Best Bars in Newcastle – 2024 Guide

Newcastle has become infamous over recent years, both as a city of culture, tourism, and of course because of the massive success of the MTV show ‘Geordie Shore’ Newcastle’s status as a night out is fairly legendary. But which bars are best? What can lead you to the best night out in the city?

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Famous for being arguably one of the best nights out in the country, there’s so much on offer. ‘Eden’ ‘Florida’s Bar’ and ‘Madame Koo’ are just a couple of bars that have been made infamous by the non-stop partying ventures of ‘Geordie Shore’. With two universities in the city center, there’s a fantastic student community and vibe. Amazing for young travelers who are looking for opportunities to meet more young people.

Where to go on a Monday Night

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Mainly for the youngsters amongst you, there’s Club Trop in Floritas, which is normally the place to go, it’s a big night out for freshers and is one of the most popular student nights in the city. Club Trop, as you might suggest plays out plenty of funk and has cheap drinks offers running all night. Cheap Monday night vibes, for many of the rahs in Newcastle.

On the other hand, you’ve got Digi Monday, offering you with a £1 entry before midnight and is full sing-a-long of cheesy, pop music. But everyone gets stuck in at ‘Digi’ and it’s a fantastic night out with everyone busting shapes and making moves. With cheap VK’s and vodka mixers, there’s not much more you can really ask for.

Where to go on a Tuesday Night

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On a Tuesday night, the bar that’s going to be calling your name is undoubtedly Bijoux. A mix of R’n’B and Hip-hop you can happily dance along to. You can also get treble vodkas, that’s right trebles at a minuscule price of £1.75, it’s like putting money in your back pocket!

If you want somewhere you can dance the night into, head down to the House of Smith, where they’re hosting their ‘Waikiki’ night. This one goes on until about 2 a.m and is always packed out. You can get yourself a rum or vodka for the very reasonable price of £1.50.

A cosmic Ballroom is also a great option on a Tuesday, with a great opportunity to bust out an abundance of shapes on the dance floor. Cheap drinks and chart-toppers make this one of the more ‘classic’ nights out Newcastle has to offer.

Where to go on a Wednesday Night

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If you’re lucky enough to get to Newcastle on a Wednesday, you’ve got a potentially smashing night out ahead of you. Take a look at Empress which is a great place to warm up and will sort you with a few cheap drinks first time round. There tends to be a lot of student running around, as traditionally a Wednesday is the night for sports socials at university. So, if you fancy a night of dancing and drinking away your problems, head over to Tiger Tiger for a night you might not end up remembering.

If you’re looking for something a bit more alternative Madame Koo is the place to go to. From 11pm the very modest Madame Koo springs to life. With no musical rules, you’ll get an extraordinary mix of tunes and bangers. A great opportunity to request your guilty pleasures. Great cocktails, great songs, is exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for if you want to make some memories.

Where to go on a Thursday Night

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Although you’re heading towards the end of the week, there’s still plenty of options available on Thursday night. Soho Rooms is the place to go to if you want to pick up a few blueberry vodka trebles and test out your dancing shoes. The night out is called ‘Swingers’ so you can only imagine the antics you can get stuck into.

The only problem? It’s always popular and you’ll pretty much guarantee that you’ll be queuing every time you want to go in with the que typically heading all the way down Grey Street. If you don’t fancy the big queues and long waits, check out Flares at Soho, which has all of the old school songs and classics.

Where to go on a Friday Night

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The beginning of the weekend and undoubtedly the best night out of the week across the whole of England. Everyone’s out on a Friday, aren’t they? Newcastle is typically inundated with stag and hen dos, especially on a Friday, so the atmosphere is always buzzing. Think Tank is always pretty popular on a Friday, but if you want to get away from the business. Try ‘Livello’ which is famous for its signature cocktails and sharers such as the ‘Circus Circus’ and ‘Skull Candy’, they are absolutely as lethal as they sound.

Where to go on a Saturday Night

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If you’ve been in Newcastle a few days and you still have the strength and energy to go out again, then fair play to you. If you want to venture out on a Saturday night Sinners does cheap trebles and has a couple of floors to get stuck into. Stage one is notorious for cheesy tunes and a throwback to pop world times.

If you’re feeling fancy on a Saturday night, you’ve got no option as to not head towards Collingwood St, which is packed out with classy wine bars, and cocktail makers. It’s a great chance to dress up smart, listen to a few classier tunes, and enjoy a few more upmarket drinks.

Where to go on a Sunday Night

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If for some reason you don’t have to catch a train, flight, bus, or even go to work the next day, Newcastle still has a few things going on, on a Sunday. Most notably there is the night out ‘Persistance’ in Tup Tup, which is always buzzing with locals. However, as with most places on a Sunday, there won’t be tons and tons of options.

Newcastle is famous for its nights out, which have been turned into something special by the cast of Geordie Shore, who has made Newcastle famous and turned the Toon into an undoubted great destination for a night on the town.

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