How Do You Write a Short Travel Guide – 2024 Guide

Writing is not easy. You could argue that we’re doing it with ease, but it’s not like that. It demands a certain amount of creativity, effort, and persistence. Of course, what’s even harder is to write in a specific niche. If travel is what you’re interested in, we have great news for you. Travel guides are going to be our subject for today. It’s quite a broad subject, but we’re going to try and narrow it down for you. Tourism is something that connects many people. Most of them are tied with a fine travel guide.

So, have you been wondering how do you write a short travel guide? Is it hard? Is it easy? It’s neither, but it does require you to have some skill. If the skill is lacking, you at least need to have a guide. That’s what we’re going to try and be for you. Of course, we’re not going to make it like we’re the only people who can do it. There are other sources and many ways how you can achieve this. The best part is that anyone can do it.

Today, technology has come a long way. The internet is still controlling the world, and it can do the same for your travel guide. Do you know how? It’s easier than you would guess. If you’re not into writing per se, but more about being creative, do we have good news for you. If you know how to use the internet, websites, and a few web tools, you can create your travel guide by following WonderGuide. For all of you adept in handling all things internet, this should be the get-go option for having a personal travel guide. If you like the old fashion way of doing things, stick with us and read a few lines we have below.

Be a Storyteller


This should be the focus of anyone working on a travel guide. Every travel is a story to be told. Don’t lose sleep over your story. It doesn’t need to be funny or adventurous. But, it needs to be told in detail. Talk about the places you visited, your achievements such as climbing a certain mountain top, but also about the hotels you visited, and airports that you boarded. Every travel demands events, so make sure you count them all and connect them into one coherent story.

While your travel might be deemed as a boring one, make sure that you engage the reader at least a little bit. Most people make the mistake of only counting the places they visited, and how to get there and back, without adding a personal touch. Be personal, thoughtful, truthful, and a little bit creative. Exaggerate sometimes if you like a place. It’s allowed.

Be Different, Confident, and Unique

Easier said than done. First of all, many people write travel guides. Some do it well, others don’t. Be the first kind. It is easy to be just like everybody else. If you’re like that, no one will read your travel guide. You need to be above the competition. To do this, you need to have confidence in what you’re doing. Select places you want to describe carefully. Make sure you cover all its traits of it. This is the only way you can attract readers.

They will fall for your confidence and enjoy the places you recommended for them. Also, while being different is important, being unique is vital too. You can’t have role models in this department. If you copy someone they will always have the advantage. To be the best travel guide creator possible, you need to be unique. Not only in the way you write but also in the places you write about.


Be Honest

Honesty matters when it comes to writing. It is especially vital when it comes to travel writing. Not all locations are bread and butter for tourists. No, there are some not worth visiting, others that disappoint, some that are overrated, and others that are hidden gems.

You need to talk about all of them with honesty. Sometimes, you need to give bad reviews. It is better to tell people not to visit a certain place than to let them be disappointed when there and all on your recommendation. Honesty is a trait that mustn’t die when writing any type of literature.

Structure Everything


Travel guides are all about structure. You mustn’t be too creative with the structure of a travel guide. While you write, being creative is fine. But, once you start focusing on the structure you need to follow a certain pattern. When you focus on a certain location a few things matter more than others. First of all, it’s transportation that matters. You need to explain to the people how precisely to get there, which means of transportation is the best, which one is the worst and a little bit about the price of it.

Once you have this part covered, it is all about telling people where to go when they get there. Accommodations matter. Direct them to the best hotels, cheapest rooms, or some medium choices. In this department, it is best to cover the accommodation you used yourself and give them a good or a bad grade. Once you have people settled and unpacked it’s time to get them moving. This part of your travel guide needs to cover the attractions that your desired location has and tours that can get people there.

Most tourists want to focus on this, more than anything else. After all, when you’re in Paris you know what you have to see and probably how to get there. But, when it comes to places such as Tallinn or Riga, having a precise guide in this department matters more.

Of course, another few aspects of the travel guide structure need to cover the transportation in the city you’re covering in addition to tours, and also costs of getting around, the safety of free movement, time of year when you should visit, and the locations where people can find the best food and drinks.

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