it is available and extremely popular. The taste and the scent are similar to ordinary food, so dogs find this type of food delicious.

4. Treats are useful, but not too much

Dogs like treats, obviously, and you are allowed to feed them with. But, keep in mind that no more than 3 treats should be given. Natural life dog treats are healthy, but they still contain some ingredients that should be given in specific amounts.

5. Teaching your dog to eat new dog food

This may be the hardest thing for most dog owners. Dogs became addicted to just one kind of food and they don’t want to change it. You can try the following. Mix old and new food (20%-80%) and give it to your dog. During the next 10-15 days, increase the amounts of new food and reduce the old one. After that time, your dog will be purely addicted to new food only.

6. ‘’Best by’’ date

All dog food can be used till the ‘’best buy’’ date. However, we recommend you to use the food as soon as possible. Why? By doing this it will stay as fresh as possible. If you wait for a longer period of time, it will lose the taste and freshness it normally has.

7. Canned food is useful

Some people believe that canned food isn’t as useful as other types. Well, they are wrong. First of all, canned food can be stored for a longer period of time, it is easier to chew and it contains less chemicals. Then, it contains more meat, so your dog is going to like it more.

Dog ages

the grain free productAt the beginning, we said that dogs must be fed with a specific food type, according to their age. But, the real question is when your dog becomes an adult or senior. The unwritten rule is that most, smaller breeds will become an adult after 6 months. Larger breeds will require more time, so they are going to be adults over 1 or 2 years. This depends on the breed, so it is actually recommended to get an idea of your dog breed specifics.

When it comes to the senior status, smaller dogs will reach it after 7 years. Larger breeds require less time, so they will become seniors after 5 years. Once again, this will depend on the breed of your dog.

Puppies require more nutrients and more energy due to the fact their bodies are still forming and developing. Adult dogs prefer vitamins and minerals, but a number of nutrients is lower. Senior dogs don’t need as much energy as younger dogs, so their diet is completely different. Natural Life Dog Food provides specifice products for your best friend in all stages of its lifetime, from puppy to senior.

Final thoughts and conclusion

The bottom line is very simple. Your dog likes food and you are in demand for the best one. Natural life dog food is above-range kind of food, therefore it is more than just needed and recommended. It is safe as well, but you should pair it with the tips we gave you here. By doing this, your dog will become healthier and happier at the same time.

Still, the main fact to know is that dog food should be chosen according to your dog, his age, his demands and his health condition. Dog food is really powerful and it can be used to treat a lot of different conditions and disease, therefore it can be a medication your dog needs. After all, most veterinarians approve this claim.

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