Top 10 Activities to Do In the Summer

For most of us, summers are the best times of the year. Clear skies, cool water and time for open pools and water splash activities- all conjure up beautiful and sunny summer memories. Whether you are a kid or an adult, summers are a time for fun and frolic for many of us. You can plan for an exotic vacation or even set up a tank pool for kids in your backyard. You can even relish the summer delights of ice creams and mocktails.

Here are the top 10 summer activities that you can take up to amp up your enthusiasm level. Get set for the most unforgettable summer to date, with the help of these recipes, craft projects, trips, and more.

Activities to Do In the Summer

1. Have a quick weekend getaway

Summers are the time for fun and to take regular breaks from your mundane routines. This is the time of the year when the weathers are just fine in most parts of the country, so you can always plan a quick getaway, either solo or with family, to a summer resort or an amusement park or even the neighboring town for some fun and change. Pack up some picnic lunch and head for a weekend getaway. You can even go boating or hiking in a local area.

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2. Plan a vacation to the beachside

Summertime and the beachside go hand in hand. The white sandy shores and the blue sea are always refreshing and welcome in a hot summer. You can plan out a vacation with kids or family to a quiet beachside town and hit the waters for some amazing vacation time at the sea. Take out your summer gear and go frolicking at the beach. Enjoy a swim, or shopping and beach sports or just a stroll along the seashore under the summer skies.

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3. Fun time at the Swimming Pool

If you are not able to plan out a proper seaside vacation, nothing to worry about. Just check out some local swimming pools or water parks where you can have a nice time in the cool water. Carry your swimming costume and have a great day, splashing in the water and even enjoying some pool sports like pool Ball and Marco Polo. You can even join a summer coaching session at the pool.

4. Get together for ice creams

Come summer and all the flavors of the ice-cream fill our minds-strawberry, butterscotch, mint, caramel, chocolate, vanilla; the list is tempting. Why have an ice-cream alone? Call some friends over and savor your favorite ice-cream –whether homemade or from the store together. Deck up your room or porch with some ice –cream decorations and get together for an ice-cream themed party. Don’t forget to click some amazing pictures as you relish the cool delights.

Ice Cream

5. Try out summer recipes

Summer is the time to try out new recipes. The season comes with a host of fruits and vegetables in the market that may not be available all year-round. Take advantage of the summer harvest and try out some exotic summer recipes in the form of puddings, desserts, ice creams, or just plain wholesome salads. Enjoy them alone or with your loved ones and relish the flavors of the summer.

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6. Go on a camping trip to the hills

Hills is filled with scenic beauty during summers. There is no snow, the weather is just perfect and the countryside is all lush green. You can always take advantage of this summer beauty by planning a camping or a trekking trip to the hills. Make your preparation beforehand, and head out for a hillside adventure in the lap of nature. Sleep under the starry summer sky and click pictures as you cover the hilly terrain.

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7. Throw a dinner party in your backyard or on the terrace

You can call friends and your family members for a potluck dinner in your backyard or out on the terrace. Deck up your party area with small fairy lights for an added appeal. Arrange tables and chairs, and you all can gather around for a wonderful feast of homemade delights. Arrange for some light summer dessert like homemade ice-cream or fruit custard after the dinner and you will have the best time shared with everyone.

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8. Give your house a summer makeover

You can always welcome the summer season by rearranging your home for summer. Move around your seating, houseplants, and artwork. Throw out some brightly colored cushions on your sofa and add some rugs around the hall. Decorate your rooms with fresh summer flowers or some floral pattern curtains instead of the heavy winter drapes. Use summer pastel colors for a refreshing look across your house. Keep your plants hydrated and green.

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9. Enjoy lemonades and other fruity drinks

Beat the summer heat with some innovative summer drinks. Use your creative side to mix some fruity flavors and lemonade and churn out some really good and refreshing drinks with lots of ice. You can use rose, mint and lemon flavors and add some nice salt and sugar mix. These drinks will not only quench your summer thirst but will also keep you cool all the season long.

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10. Make your own tomato sauce, apple jelly or pickles

Summers are a great time to soak in the new harvest flavors. With a lot of fresh fruits in the market, you can always plan to make your own sauces or ketchup or even some apple jelly or pickles. You can take help from your mother’s recipes or even lookup online. These are not as difficult as they seem-just require some time and effort from your side. The results will be fabulous and you will always appreciate yourself throughout the year whenever you will open the jelly jar.

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These are some of the ways to enjoy your summer in a fun way. You can plan out one or more activities to spend your summers with friends and family., and create beautiful memories.

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