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Can Maltese Eat Eggs – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

Maltese is a breed of dogs that are generally really small in size, grouping them among the toy group dogs (the other small dogs).

All dogs have certain dietary restrictions that must be taken into consideration when feeding them. They must also be monitored so that they do not consume certain food products which may be poisonous or potentially life-threatening for them. That being said, there are a lot of food products that are safe for humans to consume but not so much for dogs, which is why they must be taken care of and a close eye must be kept on what they consume.

Remember that not all food products consumed by humans settle well with dogs, so it is good to be aware of the harmful effects of particular foods which can be detrimental to the dog’s health.

What Is the Correct Weight for a Healthy Maltese?

Maltese must not be underweight or overweight, which is why their diet must be taken care of properly. A well-balanced diet would make the Maltese around four to seven pounds while consuming about three hundred and twenty calories; anything above this can lead to a diet imbalance as well as health problems.

Just like humans, a balanced diet is essential for dogs, especially to keep up with their energetic behavior.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions for a Maltese?

Protein is essential for the diet of a Maltese as it usually makes up more than half of the average dog’s diet. It provides important nutrients and nourishes the dog. A proper meal for a Maltese consists of meat (of various organs, chicken, lamb, etc.) which is essential for the dog’s development and strength. It can also include dairy products such as milk.

Eggs can also be a part of the diet if they settle well with your dog. Eggs are a good quality source for palatable protein. A boiled egg will not do any harm as it is a healthy and beneficial treatment. If it is not properly cooked or left raw, it can lead to deficiencies for the dog, impacting its health. Eggs can also be used as a treat or reward for positive reinforcement. Know that these must not be given in a large amount.

Final Thoughts

It is always good to be aware of your dog’s special dietary requirements. No such case has come forward where an intake of eggs has led to any problems. Make sure that the eggs you give your dog are fresh. Do not give in to your dog’s cravings without knowing the possible outcomes of your decision.

Also, if your dog is allergic or the egg does not settle well with your dog, you must take the necessary measures to amend its diet and go to the vet as the dog’s health might be at risk. In general, it is okay to feed your Maltese eggs.

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