7 World’s Best Nightlife Destinations

This year maybe is not the best for traveling around, but sure you can use the places near you that offer high-quality nightlife. For this year, you need to be careful with a lot of things, knowing that the world is still in a state of the pandemic, and every public event can be very risky for the people who are there.

So, when it comes to nightlife, maybe we need to make a list of the countries and places that are not much affected by the pandemic, but you must be aware that the risks still exist and you can get infected, even if you think you are safe. Today, almost every country is at high risk of spreading the coronavirus, and the World Health Organization is trying very hard to stop that, so everything can get back to normal.

As we know, many businesses and profitable sectors suffered great losses, including tourism, clubs, and restaurants. That means, you may need to skip traveling this year, but still if you are lucky enough to live in some of the destinations we will mention in this article, you may have a nice nightlife if you are respectful of the protection rules and protocols.

1. Barcelona, Spain

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There is a reason why people love Barcelona. There are a lot of nightclubs full of people and booze. The parties may last the whole night, and the residents also enjoy that type of life. They are also very friendly, and it wouldn’t be a problem for you to make new friends who will help you have the time of your life in Barcelona. If you really want to skip 2024 for this type of party, then you can always book your next year’s trip, hoping that everything will be fine until then. Barcelona will always keep the top places on lists like this, and if you haven’t visited it yet, we highly recommend you as a first distance abroad you will visit after the pandemic.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok is one of the most popular travel destinations, and the town is full of great night bars, alcohol, parties, and everything works until the early morning, including the restaurants and street food places. They work even during business days. Also, this city can offer calm and silent options for those who don’t prefer parties and drinking all night long. It’s on you to choose what do you want from this destination.

3. Singapore


This city-state is also very popular because you can visit a lot of attractive venues and events, to party like never before in the spectacular clubs, or even find a company through dating websites like singasex, and have the time of your life while you are there. During the day, you can enjoy drinking cocktails by the beautiful pools, but the nightlife is the thing that will make you remember this trip until the end of your life.

4. Miami, Florida, USA

Miami is the party center of the USA, with a lot of outdoor beaches or pool parties, drinks, live music, DJs, and a lot of people that come from every corner of the earth. But, also you need to be aware that Miami is an expensive city, and you will need a lot of money if you want to party there, and live the vibe just for a few days, as the residents live during the whole year.

5. Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House

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If you visit Australia, you can join a lot of parties organized by the residents, but also the travelers, and those who already moved there organize nice evening events too. The nightlife is not full of all-night crowd parties, but sure you will find something that will make you have fun while you are there.

6. Greek Islands

The Greek islands like Mykonos, Ios, Corfu, and Zakynthos can offer all-day and all-night beach parties, with a lot of drinks, loud music, and chances to meet with celebrities who enjoy visiting these places. Most of the tourists travel there to drink all day long and enjoy wild parties during the night. These islands are known for the rich nightlife, but also for drunk fights, so you must be very careful when traveling there.

7. Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular European island and once you went there, you will always compare the other parties with that, and nothing will ever be good enough. A lot of popular artists and bands were singing about the capital of the parties, referring to Ibiza. If you are not into parties, we recommend you to avoid this destination, because people there are just for the parties, and this island never sleeps.

When we will be able to travel again?

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Some of the countries around the world decided to let some tourists enter, if they provide a negative coronavirus test, not older than 48-72 hours. But, that won’t guarantee that the visitor won’t get infected while they stay there. Most of the countries and governments recommend people not to travel abroad and visit the local touristic places and attractions for their vacation.

Probably, we will need to wait a few more months, or maybe a whole year, until we are able to travel again, just like we did that before 2024. The number of infected people with coronavirus is still growing, but luckily, there are a lot who recovered. On the other hand, many people died due to complications caused by the virus, and that created a sad and complicated situation in the whole world.

So, you better save this list and plan your 2024 or 2024 party-trip following it. After the pandemic, most of us will have a wish to party all day long. But, some of us will learn how to appreciate personal space and will start avoiding crowded places. The pandemic will change the world, and it’s on us to adapt to the new normal, which may include fewer parties, and of course, fewer people present during the concerts and public events.

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