5 Camper Van Conversion Tips For Your Next Road Trip

There is an adventurer in each of us who wants to enjoy the adventures that life has to offer in every part of his free time. Each of us is a little bit of an adventurer who wants to get in the vehicle and go on an off-road drive in some extreme part that would bring adrenaline, but also get into a nicely decorated van that has everything in it and leave. in some beautiful locations to camp and enjoy what nature can give, which is peace and beautiful views that can be truly enchanting. We all have a little bit of this in us, and to see how much we enjoy that part of our character, we need to be determined and try, that is, to go on such a beautiful adventure.

Yes, for any of these adventures it is necessary to have the time that you will direct to the realization of the adventure and the entire journey, but above all, it is important to have a vehicle with the help of which all this will be done. To go on an off-road drive, you need to have a jeep with which you can cross all inaccessible and inaccessible parts, and to go camping it is important to have a functional and beautifully decorated camper van with which you can succeed in spending a good time in nature camping. But to have that, you need to have a van, arrange the van according to your needs and fill it with all the necessary things that will be useful to you in camping.


At first glance, this may seem like something that is impossible and something that cannot be accomplished, but all of this is achievable and you can do it. Vans are more and more available, you have various models of vans that could be your choice for doing the conversion and preparing it for camping. After choosing the one that fits your budget, you need an idea, which we’re sure you already have, but still think you’re missing something. So that you don’t have any mistakes in making the van, that is, in the conversion of this vehicle, today we bring you advice. These tips will help you have as functional a space as possible in which you can live during camping, and what our tips and guidelines are, find out in the sequel. Let’s get started!

1. Design water storage and water delivery system in the van

Some things are secondary and not so important when organizing and redecorating the van, but some things are especially important. One of those things that are important is to come up with a water storage system in the van while you are camping. Yes, your van should be supplied with clean water for drinking or showering, etc., depending on the size of the space and how you will organize it. So keep in mind that this is an important part to pay attention to when organizing and making the van.

When looking for the best add ons that you can add on your RV to enhance your experience you can check for the ultimate guide on how to renovate or jazz up your RV.

2. Determine a good place in which you can place a bed that will be comfortable to sleep


When going camping, time is divided into time for enjoying nature and what nature presents in front of you, time for activity in which you are active and explore the environment or come to some new knowledge, and time that is provided for rest. It is especially important to organize the van so that you have a place to rest and spend the time allotted for rest. Therefore, make sure that during the organization and conversion of the van, you have planned a large enough space for a folding bed on which you can rest, but also make sure that you have it well positioned in the van.

3. Install solar panels for more energy efficiency and lower costs

When we go on a trip, especially when we go camping, we know that energy is very important to us. Charging your phone, using power for other devices, using power for lights, etc. All this is a need that needs to be satisfied, and it is expensive to satisfy. But you do not know the frugal ways in which you can satisfy these needs, and one of them is the use of a solar generator through which you will manage to collect the energy, i.e. the power of the solar panels that will be installed on the vehicle and will allow you to you have the energy to use while camping, say Renogy experts who have helped countless campers save and prepare for camping. So when you are already working on the conversion of your van, devote time to this very important thing.

4. Create a small but useful galley where you will have everything you need during a trip


Since you now have power generators, you can do anything you can, that is, put everything you can, and even a small functional galley in which you will be able to prepare small meals that will give you energy during the days you will spend in nature. Look at projects that you can best implement in the space of your van in the conversion process and choose the best that would fit into the space in which you will be temporarily located and live.

5. It is important to fix well each of the things that you will place in the van

At the very end you need to take care of one part that is very important, and that is each of the elements that will be placed in the van are well fixed. It is very important to reach a safe space, that is, to achieve the safety and security of the entire vehicle. We are sure that you would not want an element to detach or for the things that are placed to start moving while you are driving. So make sure you get this part of the van setup right.

Before you are useful tips, that can make it much easier for you in arranging your van, so make an effort to read them well and implement them, if not all at least some of them. These tips are important, they will bring you functionality while camping, but also a safe camping experience that you will enjoy.

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