Why UAE Travellers Prefer the UK As a Travel Destination ─ No Hassles With Visas or Increases in Airfare

The explanation is that obtaining a UK visa from Dubai is easy, and flight costs have yet to skyrocket. More so, Heathrow Airport in England has figured out how to handle peak travel times better.

In this article, we will detail how these factors have led UAE travelers to prefer the UK as the best travel destination in Europe.

According to travel agencies like Aroohatours, the UK is a ‘hot’ destination for UAE residents, with high demand from leisure and business tourists. According to airlines and travel agencies, most flights from the UAE to the U.K. are also at capacity.

Easy Visa Application

The shorter waiting times for UK visas from Dubai are among the most motivating aspects for people to travel.

Tourists from the UAE no longer have to wait until the end to obtain their UK visas. The lengthy visa appointment delay that impeded passengers’ ability to make travel plans is now down to 15 days, a significant improvement from travelers’ seven-month wait in 2022.

According to Monaz Billimoria, the Deputy Regional Head of UAE – VFS Global, “With visa processing timelines reverting to the standard 15 days for visitor visas, application numbers have surpassed the volumes witnessed in 2022, recording 34 per cent as of May 2024 over May 2022.”

The United Kingdom’s Visas and Immigration Service (UKVI) reported that 3.05 million visas were issued in March, which is a 90 percent increase (compared to the year ending in March 2022). “This was primarily due to 944,957 (+155 percent) more grants of visitor visas,” said UK Home Office Minister of State for Immigration and Citizenship, Damian Green.

Affordable Flight Ticket


Before booking a trip to the UK, the price of airfare is another factor that should be given significant consideration, particularly during times of high demand. However, it would appear that even that concern has been addressed.

When departing from the United Arab Emirates to major airports in the United Kingdom between July 21 and July 25, the cost of a plane ticket can range anywhere from Dh2,975 (Dubai to the UK on British Airways) to Dh4,755 (Dubai to Manchester on Emirates).

British Airways provides flights to and from Dubai at a price that starts at Dh1, 750 and goes up to three times daily.

The demand from business travelers has reportedly made the United Kingdom a “hot” destination for those hailing from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to reports from airlines and travel companies, most flights between the UAE and the UK are currently operating at their maximum capacity.

Airlines Operating from UAE to the UK


Gulf carriers’ UK network operations have grown rapidly, especially in Birmingham. After a three-year hiatus, Emirates has recently resumed its twice-daily A380 service to the city.

The Dubai airline flies to several London airports daily, including Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick, and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Etihad Airways operates five daily flights to London with Economy class seats starting at Dh1 380 and one daily direct flight to Manchester for Dh1 660. Furthermore, it offers nonstop flights to Preston.

Additionally, daily flights are offered to London Heathrow, Gatwick, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Stansted by Emirates, the flag carrier of Dubai. Etihad Airways operates five flights daily to London, with Economy class fares beginning at Dh1, 380.

Additionally, the airline provides one direct trip to Manchester daily, with costs beginning at Dh1, 660. Additionally, it offers flights that go directly to Preston.

Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Saudi are among the airlines that fly numerous times a day to multiple airports in the United Kingdom.

Qatar Airways resumed service to Birmingham on July 6 with daily flights to Doha. Saudia began offering service to Jeddah from Birmingham on the same day, operating thrice daily.

Airport Activity and Summer Travel Surge


In response to the escalating demand for travel during the summer season, airports worldwide have taken steps to enhance their operational capacities. This strategic move aims to accommodate the surge in passenger numbers, ensuring a smoother travel experience for all. A notable example of this proactive approach can be observed in the recent developments at Dubai International Airport (DXB), which has emerged as a frontrunner in managing the influx of foreign travelers.

According to comprehensive data furnished by the Official Airline Guide (OAG), Dubai Foreign Airport clinched the top position in June 2024 for hosting the highest volume of international passengers. A significant contributor to this accomplishment is DXB’s remarkable capacity for international flights, standing at an impressive 17 percent higher than its closest contender, London Heathrow Airport (LHR). DXB’s ability to offer an astounding 4 million seats to passengers underscores its commitment to facilitating seamless travel experiences.

Noteworthy growth has been observed when comparing seat availability on a daily basis. In the span of just a month, DXB has exhibited a commendable 2 percent increase in the number of available seats, reflecting its dedication to accommodating the heightened summer demand. In a parallel endeavor, London Heathrow Airport has also escalated its seat availability by 1 percent, showcasing its commitment to enhancing passenger experiences.

The operational landscape at London Heathrow Airport has further been fortified by the resolution of a potential disruption. The decisive conclusion of the security staff’s strike has instilled an air of optimism among airport authorities. With the labor dispute resolved, London Heathrow is poised to provide travelers with an “excellent summer” marked by efficiency and quality service.

In conclusion, the aviation industry’s proactive response to the surge in summer travel demand is evident through capacity enhancements and swift conflict resolution. Airports like Dubai International Airport and London Heathrow Airport exemplify the sector’s dedication to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers during this bustling season.

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