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Can Dogs Eat Shrimp – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

There are endless human foods that you can give to your dog, but is shrimp one of them? The answer to this question is yes, but this “yes” is followed by many conditions that you need to adhere to before you feed your dogs this delicious piece of food.

One of the great things about shrimp is that it is very rich in protein, which makes it a desirable food for dogs as the protein helps build their muscles. However, at the same time, a shrimp is high in cholesterol as well, which is highly dangerous for dogs, especially breeds that are prone to heart-related diseases.


So this leaves us in a lurch, whether we should feed our dog shrimps or not. Read on and if you do plan on adding shrimp to your dog’s diet, you will get to know the best way of serving it shrimp and in how much quantity. Another thing that you need to look out for is allergies.

Allergy to shrimps

Many dogs can be allergic to different types of foods. Though you will find that many aren’t allergic to shrimp, some might be. You will only be able to find out about this once you have fed shrimp to the pup. If you see any allergic reaction or see the dog vomiting right after having it, it is best that you rush it to the vet and make sure you never feed it shrimp again. Allergy is a possibility that you should never overlook as it can prove to be fatal in some cases if not looked after properly.

The question

We will get into a little detail about whether you can give your dog shrimp. Though we have already mentioned you can, you need to know that seafood can have an impact on a dog’s digestive system. There can be many disruptions, which is why it is best that you only give it small portions of the meat. The way to go about it is to only serve it in the form of treats or on special occasions.

If you plan on giving shrimp in general, you need to make sure that you do not provide it often to your dog, not even in the form of treats. Twice or thrice a year will be enough to make sure it does not have any impact on your pet. Not giving it shrimp as treats will make sure that it does not start expecting it every time you offer it a treat.

If you do plan on giving your dog shrimp more than the recommended time, you need to make sure that the frequency is still low and that you give it mixed in different foods. For example, you can give dog food or biscuits with shrimp mixed in them.

Benefits of eating shrimps

There are a few advantages associated with feeding your dog shrimp which prove that it is okay for you to give. These are as follows:

  • Shrimps are high in protein which is great for dogs as it encourages muscle growth in their body.
  • They are very nutritious and provide dogs with various nutrients that are good for their growth.
  • They contain an abundant amount of selenium, an antioxidant which is ideal for dogs.
  • They contain plenty of vitamin B-12.
  • They also contain lots of phosphorus which is great in keeping the dogs healthy.
  • They are also low in carbs, fat, and calories.

It is only because of the high cholesterol level that they do not make the right food to give to your dogs regularly.

Cooked or not?

As you must already know, serving your dog raw meat is more nutritious than serving cooked food. However, this statement does not apply to seafood, especially shrimp. You always need to prepare it well before you serve it to your pup.

Make sure that it is not raw before serving it; shrimp cooked on high heat will kill all the harmful bacteria that might be present in the food. This bacterium can give your dog an upset stomach and, in some cases, can prove to be even more harmful. This also goes for other types of seafood.

One thing you need to make sure is that you do not give your dog shrimp that has gone bad, cooked or uncooked. Uncooked shrimp will expire after some time and you need to avoid that at all costs. Cooked shrimp that has been sitting around for some time and has gone bad should be avoided as well since it will cause more harm.

Another thing you need to note in this category is that the shrimp you feed to your dog needs to be peeled. Make sure you remove the shell, head, and tail before you cook it and give it to your dog. Unpeeled shrimp can be the cause of a digestive blockage, which will be very painful. Even if you plan on giving your dog just one small piece of shrimp, make sure it is thoroughly clean, peeled, and appropriately cooked.

Trust your dog

There will be times when your dog will automatically reject eating shrimp. Don’t force it to eat at that point as it may not enjoy it. It is best to give it food that it is happy eating rather than making it eat something it doesn’t like.

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An upset stomach

One of the main things caused by shrimps is an upset stomach, which is common in all types of seafood, especially shellfish. Your dog might experience diarrhea, vomiting, or even both. This will cause a huge mess in your home, so be ready to clean up lots and make sure that you give your dog its medicine on time to help it overcome this issue.

If you have an outdoor space, you may want to keep your dog there during this period as the mess will be limited to that place and fresh air will do it good as well.

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