Car Accident Claims on Road Trip Can Be a Big Pain: What You Need to Know

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident and even less so a car accident lawsuit. If you are in an accident, that was or was not your fault, you still have to go through all the proper channels. Even a minor crash can cause a serious headache when it comes to filing a claim. This article aims to tell you what you need to know about making a car accident claim.

1. Most Cases Don’t Go to Court

With car accidents, most cases don’t end up going to court. This is actually a really good thing and means that the process doesn’t take nearly as long as it would otherwise. If the case ends up going to court because neither party can agree on settlement terms then it will take at least a year, if not two, to have it resolved.

Moreover, as mentioned on, if you manage to settle without a trial, it should take less than a year.

The process is complex and can be very time-consuming, depending on who was at fault and how much evidence there is. Don’t worry too much about how long it’s going to take and remember that it probably won’t go to trial.

2. Don’t Wait to Claim


One of the biggest mistakes people make is to hold off filing a claim. Sometimes the damage to your vehicle doesn’t seem so bad or perhaps that you think you haven’t sustained any injuries. If it turns out that your car suffered some internal damage that wasn’t initially apparent, and you didn’t raise a claim straight away, then it will be hard to prove that that damage came from the accident. The same is true for your personal injuries. Even if the accident comes to nothing, you should start the process of filing a claim, just in case you need compensation. If you are in a car accident, don’t wait to make a claim.

3. Gather Evidence Straight Away

Similarly to not waiting to claim, you should gather any evidence you may need to make a claim straight away. This is just something you should do, regardless of the type of accident you were involved in. If you haven’t taken photos or memorized an account of what happened, then the other driver might try and make it out that you were to blame. Take a note of the other driver’s number plate, insurance details and take photos of any damage to your and their vehicle. If you don’t have appropriate evidence to support your claim then it will be hard to make your case.

4. Your Insurance Premiums Will Go Up


Unfortunately, if you make a claim, your insurance premiums will most likely go up. For those involved in an accident, even if you aren’t at fault, your price will still rise. This can be anywhere from a 20-50% increase in your premium. This might seem like a lot, and for some people is enough to put them off claiming minor accidents. However, you should do your duty and report all incidents. You never know what the other person has done previously. Although you will be doing the right thing, the sad truth is that your premiums will go up.

5. Be Honest

The most important thing you can do when filing a claim or starting a lawsuit is, to be honest. The process will find out the truth eventually, so don’t hold anything back. If it comes out that you have missed any part of the process it will look very bad on you and possibly mean that you don’t get any compensation. Even if you were partly at fault, you need to be upfront about what happened. Don’t let any undue blame be placed on yourself but do hold yourself accountable. Although it might not seem like it, honesty is the best policy when it comes to car accident claims.

6. Get Additional Travel Insurance


If you are driving on holiday or even just out of town, make sure you’ve got additional travel insurance. If you need to make a claim due to an accident that happened whilst you were in a different state or country, you’ll need to make sure that you are actually covered. Some car insurance only covers you for regular trips that are within your local area. It can be hard enough getting a payout from an insurance company but if you aren’t properly covered then you will have no chance for any compensation. Getting additional travel insurance wherever you go anywhere outside of your local area is really important.

7. Don’t Worry About Claiming on Friend

You might find yourself injured from being in an accident when you weren’t driving. Assuming you were being driven by a friend or relative you might be hesitant to file a claim against them. It’s important to remember that you would not be taking their money, it would come from their insurance. If they are not insured, then it would be paid by a government body, so either way, they don’t lose out.

Although it might seem like an attack on them, they should understand your want for compensation for your injury. People have insurance for a reason and you shouldn’t have to suffer just because you are friends with them. Don’t worry about claiming on a friend’s or relative’s insurance policy, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries!

Is It Worth the Pain?


Going through the process of making a car accident claim can be painful. It might make you wonder whether or not it is worth it. Usually, however, the answer is yes. The ramifications for your vehicle or body after a crash are not always apparent. If you happen to suffer any mental trauma afterward, without making a claim, it will be hard to get any compensation. Although the legal process is complicated and it can seem like it will go on forever, working through the pain of a car accident lawsuit is going to be worth it in the long run.

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