13 Best Things to Do In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Tourist

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s fascinating capital, is where Arabia’s earliest roots can be traced. Discover the cuisine, culture, and history of a city where modern meets medieval. The souqs, museums, and ancient neighborhoods all contain remnants of the city’s long and storied past. The bold future that is envisioned as a modern metropolis can be found in the glittering high-rises and contemporary art scene.

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The top 13 exotic things to do in Riyadh as a tourist are listed here.

1. Enjoy breathtaking views from the Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center Tower

Take the 180 km/h high-speed lift to the 99th floor of the Kingdom Tower’s Sky Bridge for unique city views, especially at night. Riyadh’s skyline can be seen from the bridge, which is 300 meters above the city. The world’s largest cafe, Al Massa Cafe across the street serves delicious coffee and offers terrace views of the Kingdom Tower. Riyadh’s 99-story, 302.3 m (992 ft) Skyscraper, the Kingdom Tower, is the city’s tallest modern building.

2. Indulge in Fun-Filled Entertainment in Riyadh Season

You can also enjoy Riyadh’s exotic and top-notch entertainment options during the Riyadh Season. For the ultimate thrill, check out a variety of events, spectacular shows, and fireworks. The Riyadh Season is a celebration that goes on for several months across the entire city. It is an effort to advance Saudi Arabia into the future. Explore more than 7000 events, concerts, and celebrations in the various thematic zones. Musical concerts and sporting events are among the upcoming events.


3. Get Tricked at the Museum of Illusions

Prepare to be fooled by amazing illusions that will leave you speechless during an unforgettable experience. The Museum of Illusions has charmed visitors for generations by providing a platform for social and enjoyable excursions into the world of illusions.

In this one-of-a-kind location in the Arab world, you can have new adventures and have fun with friends and family. It’s a favorite among kids, but if you’re still a kid at heart, it’s also a great spot. Take a closer look at each optical illusion and installation in our hologram gallery.

The extensive history of these magnificent works of art will leave you speechless. You’ll learn n about perception, vision, the human brain, and science via amusing and fantastic stunts, making it simpler to grasp why your eyes see things that your brain can’t. Don’t miss out on the fun and informative games and puzzles in the playroom. These mind games are fun, but they may also take a lot of time.

4. Take a shopping trip to Riyadh Park Mall

Head toward the shopping mall, which has a parking lot for 2000 cars and covers 132000 square meters. So make a trip plan with Almosafer’s travel and visit Riyadh Park Mall which is a well-liked activity in Riyadh. Explore the trendy two-story mall, which sells luxury items for men and women. Shoppers will find jewelry, cosmetics, fashion clothes, electronics, home decor, and more. Riyadh Park is a one-of-a-kind shopping center in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital. It is a great spot for movies, entertainment, dining, and more.


5. Discover the history of Al Masmak Palace Museum

Tourists love this activity in Riyadh. Learn about the city’s past as well as the locals’ ethnic backgrounds. The mud-brick fortress dates back to 1865. Prince Abdurrahman ibn Suleiman AlDabaan commissioned its construction. A spear that was used in the 1902 raids is in the museum near the main entrance. It’s worth seeing additional uniforms, weapons, and artifacts.

6. A visit to the Saudi National Museum will immerse you in history

Exploring the fascinating museum to learn about Saudi Arabia’s history is a must-do activity in Riyadh. Eight halls of Arabian art, history, and culture make up the museum. There are prehistoric artifacts from eight major Saudi Arabian eras, skeletons of ancient Arabian Peninsula animals, interactive displays, and more to explore. In addition, there are fascinating rock formations and an ancient handprint.

7. Visit the Iconic Murabba Palace

King Abdul Aziz‘s former residence and court were housed in the stunning Murabba Palace. The historical significance of the monument, which was built outside the old city walls, is undeniable. The king lived in the palace from 1938 to 1953. It has a sunny courtyard and was constructed in the traditional Najdean style. The palace is beautiful, and it has several hectares of lush gardens. A treasure trove of historical documents, as well as other memorabilia, can be found at the King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center.


8. Make a visit to the Riyadh Zoo

A well-known activity in Riyadh is visiting the zoological park and the gorgeously spread-out landscape. There are over 1500 animals in 40 species on the 55-acre property. To cover the park, you can take a train ride. Kids can have a lot of fun in a natural environment where animals live. There are a lot of wading birds in the tropical brackish waters. Throughout the zoo, there are restrooms, prayer halls, restaurants, and cafes. It’s worth going to this Saudi Arabian zoo, which is the country’s largest.

9. Explore King Abdullah Park’s wonders

This lovely city park has a 12-meter walkway, a sports area, and a dancing fountain. Here is one of the best parks in the kingdom. The dancing fountain show is one of the most popular attractions. The park, which used to be known as Al-Malaz Square, was once a racetrack. Riyadh’s largest park is renowned for its expansive gardens and wide brick paths. The awe-inspiring musical fountain is vibrant and delightful.

10. Enjoy hiking at Wadi Hanifah

Part of a vast desert with numerous hiking trails is the Wadi Hanifah. This 120-kilometer-long valley runs from the northwest to the southeast. You can soak your toes in a number of nearby streams and take in the sights of the natural world. You can see and do these amazing and adventurous things in Riyadh by traveling with Almosafer’s travel.

This oasis in the desert is also surrounded by a lot of date trees and desert plans. There are a few designated locations where you can enjoy a barbecue or picnic.


11. Take a tour of the world-famous Al Safi Dairy Farm

According to the Guidance Book of World Records, the largest integrated dairy farm in the world is located in Riyadh. There are more than 50,000 cows on the dairy farm. You can take a tour of the Al Safi Dairy Farm with a lot of different tour companies.

The farm’s attention to sanitation and hygiene is one of its best features. Any car or tour bus enters the farm after being completely cleaned. Additionally, you can feed the young cows.

12. Experience the best local cuisine in Riyadh

Riyadh is an excellent destination for foodies, so there is nothing to worry about. The culinary scene in the city is delectable. Riyadh’s restaurants serve some of the best Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, and other Asian flavors in addition to the local Saudi Arabian fare.

The following are dishes you must try in Riyadh ─ Kabsa, the national dish of Saudi Arabia made with rice, vegetables, and meat; shawarma; and boasted chicken served with hummus and garlic bread.

13. Take a road trip around Riyadh

When you visit Riyadh has some of the lowest prices for gasoline in the region due to the abundance of gasoline in the Middle East. Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to see Riyadh in its entirety. Additionally, this will assist you in discovering hidden treasures. Try to catch a sunset in the desert because sunrises and sunsets are some of Riyadh’s best scenes.

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