5 Best Cities To Invest In Property In The UK

The plethora of investments rising in the UK is because of the availability of numerous properties. It is attracting significant dealers across the region. The local and international dealers are looking for opportunities that can help them make good and long-term investment decisions.

The UK is one such global location that is home to diverse locations. The best way to invest in those is by opting for a substantial investment strategy that promises better yields and appreciation on various levels.

The established investors focus on their investments and divert them toward London, which is the hub of all positive aspects like positive house growth and significant regenerations. Also, the beauty of the place is such that it has emerged as an appealing place for people looking for rental spaces for various purposes. You will be surprised to know that London is home to approximately half a million people.

But does that mean London is the only investment-worthy place in the UK?

Probably not!

Many other places within the UK have emerged as excellent property investments. You can consider the following options for UK property investment:

1. Liverpool


Located in the northwest, the footfall fans will be more aware of this place. But Liverpool being a fantastic option for property investment is something that you may or may not have expected. The rental yields over here are much more than many options out there. Many market researchers have presented statistics that suggest that the yields can reach 6.9% in some parts of Liverpool.

Liverpool welcomes the student population at large, which is one of the main reasons for the growth of the demand for rental places. Also, the city has many options for working professionals, which is the reason for the steep rise in the population. Apart from rentals, it is also the hub for homebuyers and long-term investors. The historic waterfront area of the place is a major attraction here. People try to look for their options surrounding this area.

2. Birmingham


Birmingham’s status as one of the top investments in the UK has lately enhanced due to the upcoming delivery of HS2. The other possible reason behind it is the investments surrounding the Commonwealth Games. The increase in the prices of residential properties is the new constant in some areas. The ongoing speed of the development projects can be credited to the same.

There are wide variations in the city, and hence, the prices vary. Also, if you are interested in a property rental, the buy-to-lent landlords are experiencing a return rate of 6.56%. Also, this place is becoming the preferred location for many companies as they plan to open their offices. Market majors like HSBC and Deutsche Bank can open their branches. Hence, the quality of life here is enhanced, and many people are considering investing in property in Birmingham. Also, the rental growth for predictions for this particular state stands at 12%.

3. Derby


If you are looking for the push to help you gain a firm stand about investing in the UK, Derby is the answer. Located in the heart of the UK, you will see this place connecting the North of the city to its South. The place is undergoing a major regeneration project, and its prices will shoot after the development stage reaches its conclusion. The increased expectation of prices of properties in Derby stands at 17.5%.

There are two reasons the place is developing and the property rates are expanding. The first reason is the rise of the youth population in the area and its connectivity with other places that add to the comfort and ease of the residents. Approximately 48% of the population in Derby is below 35 years of age. Hence, they are either students or working professionals. 23% of students are graduates living in this city for work. However, the population of those looking for work is 46%.

Also, this place offers the 7th highest grade wage; hence, people don’t shy away from looking for places that suit their needs and interests. Hence, the rental market is successfully blooming; thus, you can consider investing in Derby.

4. Leeds


One city which has strived hard to become one of the best property investments in 2024 and the trends to follow in Leeds. It has 800,000 people, and the thriving population needs a place to stay and work from. The student population alone accounts to 65,000 people. Also, the place owns the title of being the second-largest when it comes to the growth of the financial and banking sector. The city has helped many professionals make their careers in these fields with diversity in opportunities.

Also, the economic capacity of this city is improving, and people are receiving hood salaries. It impacts their spending capacity. In the next 5 years, market predictions suggest that the rental property price will experience a rise of 28%.

5. Manchester


Apart from employment opportunities, this place is home to various startups and established business lanes. The ongoing regeneration projects are essential in helping this place develop at a larger scale. The student population stands at 100,000, and the student retention rate is also high. Hence, it gives rise to the need for rental spaces.

Being the king of capital apprehension, property prices are expected to rise by 28% by the end of the next 4 years. Some investors can be specific about their investment idea. If they want to invest in the North, Manchester is the top alternative to London.

If you look at the previous statistics, the employment rate of this place between 2002 to 2015 stood at 84%. Hence, young professionals are considering staying here and exploring their options.

Housing needs are constant for everyone, whether they are moving to a place for study or work. Hence, these places stand an excellent chance amongst others to emerge as successful investment destinations in the UK.


The UK is a thriving opportunity, and students and professionals consider moving to this place for various purposes. It is a hub for education, businesses, and various sectors like financing.

Globally, many people are considering moving to various cities in the UK. That’s when the demand for properties increases. The trends highlight that property investments hold a promising future. Hence, if you are considering property investments, these places in the UK are undoubtedly worth a glance.

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