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Can Dogs Eat Crab – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

When we talk about seafood, we have two categories of people: those who love seafood more than anything and those who completely hate it. Seafood cuisines are more expensive than others because some sea animals are rare and catching them adds to the cost. There is something about that delicious and fishy taste that seafood lovers crave for, especially in the winters when seafood becomes the love of their life.

People like to eat the meat of fish, prawns, shrimps, lobsters, and crabs whose meat is high in protein and very flavorsome. Similarly, dogs love to eat meat, be it of any kind. However, feeding crabs to dogs raises some concerns in dog owners.

Can dogs eat crab?

crab dog foodThe question that often comes into the minds of dog owners is, can dogs eat crab? Yes, you can give crab meat to your dog but in moderation. Crabmeat is a good source of protein and calories and is beneficial for your dog. However, some caution should be taken before feeding it to a dog because there are some reports of infections and insensitivities. Thus, you should cook it properly and thoroughly and give in small amounts to your dog.

There are many recipes to prepare crab meat, but we will recommend that you keep it simple for your dog and do not get creative in its cooking. You should bear in mind that when you introduce any new food to your dog, especially human food, it could cause diarrhea or an upset stomach. Therefore, you need to be careful when giving your pet new food so that you can observe its reaction and see whether it even likes it.

Health benefits of crab

Crabmeat is one of the healthiest meats. Dogs come under the category of carnivores, but most dogs are true omnivores as they can eat everything that we humans eat. This means that crab meat can also be consumed by dogs as it is human food. Crabmeat can help dogs fulfill their daily dietary requirements as it is a good source of fats, proteins, and vitamin B12.

An excellent source of protein

Getting enough protein on a regular basis is essential for a dog’s health and overall fitness, particularly for dogs that are larger and more active as compared to others. If dogs do not get enough protein for the proper functioning of their body, you will start noticing symptoms of deficiency in them. Some of the early symptoms of protein deficiency include dandruff, eczema, and itching. Dogs will also face skin problems, which will get worse as days pass.

Before heading to a vet, you must carefully analyze the diet of your dog and make sure it is getting enough proteins. If your dog is deficient in proteins, you can try giving it crab meat which is high in proteins and very beneficial for improving various skin conditions. Crabmeat can also make your dog’s skin and fur silkier and softer.

An incredible amount of vitamin B12

Crabmeat contains the right amount of vitamin B12, which is needed to maintain a healthy digestive system. If your dog does not get enough vitamin B12, it is more likely that it will suffer from stomach aches and diarrhea. Your dog may also suffer from fatigue and face infections often. The deficiency of this vitamin can result in poor athletic performance and slow healing, and your dog might even go into depression.

Feeding your dog crab meat will help elevate its energy level and give it a boost. After getting an adequate amount of energy, you will notice a big change in your dog. It will roam around the house, go for walks, and chase kids to play with them. Your dog will need more vitamin B12 as it ages, so if you take care of your dog’s diet and include crab meat in it, it will reduce the chances of chronic diseases and infections.

Supports the immune system and serves as an excellent treat

Crab meat contains omega-3 fatty acid and other compounds that support the immune system. If you compare the nutritional content of a crab and fish, they are almost similar. Crabs will not overload your dog’s tummy and can prove as a healthy snack between meals. It is low in calories and good in fat content as well, so it can act as a healthy treat. Sweet crab meat is considered as the lightest one as it does not increase the weight and is low in calories.

Things to consider before feeding crab meat to your dog

Before giving crab meat to your dog, you must keep a few things in mind. Your dog may be allergic to crab meat, so you should try feeding it by starting with a tiny amount. Do not give it large amounts, and notice its behavior for a few hours. Some dogs face difficulty in absorbing vitamin B12, so they should be checked by a veterinarian before you feed them crab meat.

If your dog is allergic to crab meat, it may show signs of a runny nose, low energy, diarrhea, and vomiting. Also, never feed your dog crab shell as it will not be able to digest it. Hard shells can also get stuck in its throat and cause choking.

Bottom line

You can easily give your dog small amounts of crab meat. The succulent crab meat is high in proteins and vitamin B12, which will be helpful in maintaining its health. However, do not replace your dog’s daily chow with crab meat as it can’t be used as a meal. You can feed your dog crab meat as a snack between meals, so as long as the crab flesh is shelled, fresh, and low in added salt, it can be given to your dog.

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