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Can Dogs Eat Tofu? Is it Recommended or Forbidden – 2024 Guide

Tofu as a food for dogs is an interesting topic. Can dogs eat tofu is almost a question that every single pet owner asks at some point? Before anything else, we must define tofu. It is coagulated soy milk with delicious taste.

But, all dogs are carnivores. Yes, they can eat a vegetable, but only as an addition to their main diet. As a matter of fact, experts debate is tofu safe for humans as well. When it comes to dogs, tofu is definitely unnatural food usually not found in their diet.

Tofu isn’t recommended for dogs and here’s why

Tofu isn’t something dogs should eat. On rare occasions, it is perfectly safe and there won’t be any side effects, but on a frequent basis, it should be avoided. Soy isn’t something dogs like or something can they benefit from.

Over recent years, we saw many dogfood manufacturers increase the amount of soy in their products. This is also a reason to be a concern and these foods should be avoided at all costs.

Dog foods with meat or similar supplements are a much better choice, due to the fact they are found in the natural diet of all dog breeds. All animal-based nutrients are essential for the dog’s health, energy level, and mood. Without them, a dog’s organism won’t be able to work properly.

Still, in a small amount, tofu isn’t dangerous to dogs, and you can even share a piece or two with them. Just make sure your dog isn’t allergic to it!

Troubles with tofu


Now you know the answer to the can dog eat tofu question, but you still don’t know the full story. Tofu can cause bloating in dogs, even for those who don’t have an allergic reaction to this type of food. The condition in question affects the digestive tract and it may cause severe health complications, or even worse!

Dogs are close relatives to wolves and coyotes. Nowadays, they are not predators, but hunting and eating animal meat is still in their DNA! Keep in mind that wolves or other dog relatives won’t eat tofu.

Dog food manufacturers use soy in order to replace animal-delivered proteins, simply due to the price. Soy is far more affordable and it is simpler to obtain. Obviously, this doesn’t mean it is the safest choice. Another fact we must mention is that soy is usually rich in pesticides. Yes, organic soy is better, but most of it, you can find in grocery shops isn’t 100% organic. The one found in dog food certainly isn’t organic.

Something for vegetarian dog owners


One of the latest trends in the world is that dog owners who are vegetarians, prefer giving the same type of food to their pets. Because tofu is more than just popular among them, it is likely to get in touch with dogs at some point. If you are one of them, you should be aware of a few things.

Dogs have never been vegetarians, nor historically or genetically. On the other hand, humans were, so vegetarian foods are not strange to us. The bottom line of this claim is that humans can live without animal proteins and ingredients, but dogs can’t. Of course, most dogs will eat tofu when you give it to them, but this doesn’t mean they should.

An important thing to remember is that dogs have different habits and different desires than humans, obviously. As such, vegetarian pet owners should realize the food they prefer isn’t ideal for their dogs. Maybe tofu is perfect for you, but it is far from recommended for dogs.

Risk of allergies

In some cases, when a dog eats tofu, he can develop allergies. There are several, different types that may occur, but usually, all of them present themselves with rash, stomach pain or something similar.

It isn’t possible to tell is your dog allergic to the food in question, so you will have to be cautious. It is possible to give him a small piece of tofu and monitor the results. If everything is fine, your dog isn’t allergic. In a case some of the aforementioned issues do occur, visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.

As you would expect, we are not saying you should give tofu top your dogs. This point is simply related if a dog accidentally eats tofu, so you can be prepared and know what to do.

What if you still want to share tofu with your dog?


As a pet owner, you know how sad it is when a dog looks at you while you eat. This will literally force you to share food with him, even if that food is tofu. So, what you can do?

It is possible to share tofu but in small amounts and only as rare as possible. Often feeding with this food will cause one of the aforementioned complications! On the other hand, occasional feeding is perfectly safe, if we assume that a dog isn’t allergic to tofu or any ingredient in it.

Two times per week, when you give up to 2 pieces of tofu to a dog is possible and there shouldn’t be any complications. Anything more than that isn’t actually recommended. Stay focused when you are eating tofu with other ingredients or additions.

Some of them may be harmful to dogs, and given with tofu, which will occupy more space in the digestive tract than healthier food in the same amount can make things even worse.

The final thought

Can dogs eat tofu? Theoretically yes, they can eat tofu, and chances are high they will. In the real world, they shouldn’t eat it. It isn’t found in their native diet and it doesn’t have any of the nutrients dogs can use.

Furthermore, the dog’s food with soy should be avoided due to the same reason. Some dogs may be allergic to soy, and tofu so keeps that in mind. In the best-case scenario, you can feed a dog with tofu occasionally, but never too often and never by giving him large amounts of it.

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