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8 Best Educational Apps for Students In 2024

Are you having trouble learning new things? Wondering about the best educational app to select? Since kids use screens a lot, educational apps have become one of the top teaching resources for kids in recent years. Children may learn with these apps in an engaging way that also fosters growth. Thus, we have demonstrated some of the best educational apps for students in this article.

As students develop and mature, utilizing technology and all of its advantages is essential to stay up to date and knowledgeable. At Beyond the Classroom, we’re always trying to find new ways to help students become more organized, achieve more, and enjoy studying!

Moreover, students can easily incorporate technology into their lives by using educational apps, which can offer fun, inspiring, and useful learning opportunities.

Additionally, educational applications provide easy access to a range of online resources, such as eBooks and video courses, whenever necessary. But, if you’re having problems in your studies and want to achieve academically, you can hire an online tutor or pay someone to do my online class. Also, think about using dependable online resources like Scholarly Help, Chegg, and Brainly to do your assignments and examinations swiftly.

Although learning is wonderful because it keeps you interested and challenged all the time. Your mood can be improved and you may feel better as a result. To keep your intellect sharp and your mood upbeat, we’ll look at some of the finest education applications for students in this article.

8 Top-Notch Educational Apps

You may learn many new skills using some of the best educational apps for students that we have mentioned in this guide.

1. Khan Academy


The well-known online learning platform Khan Academy offers a wide variety of subjects, from psychology and languages to math and statistics. It was created to disseminate knowledge and instruction and has a learner-first philosophy. For those with an interest in learning, this online education software strives to offer a cost-free, top-notch education.

Like the majority of learning libraries, it offers courses in the form of video lectures that simulate a lecture by a professor by playing back recordings of drawings on a computer-generated blackboard. This is among the great and best educational apps for students.

For students, there are plenty of additional free instructional apps accessible right now. Take advantage of these educational apps and change the direction of your study.

2. SoloLearn


Technology has already brought people closer together by enabling people to stay connected, and this trend will only continue. Coding expertise is therefore anticipated to be a necessity shortly.

However, numerous educational institutions have already started teaching the subject to their students when they are still very young. The SoloLearn app is one of the best educational apps for students who need a little additional help or who want to move on to the next phase of their coding study.

For users of any skill level, from beginners to experts, the SoloLearn app includes over 25 programming classes and a library with a ton of free code-learning resources organized under various categories. Daily updates to the app’s content are also made.

The app also has a community of more than 40 million coding students who debate a range of topics, work out problems, and produce new coding-related content.

3. Flipgrid


With the help of Flipgrid, students may swiftly participate in group projects, activities, and class discussions while also getting synchronous or asynchronous feedback from teachers via video comments. Users can engage in real-time social learning since it brings teachers and students into one online space.

Furthermore, this educational platform provides a potent learning environment that promotes collaboration and creativity while promoting deeper participation in the classroom, making it perfect for both online classrooms and conventional school settings.

4. Evernote


One of the best educational apps for students, it has long been a foundational tool for efficiency. It allows you to easily keep track of notes, reminders, and tasks in addition to storing multimedia files, documents, and webpages so that you can quickly retrieve what’s important. One of the top educational apps for students is Evernote.

Due to its high cost-to-value ratio, it is also a helpful tool for students of any level who wish to keep organized as they learn. Whether you’re studying for a class, taking notes in a lecture, or just wanting to improve your workflow, Evernote may help to make the process simpler with its efficient, streamlined features.

5. TED


You can view all of the content on TED, the well-known platform known for TED speeches given by experts from various areas of life. The app includes more than 3000 TED Talk videos covering a variety of themes, all delivered by well-known artists, tech wizards, business titans, and other individuals who have excelled in their industries.

To find the video of your preference, use the app’s TED Talks library search function. The videos have subtitles in more than 100 different languages. The app also offers podcast listening. This is among the best educational apps for students.

6. Photomath


When you have trouble solving your math problems, the Photomath app can be a lifesaver. Did you know the app is free to download?

However, this app is useful for solving any math-related questions, from easy ones where you need to check the answers to challenging ones that you find challenging.

Simply take a picture of the equation or scan it, then upload it to the app. You will receive a detailed solution in exchange, giving you a better sense of what needs to be done or where you went wrong. This is one of the best educational apps for students who are having difficulty with math problems.

7. Grammarly


Another well-known tool that aids in language learning is Grammarly. It can be seen as a writing assistant that assists you in editing and correcting your grammar, spelling, and punctuation as you type.

Grammarly can be thought of as a proofreading program that assists you in finding flaws in your work by scanning it for problems. Also, it alerts you to any problems and gives you suggestions for what should be written in their place.

Also, the app has more sophisticated features like synonyms that can help you become more proficient in writing, grammar, and vocab.

8. Kahoot


You can take quizzes on a wide range of topics related to real life with the free app. Here, you can challenge friends or engage in online competition with other gamers. The instructor has the option of using the provided projects or creating his tests.

To join the tasks, participants must input a pin code. Quizzes could also be shown on a big screen in the classroom. This is another one of the best educational apps for students.

Final Words

Many more educational apps are free to download in addition to the ones already listed. These apps support students in being more accountable and dedicated to their academic objectives. Also, they can organize and manage their time at school or college and remain focused while being productive.

The majority of these apps have unique features, such as gamification and a vibrant, eye-catching layout, that appeal to consumers. As a result of the elements, the software is more entertaining to them. The various programs, as we just discussed, have various functions. You can search for the free, best educational apps for students that enable you to meet all of your academic objectives.

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