9 Essential Tips For Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

There is no person who has not ridden a motorcycle at least once, whether driving or as a passenger. This ride is especially pleasant in the summer. Although some will say that they decided on the engine for practical reasons (participation in traffic, parking), we are sure that it is much more than that, and that is the love for these two-wheelers and the feeling of freedom that driving gives you.

Every day riding a motorcycle is good for fitness, especially if you are riding off-road or visiting a race track, although you should not neglect daily riding in the city or on open roads. When riding a motorcycle, you strengthen your back muscles, shoulder muscles, neck and arm muscles, and often your lower body.

So, you have bought a motorbike and you are ready for your first adventure. However, before you go, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Safety first


If you are a motorcyclist, before embarking on adventures with your pet on two wheels, it is very important to protect yourself and buy quality motorcycle equipment such as motorcycle clothing, helmets, gloves, kidney belts, and the like.

A helmet is required by law, but also a piece of equipment that protects your head. So when buying a helmet do not skimp and try to make a good choice. There are several types of helmets, such as integral, modular, open with or without visor, off-road / cross helmet, semi-helmet, and so on. The type of helmet is chosen according to the purpose, ie the type of motorcycle you drive. Full-face or integral helmet is the safest choice. When choosing it is important to pay attention to the size of the helmet because it is necessary that it stands firmly on the head, that it is tight, but not blisters.

Motorcycle jackets are great protection while driving, but also a great fashion accessory. Its task is to protect you from cold weather and wind. Such jackets have several layers and in fact, they are usually some strategic combinations of mesh and fabric. Lighter models through which air circulates easily are not something you want, unless you live in very warm areas. So we’re sure we won’t go wrong if we say leather jackets are the best choice. In addition, they are very practical because you can wear them regardless of driving. In addition, with this jacket, you will be sure that you are protected from cold winds. A leather jacket is a great way to express style, and at the same time, it is warm and durable, timeless and classic. If its primary purpose is to wear while driving, we recommend that it be a little longer, and to protect vital organs while driving (kidneys). You can find more about it at

2. Motorcycle serviceability


Before you set off, make sure everything is OK with your engine – oil level, brakes, and so on. Visually inspect disc plate wear, as defective brakes and neglect of their condition are life-threatening. Check the petrol and oil level before you go. Don’t drive on reserve unless you have to. Lack of oil means your engine will be clogged. Engine clogging causes the rear wheel to lock leading to loss of control.

3. Provide luggage space

Since the engines do not have a trunk, it is important to get luggage boxes that are placed on the rear of the engine. Try to pack only the necessary things. Keep in mind that you are limited by space.

4. Mandatory equipment

There are a few things you can’t travel without, such as a tire repair kit, a cable repair kit, a rain suit, water bottles, spare motorcycle and luggage keys, and an anti-allergic medication. It would also be good to have basic tools with you, a set that usually comes with the motorcycle.

5. Drive carefully


When you decide on this trip, do not think about the time spent, but enjoy the ride. Drive carefully, bearing in mind that motorcyclists are a high-risk category of road users and that the number of people killed in road accidents is higher than when it comes to car drivers.

6. Plan your trip

If you plan your trip well, the ride will not only pass you in a relaxed atmosphere, but you will have the opportunity to visit potentially interesting places that are on the route to the desired destination. Plan destinations where you could take breaks for sightseeing and lunch, but leave something to chance. You still need a little uncertainty and excitement, right?

7. Get some sleep

Never travel tired. Long rides are tiring, so it is necessary to rest well before you set off. In case you have decided on a night ride, which is even more tiring compared to the day, be sure to get a good night’s sleep before and lie down for a few hours during the next day, before setting off.

8. Take breaks while driving


Long rides are tiring. It would be good if you would take short breaks every 150km. Stretch your legs, drink coffee, freshen up. The length of the break is an individual matter and should be as much as you need to rest and gather energy to continue driving. If you are traveling in pairs, replace yourself with your co-driver.

9. Check the weather forecast

A little rain will not bother you while driving, but showers, thunderstorms, strong winds, and other weather conditions could do it. In any case, check the weather forecast for the next few days and reduce the chances of freezing or getting wet.

Final thoughts

As you can see, riding a motorcycle is a great way to have fun, enjoy the landscape, and reach the final destination. Of course, if you follow the basic tips. Always follow the rules and regulations, drive safely and remember that the point of riding a motorcycle is enjoyment, not speed.

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