Top 6 Cannabis Products and Their Benefits While Traveling

As the cannabis industry grows, the variety of products continues to expand, so it’s a wonderful time to be alive. The explosion of the cannabis market has provided users with many different ways of consuming it, as anyone can see by browsing an online dispensary Canada like

Online dispensaries have made it easier for people to access cannabis products and try new things to find the method that works best for them. If you’re curious, here are the 5 most popular cannabis products and their benefits.

1. Edibles


Edibles have become the most popular cannabis products because they provide a better high and are super convenient. There is a great variety of edibles, including gummies, brownies, cookies, chocolate, and more, all available in different flavors.

These lovely treats promote relaxation, anxiety relief, stress relief, pain management, and they also provide muscle spasm control and anti-seizure effects.

Flavor and convenience are the main selling points of cannabis edibles. If you don’t like the idea of smoking pot or don’t like the flavor of CBD oil, you can get the effects of either substance by eating a nice bar of cannabis or CBD chocolate. And while some edible recipes will incorporate hemp or cannabis biomass into the food, most do not, meaning that cannabis chocolate bars will often taste just like regular chocolate. And the nature of edibles makes it easier for users to switch products when they get bored. Tired of CBD chocolate? Just try gummies instead, or infused cookies, or infused ice cream. The possibilities are endless.

As for convenience, edibles have the advantage of being easy to store and consume on the go. It’s a lot easier to chew on a THC gummy while out and about than trying to light a joint while on the move. Edibles manage to be even more convenient than vaping, while also drawing much less attention. For these reasons, this is also one of the best ways to take CBD or THC while on a plane.

Many cannabis users who have an aversion to high-THC cannabis edibles prefer the milder effects of delta-8 THC gummies. According to product test results from CBDOracle, a cannabis consumer research site, delta-8 THC edibles still produce psychoactive effects but without the anxiety commonly induced by delta-9 THC edibles.

2. Concentrates


Cannabis concentrates are the result of a distilling process that involves the best parts of the plant. This provides a product with a greater concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are responsible for the effects, flavors, and aroma of the plant.

Cannabis concentrates allow users to experience the best of the plant and they can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. They are anti-stress and anti-anxiety, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and they promote appetite control, not to mention they have anti-arthritic effects.

3. Isolates


You may have heard of CBD or THC isolates. These are simply hemp and cannabis byproducts distilled to its purest form. CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD, and since pure CBD is a solid crystal-like substance at room temperature, CBD isolate looks a lot like table salt. The same goes for THC isolates.

The purpose of these isolates is not to be consumed directly. Instead, CBD and THC isolates are used to infuse other substances. You can mix CBD isolate with olive oil to make your own CBD oil, or mix THC isolates with molten chocolate to make your own infused chocolate bars. And since these substances are so pure, they are also flavorless, which makes them very versatile as food additives.

Isolates are also compact and easy to carry around. Meaning that if you plan on visiting relatives or friends, you don’t have to take edibles from home. You can just bring isolates with you, and make your own edibles wherever you arrive.

There are downsides to using isolates, of course. They are often hard to track down and more expensive than regular cannabis products. Which is understandable giving that they are hard to produce. The other downside is that since these substances are purified, they also lack all the nutritional benefits typically found in products that contain actual cannabis or hemp biomass.

Don’t forget that both hemp and cannabis are leafy greens. They have as many nutrients as your typical lettuce leaves, if not more. Those nutrients are lost in the purification process that produces isolates.

4. Cannabis Oil (CBD)


CBD has been mentioned throughout this article, and for a good reason. Alongside THC, CBD is one of the most abundant substances found in plants of the cannabis family. And CBD has many unique benefits and effects of its own, which has made the substance very popular both among marijuana users and with health enthusiasts in general.

One of the main selling points of CBD is the fact that it is the substance responsible for most of the benefits found in medical marijuana. One of the elements that differentiate different strains of cannabis is their CBD/THC ratio, and medical marijuana users have long favored strains with higher concentrations of CBD. Another benefit of CBD is that when used in isolation, it has no psychotropic properties. This means you can use it and enjoy its benefits without feeling high or intoxicated.

The latter point is the reason why many countries that ban the use of THC have decided to make CBD legal. The substance can’t be used for recreational purposes. Even Japan, with its notoriously strict anti-drug policies, has legalized the use of CBD within the country. Although their purity requirements are so strict that only artificial CBD can be sold in the country. You can read more here about this matter.

As with all other cannabis products, CBD is great for anxiety, stress, and pain relief, nausea relief, it promotes deep sleep, and it can help with depression, PTSD, muscle recovery, and more. All of this makes the substance useful when you’re trying to calm down before a flight, and some people also use it to help combat jet lag.

5. Vapes


Vaping is becoming a popular alternative for many cannabis users. Vapes are discreet, you can take them everywhere, and they are convenient and efficient. Cannabis vapes are available in three different formats; herb, wax, and oil.

Vapes are more affordable, easier to use, they produce less cannabis smell, the doses are consistent, and they provide a purer hit. Not to mention, they provide all the benefits cannabis is known for. The downside is, of course, that you can’t vape on a plane. But a vape pen can be a good companion on a long road trip. Just make sure you’re not vaping anything that will make you drowsy if you’re the one driving.

6. Topical Products


Topical products are on the rise and they are useful for many different purposes, such as skincare and first aid. Cannabis topicals include oils, creams, lotions, balms, sprays, and salves. They are super easy to use and they won’t get you high.

Some benefits of cannabis topicals include anti-inflammatory properties that can help with bruises, joint pain, burns, sprains, muscle pain, and more, antiseptic properties, pain relief, acne control, anti-aging properties, and more.

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