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Can Dogs Eat Peaches – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

Peaches are one of the most delicious and sweetest fruits whose sweetness and great taste are unbeatable. They are full of minerals and vitamins as well as beneficial for one’s health when eaten in moderation. Having incredible versatility, peaches can also be used for beauty treatments, as ingredients in homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy.

Considering the sweetness and benefits of this wonderful fruit, it is natural to have the urge to share it with all your friends, family, and even dogs. But can dogs eat peaches? Are the peaches as good for dogs as they are for you?

Preparing Peach For Your Dog To Eat

Before offering peaches to your dog, make sure you do a little preparation. The dog should only eat the flesh of ripe peach and stay away from any peach pits, as they contain cyanide that is poisonous to your pet.

Also, the pit can sometimes lead to intestinal damage or get stuck and cause a blockage in their digestive tract. However, if the dog swallows a single pit, there would not be enough cyanide in their body to cause toxicity, especially if the pet is larger than average dogs.

The main concern to remove the peach pits is that dogs like to chew foreign stuff because it gives them pleasure. Chewing the pit can harm their jaws and teeth.

What To Do If Your Dog Swallows A Peach Pit?

In case you have given your dog peaches without removing pits, and they swallow it, then you are advised to immediately get in touch with the veterinarian and discuss the situation. If you are not sure whether the pet has swallowed a pit or not, there are some signs that can help you determine, including dizziness, shock, dilated pupils, excessive drooling, heavy panting, or difficulty in breathing.

As mentioned earlier, most dogs will not show these symptoms if they have only consumed a single peach pit depending on their size. Large-sized dogs have a slightly higher tolerance threshold than the smaller ones. Nonetheless, this does not mean you can take the risk; always remove the peach pit before your dog eats it.

Additional Safety Measures For You To Consider

When you dispose of the peach pits, make sure you throw them somewhere that is not accessible by the dog. Sometimes, the dogs can even open the trash cans and pick up the pit. Moreover, remove any leaves, stems, and seeds that can be found in the peaches to avoid health problems.

Dog owners who have a garden in their property and grow peach trees would know that these trees contain a lot of cyanide in their stems and leaves. Keep your dog away from them. Another important thing to know is that peaches purchased from the market are mostly loaded with preservatives and toxic pesticides on their skin. Hence, you should carefully clean the fruit before feeding it to the dog.

Usually, canned peaches contain a lot of chemical preservatives and artificial sweeteners, all of which are a surefire way to have your pet need serious and immediate emergency care. In addition to this, there is a sugar-filled syrup that canned peaches contain and your dog definitely does not need that junk.

Therefore, make sure to keep your pet as far away as possible from canned peaches and stick to the safe and healthy natural peaches. Last but not the least; peaches that have mold on them contain a lot of toxins and bacteria that can be very dangerous for the dog, and might even lead to death.

How Many Peaches Can Dogs Eat?

No matter what fruit you are serving to the dog, the same rules apply for all, moderation. Feed your dog only a moderate amount of peaches. Excessive consumption of the fruit can cause messy diarrhea.

A good rule of thumb is to cut an average-sized peach down into small slices and feed your dog one to two slices or maximum three, but not more than that.

Why Are Peaches Good For Dogs?

Peaches consist of a wide range of essential nutrients that are needed for the healthy functioning of the dog’s body. They are an excellent source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin A as well as provide nutrients required for healthy skin, a strong immune system, and eye health among other things.

Often when taking care of the dog, their eyes and skin are overlooked; which are in fact the building blocks of a long life. The skin needs to be kept in good condition because of the risk of infections and rashes, and if it is left untreated or made worse through the dog chewing and licking the affected area, the skin problems can extend to other areas as well. Similarly, eyes are also incredibly significant part of their body.

The dogs cannot tell their owners when they are having a blurry vision or trouble seeing, which is why owners have to prevent any possible issues related to their sight. Simple nutrients and vitamins found in peaches can protect their eyes as well as help in improving the overall health of your pet.

Furthermore, peaches have high levels of different minerals, such as zinc, iron, and calcium. Since it is low in calories, the fruit does not contain cholesterol or fat and can be a great source of dietary fiber.

In fact, they can also be given as an alternate treat to your pet without worrying about their weight gain. The addition of peaches to the dog’s kibble or offering them as a standalone treat occasionally is a way better option for the dog’s health than giving them candies and cookies. The fruit also offers extra fiber that aids in digestion and hence improves the immune system while reducing the risk of infection.

Peaches are known for removing toxins from the dog’s body and helping in improving kidney and liver functions.

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