Long Road Trip Tips With Dog

In this piece, I’ll be sharing with you the best packing list ideas and best tips on how to have a comfortable long road trip with your dog. Going on long trips with my dog is not new to me, and I’m even planning on more exploring journeys with my dog before the end of the year.

My dog, Vincent, has traveled with me on all my short and long trips for the first two years of his life. Vincent adapts quickly to his environment when road tripping, and this gives me less of a worry.

To get him ready for my summer adventures, I constantly take him around town in my car. He adores these rides, and unlike many other dogs who get sick or nervous during car rides, my Vincent loves them.

He loves sitting beside me, looking out the window, taking in the beautiful sight till he becomes bored. When he gets bored, he goes to the back seat to play with his toys that have been taken along for the long trip. He may also take a nap at the back. Moments like these always make me want to grab my camera and capture such beautiful moments with him. I am even considering turning my beautiful shots of Vincent during our travel into a photo book through the help of

Vincent is a dog that has learned the art of passing the time, and he has mastered the art of handling himself during travels. If the idea of going on a trip with your dog is new to you, then you’ll have to adhere to the few tips I dish out to you.

Here are the twelve tips to make a trip with your dog comfortable and easy

1. Visit your vet before going on the trip. This is to ensure that your dog is fit to travel. Request for a copy of your dog’s vaccination records if you have non. This helps you with plans to kennel your dog during the trip.

Dogs that are not used to traveling can be exposed to the idea by driving them around in a vehicle. You can do this slowly by letting the dog enter your car and drive the dog around the park. Increase your trips around town gradually as the dog gets adapted to staying in a vehicle, which is why it is also highly recommended to add car seat cover to make your dog’s travel experience comfortable and secure.

2. Ensure the dog is exercised before getting in the car. This makes him settle down faster and also makes him relaxed.

3. Take your water supply, whether hugs filled with water or bottled. This ensures that it doesn’t have stomach problems during the trip.

4. Do not feed the dog immediately before starting your journey and during the trip. Give it plenty of water and a small treat. This helps keep the dog hydrated.

5. Your vehicle should be well ventilated, mainly if the dog is in a crate. Switch on your air conditioner and turn the vents to the dog.

6. Make regular stopovers to exercise the dog. Ensure you give him water and give him the chance to ease himself.

7. Never leave the dog in your vehicle unattended, particularly during summer. The temperature in the car can go very high in few minutes during this period.


8. Ensure you go on your trip with a recent picture of the dog. This is needed if something unplanned happens and your dog wanders away, and you might need to find it with its picture.

9. Research well before embarking on the journey. Make a list of vets within 30 to 60 minutes drive of your destination.

10. Ensure you take everything your dog needs along with you – toys, supplements, water, food, and his favorite blanket or bed.

11. Going on a trip with your pet requires extra planning. Ensure you book your hotels in advance and confirm that the hotel is pet-friendly. Also, ask if there is a fee for pets.

12. It is essential to keep your dog calm throughout the road trip. You can do this by various things like playing relaxing music, giving your dog its favorite toy, maintaining the speed of the car, and more.

What are the methods to keep your dog entertained on long road trips?


If it is your first time taking your dog out on a road trip, you must know how to make the journey comfortable for your pet. Here are some ways in which you do the same-

  • Carry your pet’s favorite toys: One thing that all dog owners should remember is taking all the toys that their pet loves. It doesn’t matter even if you are going far away. You can pack a separate bag for toys. In this way, you don’t have to worry about finding them.

Chew toys are the best when it comes to going on a long road trip with your dog. You can put some foodstuff in them to make them more enjoyable for your pet. But make sure to use suitable and tasty food for that purpose. Otherwise, your dog won’t even prefer chewing the toy. Nowadays, you can find a variety of different toys preferable for any breed. While shopping for other valuable things, you should also purchase some new toys for your pet.

  • Take a few breaks: Some dogs feel uncomfortable while traveling in a bus or a car. That is why you should always take a few breaks in between to make the trip comfy for your pet. You can also utilize this time for your pet’s bowel movements. A break should be at least ten to fifteen minutes long. So, they will not affect your road trip as well.


Some people don’t care about their pet’s wishes when they are on a road trip. Due to this, they get irritated after a while. If you don’t want the same thing to happen to your dog, it is essential to pay attention to its needs.

  • Talking and playing might be beneficial: The best way to maintain your dog’s mood is by talking and playing. Every pet wants its owner to play with them. They only need your love and attention. If you are planning to take your dog on a long road trip, always remember to cheer it up from time to time. You should talk and chat with your dog to keep him entertained. It will also increase your fun as well if you use this method.
  • Find a pet-friendly hotel: A pet-friendly hotel will also help keep your pet comfortable and in a happy mood. So, you should research and find a suitable one according to your budget. Although every hotel provides this facility, you should not miss researching extensively.

The Bottom Line

Taking a dog on a road trip seems like a complicated task, especially for those who haven’t done it yet. However, you can make it a perfect trip for you and your pet by following simple steps and tips. We hope this article helped you in getting all the helpful information you needed regarding the same.

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