10 Best Forms of Physical Therapy

Keeping up with the daily challenges of life is an uphill task. Not all days are the same. We all need that healthy boost of energy to rev things up. The human mind is a powerhouse of thoughts and ideas. On a daily basis, our mind thinks between 60,000-80,000 thoughts which are an incredible amount of data. Our mind is often caught in an incessant chatter of a multitude of thoughts. This becomes tiring and exhaustive at times and starts impacting our concentration levels.

Motivation has the power to gently nudge us in the direction of perseverance. It enhances our creativity and powers our imagination. Keeping yourself motivated daily, year after year is a practice that needs to be cultivated. But motivation and concentration do not come easy. Therapy is often needed in such situations. There are some tried and tested ways that can be incorporated in our daily life to keep us motivated. These are therapeutic means by which physical activities can be used to stimulate us. This renewed stimulation helps to ease out anxiety or low moods.

Below are the 10 best forms of physical therapy. These are the ways that will physically prompt you towards a general sense of well-being. Our brain behaves like a child. The more attention, playtime, and stimulation it gets, the more it becomes better at its job. Here are 10 best forms of physical therapy.

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Best Forms of Physical Therapy

1. Walking or Running

Walking or running, or even jogging, is the simplest yet most powerful form of physical activity. A quick walk, run or a jog around the block, or a long one in the woods, will do the trick of rejuvenating and energizing you. It gives us the necessary “me time” and our personal space as well. Researches have shown that when our feet hit the ground, they send out pressure waves that increase the blood flow to our organs and immediately lifts our moods. So, get grounded!

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2. Sports

Sports, in all forms, are great forms of exercise as well as mood lifters. Be it a good game of tennis, or football, or basketball, or martial arts, or even chess, any activity that combines aerobic exercise as well as coordination, will do wonders to your brain cells. Sports develop your motor and cognitive skills, as you learn to score a goal, hit the ball, dribble or hit with a bat. The benefits of sporting activities are many. It reduces stress and aids the production of endorphins, which are the natural mood boosters.

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Golf Sports

3. Swimming

Just like any workout, swimming is also a great exercise and a physical stimulation activity. What works best here is that you are using your whole body to build endurance, surrounded by one of life-sustaining elements-the Water. Swimming for an hour daily can burn up to 500 calories. The body seems weightless in water, which further provides a soothing and calm effect on the mind.

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4. Gardening

Nature has always had a calming effect on our ailing minds. Our sedentary, unhealthy and disconnected lifestyles make us nature deprived which in turn increases our anger, frustration and discontent levels. It’s time to give all this a break. Gardening as a hobby or as an activity, keeps you in natural surroundings, amidst green plants, beautiful flowers, and the chirping birds. This reduces the stress hormones and has an immediate effect on our happiness quotient.


5. Playing a musical instrument

Nothing is better than some musical therapy. Music has healing powers and can miraculously cure depression and anxiety. You can always listen to some good, uplifting music, but if you can play a musical instrument, nothing can beat you from getting a good dose of energy and motivation. Be it the ivories on the piano or the strings of the guitar, when your fingers touch your favorite musical instrument to play, your brain gets a massive stimulation.

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Guitar musical instrument

6. Painting

Painting is the direct manner in which you can put your thoughts and expressions on the canvas or paper with the help of colors. A simple sketch or elaborate scenery-anything will do. It’s difficult to think about your problems when you are busy coloring your world with paints. The more focus you apply towards painting, it brings you closer to a near meditative state. The stress relief that follows is awesome.


7. Dancing

It’s often said-Dance your way to happiness. Dancing is not only good for your physical health but your mental health as well. It is the most effective way to reduce frustration and anxiety. Learning new steps and practicing in coordination improves your motor skills and gives you a much-needed movement. It also provides a creative outlet to encourage self-expression. So, go ahead, and dance to your favorite tunes, whether alone or with a partner. You will see the magic unfold.

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8. Building things

Creating things from scratch is not easy. It can be anything- building a house out of blocks, finishing a challenging jigsaw puzzle, or knitting a sweater. You can even try building something out of clay. Creating something new challenges the brain and keeps it stimulated. Selection, synthesis and putting things together, give us a sense of achievement and accomplishment and keeps us motivated.

Building things

9. Writing

Words, whether in oral or written format, are a great force. When used constructively, they can lift your spirits and help and heal you. Where reading provides visual therapy, writing acts as a powerful tool. You can write a daily note to yourself in a diary, or a story or just a narrative of any incident-writing is cathartic. When we write down our feelings on paper, we allow them to come to the surface and thus heal any underlying pains. Writing helps us to slow down and explore our creative sides.


10. Travel

Traveling is the ultimate getaway from the humdrum of life. You can move away from the monotony of your life for some time by traveling along or with friends and family for a change. The joy of visiting a new place and exploring its many facades boosts our energy levels. The anticipation of a trip alone can fill you with a plethora of positive emotions. Travel also leads us to introspect and self-reflect, and in all, it adds to beautiful life experience.


You can choose any of these physical activities or a combination of these to keep your mood in check and to enhance your mental well-being. Whichever activity you choose, remember you are using your body to heal your mind-so give it your best shot and enjoy its benefits.

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