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Nature’s Recipe Is the Natural Choice for Your Dog Food – 2024 Guide

While there are a few other brands of dog food that may have more cache to their name, there are few that have had as beneficial an impact on the overall health of dogs as Nature’s Recipe brand. This is one of the most quality and nutritional brands of dog food that you can find on the market, and has been that way for decades.

Natures has long been known for creating nutritional meals for your pet, made out of natural ingredients, removing artificial preservatives, colors, and other additives, while also providing a complete and nutritional meal that your dog will love. It’s the thing that really separates them from the vast majority of other dog foods out there that you may find at your local pet store.

In this article we are going to talk about:

  • Natures recipe dog food provides a wide range of products for all breeds and ages
  • Nature’s is probably the dog food brand with the least artificial additives in it, hence the name
  • Has a great assortment for dogs with allergic problems
  • Check out our reviews of their 8 best-selling products, all 4+ star rated

Nature’s recipe TOP PRODUCTS

TOP PICK Category Our rating
Grain free dog food Grain Free

Wet Dog Food Wet Dog Food

Puppy food Puppy food

Dog treats Dog Treats

Pure Essentials Pure/Natural

Venison Venison

Small breed Small breed

Vegetarian Vegetarian

How Natures Stands Out

For many years, while most dog food producers were looking to create meals that tasted good and filled your dog up, Natures was looking to create meals that gave your dog the nutritional ingredients that are needed without the byproducts that could have long-term negative effects on your pet’s health.

This made them stand out and quickly garnered the attention of pet lovers throughout the country who wanted to ensure that their dog’s health was as optimal as possible.

Just as additives and artificial ingredients can have a negative impact on a human being, they can have that same kind of impact on a dog. To most people, their dog is a valued member of the family as any other member. They don’t want to see their dog’s life diminished or its longevity decreased because of byproducts that can have long-term harmful effects on their animal.

This is why Natures became such a valued product by so many different dog lovers. With its emphasis on natural products it manages to distinguish itself from other well know brands as Exceed or Organix.

The great thing about Nature’s brand is that they understood that they needed to provide a wide variety of products so your dog could have options in what he or she wanted to eat. This led to a wide variety of different kinds of meats, as well as different forms of grain, including rice, corn, and wheat being used to provide the nutritional sustenance that your pet needs each day.

Nature’s also stood out because they understood that some pets have allergies to them that can cause itching, rashes, loss of hair, or digestive problems that can leave your dog miserable. They created different dog foods to accommodate your pet who may be allergic to such things as wheat or fish so that your dog had an option of what to eat without having to suffer the effects that came from allergens.

Natures have cared about the long-term health of your pets, and is also proven a desire to improve the short-term health as well. This is what has continued to make them a popular brand for pet owners throughout the country.

Best Nature’s Recipe Dog Foods

It does not matter what you are looking for in a dog food for your pet, you can be sure that Natures has the dog food that contains the ingredients and options that you are looking for to feed your dog. This includes such things as:

1. Nature’s Recipe Grain Free

It may seem odd to some, but your dog is just as apt to have a food allergy as a human being is. Dogs can have allergies to such things as dust, pollen, and to different kinds of foods.

The problem has been that for years grains have been the primary backbone ingredient to dog foods. Those dogs that are allergic to this have been forced to suffer for years because there were very few, if any options that were available to the dog owner to feed their dog outside of making the food themselves for their pet.

Natures address this problem by creating a completely grain free brand of dog food which uses sweet potato as the primary foundation in which the food is made of. In fact, sweet potato added with pumpkin makes the perfect recipe to avoid all of the nasty effects that the allergy can have, while also ensuring that your dog is getting an all-natural, nutritional meal that will keep him or her healthy for years to come.

You will find that this dog food isn’t just about being anti-allergy. There is great nutrition in this meal for your pet, and the food is not only nutritional, but is beneficial in the digestion process for your pet as well. Many who have dogs that may not have allergies really like this brand as well, because they have found that its overall effects for any dog have been greatly beneficial for their own pet.

2. Wet Dog Food

There is no doubt that your dog loves a dry kibble to eat. The crunchy sound, the way it cleanses their teeth, and the great nutritional and taste value that it has made owners and pets quite happy to say the least. However, virtually every dog loves those canned products as well. This is why natures has provided an outstanding wet dog food as well.

The same quality and nutritional value that goes into Natures dry dog food, will also be found in their wet brands. The choice of product has been based upon a solid foundation of grain and meat, with vegetables added in, to give your dog the vitamins and minerals that are needed to be able to live healthy and happy.

Why some turn to the wet brands of dog food is because they are easier for your dog to digest. These foods are made so that your dog’s digestive track is more able to process and digest the food, making it the ideal choice for a dog that may be having some difficulties with constipation.

Of course, many dogs love the taste of the wet dog food. It has a much stronger odor to it than traditional dry foods, and this is like dangling a steak in front of your pet. They absolutely love the flavor and so this can be a great option to serve your pet.

3. Puppy food

Your puppy has different nutritional needs then your adult dog does. This is just a fact. Even a one or two-year-old dog has different nutritional needs than a puppy. This means that you need a special kind of food to be able to feed to your dog who is in its early months of its life. Fortunately, Natures has a great brand of puppy food that is just what the doctor ordered for your pet.

Natures has outstanding quality puppy food has all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, while also ensuring that only natural products are used in the food itself. This ensures that you have no concern about the quality of what is being fed to your puppy.

Its early months are some of the most important, if not the most important that your dog will have. To ensure that it’s getting the quality nutrition that it needs, this is why so many have turned to the Natures brand to ensure the health and success of their pet.

4. Dog Treats

While you want to give your dog all the nutritional value that you can in its meals, that does not mean you want to sacrifice that in the treats that you provide to it. Natures brand also has an incredible assortment of protein treats that you can live to your dog that give the dog a sense that it has been rewarded while also giving it a valued treat to enjoy. They are very close to selfmade cookies as regarding the quality.

These treats are made of such things as beef, salmon, chicken, or other kinds of ingredients that are nutritional and quite tasty to your pet. To be honest, if you didn’t know better, you may want to try it yourself it smells so good.

5. Nature’s Recipe Chicken & Wild Salmon Recipe

What makes the Nature’s Recipe Chicken & Wild Salmon Recipe stand out from the other products that you can buy is that this brand of food includes a wider assortment of other kinds of ingredients in the dog food itself.

In most of the Natures product that you will buy, the main ingredients that are used are some form of grain, corn, wheat, or rice, or in the case of the grain free something like sweet potato and pumpkin, a meat or two, and some vegetables added in.

This provides a good nutritional quality meal for your dog. As we discussed in another post, the grain free option can sometimes be the best.

However, the Pure Essentials goes one step beyond, adding in such things as apples, flaxseed, cranberries, and other kinds of ingredients that give a completely well-balanced meal to your dog. This is one of the most nutritional brands of food that you can find on the market and is rapidly becoming one of Natures most popular products.

6. Nature’s Recipe Nutritional Value

Hunters have long known the nutritional value of venison, and Natures is including this in one of their recipe brands. This is becoming a popular choice because of the nutritional value that has been found in venison.

You are not depriving your pet of any of the other benefits that come from choosing Natures products, as all of the other things that you have come to rely on – all natural product, no artificial preservatives or ingredients -are found in this product as well.

Venison is a very nutritional meat, which is a rich in amino acids. Your dog will surely love it.

7. Nature’s Recipe Small Breed

If you have been in the pet store it is easy to see that the largest amount of dog food available to you is usually for larger size dogs. Many have come to the false belief that Natures brand is one of those companies that caters to the larger size dogs. That is not the case at all.

Natures understands that smaller breeds of dogs have greatly different nutritional needs then larger ones. It is not only in the size of food that matters, but also in the types of food that are included in the dog food itself, as well as the nutritional ingredients that are provided.

Your small breed dog clearly needs different kinds of nutrients and minerals that a larger dog, while also having some of the same needs. Natures has insured that they have a quality product that will give your dog all of the benefits that it needs, whether a puppy, young adult, or aging dog, and you can be sure that your dog will be much happier and healthier using the Natures line.

8. Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe Adult Dog Food

If you know someone who is a vegetarian, then they probably tell you how much better it is to be consuming only vegetables, and not digesting meat product. This is not just some wild claim from some activist who wants to persuade people of the evils of meat.

The fact of the matter is that there are great benefits that come from a strictly vegetarian diet and your dog can rate those same kind of benefits. For that reason, Natures has a vegetarian recipe dog food that is fantastic for the overall digestion and health of your pet.

There are many things to like about this food, including the fact that there are a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that really will help in keeping your dog healthy. The Omega fatty acids support a very shiny coat for your dog, and the soybean meal that is used as the foundational protein is very high in amino acids.

You will find that this is a dog food that provides every bit of the value you would find in a meat-based food while still giving your dog the benefits of the vegetarian option.

Natures Recipe dog food has quickly established themselves as the leader in producing products that help your dog to live a much healthier life. Fortunately, they have been quite far-sighted in their approach to these foods, making a kind that fits the needs of any dog. You simply can’t go wrong.

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